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Prent Rodgers

Fails on Chrome on Windows 7. Had to switch to IE. Works great there.


I think the update is pretty damn good. I've had zero problems with this on Chrome on Windows 7.


Freezes after 6 seconds in Chrome.


Working well for me in chrome except that my screen saver still goes off when it is in full screen mode which is annoying. Rest of the update is great, just need to fix that issue.

Greg Brady

The screensaver thing needs fixing. Seeking through a video seems a little less precise now.


woks super fine on MAC all bowser CHROME

Account Deleted

Nice update, I especially like that when I start a video I don't have to wait for it to buffer before I can put it in Full Screen.

I am using in it with Kylo on a NetTop hooked to my TV and it is working great.

I do wish they would add a clock to the overlay.

Marti Sadler

Hate it autoplay does NOT work!!! Annoying to say the least!!!


I still want to be able to choose my playback quality, even it it means an hour of buffering for HD.


Uhmm, @DT, you can. Just go to Manage Video QUality and you can choose your playback quality.

Account Deleted

@dt You can change the bitrate, I believe the command is [ctrl + shift + alt + s] I have this mapped to a button press on my remote. It works great although Netflix will only buffer about 5 minutes worth of Audio/Video so your connection will still have to be reasonable good for HD


I like Netflix to provide Zoom Video Button and Aspect Ratio Control Button to be able to change the viewing screen for example to 4.3 for PC to TV Viewing. I can no longer zoom the video larger with my Logitech wireless keyboard with the new Instant Player. They need make improved changes for zoom button and aspect ratio controls for the New Netflix Instant Player.


Cool, now it works as poorly as the Xbox app.


It may now scale to smaller windows but it looses controls. It only shows me an option for play/pause, back to browsing, volume control, if i want full screen and options for closed caption or subtitle. It does not give me the menu for other episodes or back/forward buttons. The only time it lets me go to the next episode is when the end credits get done.


Haven't been able to enjoy a single stream since they updated the player. It's crap. The stream begin just fine but as soon as I scroll my mouse across teh screen to go fullscreen, when the controls appear ont he screen, the stream pauses a moment and when it resumes audio/video don't sync, picture pixilates, it plays slow. Great improvement Netflix....really you guys just screw up everything that works. I've done a reinstall on silverlight, tried streaming in three different browsers...same problem.



The problem is with you.


i have no problems with cool novo which is chrome .so yah Rick is the problem


I think I like the new player (have only tried it two or three times), but playback quality is still problematic for me (intermittent blurriness and pixelation). And there are still frequent interruptions with no auto-resume when it rebuffers: little progress circle spins red indefinitely at 0%, regardless of account playback settings. I have to manually re-load the page in order to resume. So, nice player, but for me it doesn't address the underlying streaming issues.


I'd still really like a working pause button during buffering. That way I can walk away for a few minutes and know I won't miss my program resuming.


maubs, the pause feature works for me during buffering with this new player. I'm using FF on a Windows machine.

One big downside that I have observed is that the status/function bar now pops up when there is *any* cursor activity at all (used to only appear when the cursor was moved across the very bottom of the screen), and because it is no longer located flush at the bottom of the screen, it briefly - but annoyingly - covers up subtitles whenever it pops up. I watch a lot of foreign language films, so this is a big turn-off for me.


Uuuugly! Worse than the changes to youtube


"The size of the controls now scales, making it easier to use the player on large screens, for example if you connect your computer to your TV"

Netflix does not want you to connect your computer to your big screen and indeed does everything capable of making your Netflix/PC/Home Theatre experience a bad one.

For instance:
- Netflix only exposes hotkeys for full screen, rew/play/ff/pause. They do not give the ability to modify volume, toggle subtitles, or change episodes with hotkeys. This would be a simple fix to allow keyboard navigation of all functions. This could then be mapped to a remote control.
- Netflix does not support 5.1 Dolby Sound on PC streams. This is supported with Silverlight 5, but Netflix won't enable it.
- This all means that for $50 you can buy a Roku and get 2x the functionality from Netflix (remote support AND 5.1 sound) then you can with a PC costing 10-30x this amount.

I think it is safe to say that Netflix is more interested in protecting their interests with their appliance partners then providing a good experience to PC users (especially those who want to hook up to a big screen). This is sad since it was the PC users and their adoption of Netflix streaming that really skyrocketed them in the first place.


Your right, they don't want you to connect it to your tv and that's exactly why they made a change benefiting people who do it.... oh wait


I'm I the only one who gets a jittery picture after the update? It looks like it skips frames or something. It only happens in full-screen mode.


It seems like you can't upload dfxp files anymore (to show subtitles). Does anybody know what would be the new shortcut ? (since ctrl+alt+shift+m does not work anymore).

maillot nba

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I think it looks pretty good. I prefer text to icons but it's not a big deal. Only problem I've had is that since the change, shows/movies I stream cut off before the credits finish running. Maybe it's just a coincidence, I don't know. Anyone else noticed this?


paul, NF has been truncating streaming titles for many months. Anywhere from a second or two to 30 or more. It's very annoying. Sometimes the end credits and/or end themes are cut short, but what's worse is when there is a final scene after the credits that is cut off, or even missing entirely. Used to show the actual length of the film with the old player, so it was pretty obvious how much was lost at the end, but that info is omitted with this new player. Why NF streaming titles are always shortened is a mystery. (Not even the free version of Hulu does that.)

Wish NF would stop that practice. I also personally would prefer for the status/control bar of the new player to be less obtrusive and lower down on the page.

Keith Wilson

Uploading custom subtitle DFXP files (for when a Netflix title is not subtitled) is now broken after this update. A fix would be welcome for those of us who need subtitles.


The Pause button does indeed work now when buffering! Great improvement.
What is this about uploading subtitles? How would one go about doing that?


Over the past week, I cannot watch any streaming title without constant re-buffering (never gets past 0% - I have to manually reload the page) and/or freezing (requires a FF restart). Very annoying. Negates the convenience - and the purpose - of 'instant' watching. Anyone else having these issues?

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