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Tim Brownhouse

Just make sure that the cleft lips are in HD, please! Harelip in 1080p, or not at all.


All those movies are back in HD now... I wonder what happened.


Netflix gets new movies and you guys still complain. Get a new hobby, or grow up


Netflix added HD back to all of those movies! Awesome!


No Herb, we won't. Some of us actually care about quality...I know you may not. Sucks to be you.


Wow, Jane. Two stupid trendyspeak words in one sentence. One being the "first world problems" and the other being the DUMB adding of "much" at the end. What next, will you start a sentence fragment beginning with "that awkward moment when..."?

Jane :)

Not being judgement just stating the obvious at how pathetic you guys sound. You're the sad fellow complaing on a forum over high definition. Oh no! My world is ending! Its ONLY 480p! Grab the survival kit... what ever shall we do!?!?! Atrocities against mankind! Justice will be had! <<< How you actually sound right now to anybody with a real life who looks out the window and actually sees the real world out there. Let me know how Never Never Land treats you.

Tim Brownhouse

@ Jane, what's sadder is how faithfully you return to check for replies and attack accordingly.


Jane is right. You guys are bellyaching and pathetic.


"Let me know how Never Never Land treats you."

It treats me very well, thank you for asking.

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