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I'll be streaming Trailer Park Boys this weekend.


Catching up with
How I met Your Mother Season 6
Geek and Charming
Dawson Creek Season 1 to 6
Mouse Hunt
Charles angels 2
karate kid part 1 part 2
ghost busters

Daniel L

The Great Train Robbery
Sherlock (season 1 and hopefully season 2)
Flash Point
King of the Hill
The Hospital (George C Scott)
Mary and Max
The Magician (DVD Bergman)
The Wild Bunch (DVD)
The Hill (DVD Sean Connery)

jamie b

watched a bunch of the Parnormal Tv series and Lie to Me as I was riding the exercise bike. Watched A Film With Me In It last night- quite good. Looking for good old classic thriller for tonite


So far:
J. Edgar
The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas
Two for the See-saw
The Hunt for Red October
Classic Albums: Elton John
Barbarella (Amazon Prime)
The Firm (Amazon Prime)


dark shadows: the beginning collection 1
farscape (which i've seen already)
and the true grit remake (cuz i feel i have to)


Moneyball, Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol (free this weekend with $2 Amazon Instant Video credit) and maybe Breaking Dawn Part 1 with the wife on her birthday tomorrow.


Nothing. Spending the holiday with the family and grilling on Monday!

Retro Hound

Watched Charlie Varrick (1973, Don Seigle) last night.


Check out Rivers and Tides.

Starts slowly, you wonder why anyone cares what he's doing, but then you're shown more engaging artworks and understand his talent. Excellent use of music also, accompanying the footage.

Sandra Bellezza

I watched Top Gear (UK) and Super Troopers this holiday weekend.

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