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farscape i miss this show alot
farscape i miss this show alot

Riverside Guy

I'd suggest before they revive a canceled show, how about bring Babylon 5 back... it got dropped just as I was starting to go through it in order. And THAT was a way long time ago!

matt miller

battlestar galactica blood chrome


Carnivale' please, please, please Carnivale'


Netflix needs quality streaming content, a mixture of horror and twilite zone. Fear Itself would be perfect for this. As others have mentioned, Sarah Connor Chronicles would be good as long as the story lines improve. Awake is a good series, but the story line needs to be more mature. HBO shows that there is demand for content for mature audience instead of the PG stuff on network TV.

Lance Friedman

I cast as big a vote as possible for Life. That show was/is great!


Twin Peaks
Stargate Universe (I have ceased to watch Syfy since they cancelled it. It was *such* a good show, and Robert Carlyle was especially brilliant.)
Babylon 5 (though without Andreas Katsulas and Richard Biggs, it would be bittersweet)

It's really nice to see that other people loved these shows as well -- good to know from the comments that I'm not alone. :)


KINGS. One of the most breathtaking one-season wonders of recent years, but unfortunately it's beyond "cult" because thanks to a few questionable network decisions, I think I was the only viewer the single season finale had. It was also kind of expensive, so a co-production deal would definitely be in order.

Klass Klown

Without DVD rentals, Netflix has devolved into something similar to Hulu Plus.

Bart Lammey

Max Headroom seems like the perfect fit for a company designed to challenge the networks.


I would like to see anything to do with Greg the Bunny/Warren the Ape. All 3 of those shows were great and should have lasted more than one season. I also think Testees was canceled way too soon. What could actually end up being a possibility is a show like Bored To Death. I have absolutely no idea why HBO canceled it and would love for that show to be brought back.


There was a show (I believe on FOX) about ten years ago called "John Doe." Only lasted a season, but it was a great show.


Yes, yes John Doe was cool.


people need to think realistically when picking shows instead of a wish list... firefly will never be resurrected... LOST is a stupid one to bring back after that abysmal ending, plus it was ready to die anyways. Anything over 10 years old would have to be a "reboot" and not a "resurrection" because, obviously everyone ages...

I'd stick with:
One more season of My Name is Earl to finish out the cliffhanger (plus no one has anything good going on)

Reaper for maybe 2 seasons to bring out his powers and, again with the cliffhanger)... Plus no one has anything else going on...

Jericho is a pipe dream, but would be nice for 2 more seasons...

Anything good with low overhead... Netflix cant afford to pump out big hits on a $9/mo subscription plan without adding some type of commercial interruption...

If they were going to bring back big shows, i would be happy to sit thru a short commerfical break for the first year the show airs so they can get more production value...


I am baffled at the votes for Leverage since it's coming back in July...


JERICHO!!!! Best series I ever saw!


Firefly, and for those folks talking about Fillion, Fillion tweeted a vague "support" of Firefly on Netflix already

I'm pretty sure Fillion would find a way to make it fit in his schedule. Limited show count + Castle Hiatus = Firefly ....

make it happen!!


Defying Gravity.


Firefly (even with some new cast members)


The key is to pick a show where the cast could be re-assembled.

I'd go with Raines.


I think another twin peaks like show would work. Start with a completely new story but see if you can get a few of the actors from the original series to play themselves twenty years later.

Tony Dockery

Well my two cents would be HBOs Rome series that was a killer show that died before its time..seems shows like that draw a lot of attention much like Stars Spartacus....but then I also like it when they just surprise us with some innovative new shows and not cling to the past...

Shooby Moonbeam

More midget porn, please!

ole timer

For the record I will play cards with Any Bonehead that has 100Mill$.Sorry "BUT"it`s not your Baseball,your baseball bat or ever your game.So take a sit down and enjoy the Show .Or you can go home...and give your 107$
to "Goodwill"...Ps If you have more then a few movies in your "Queue"then "U" need to go outside more.Over 400 movies in the "QUEUE" that just so sad......


Out of the list in the article, I would say dead like me would be the best to bring back.

I don't think it should be a resurrection though. It would be more like a reboot, which is easily done considering the theme of the show. Just start a story with a new set of reapers and over the top deaths.


Dead Like Me, if rebooted, should keep George. Maybe as the new "Boss". :) I liked her a lot.


Firefly but not likley. Stargate Universe definatly but may be out of netflix's price range. Caprica would be great too. The Event possibly. Heroes. Or I saw a great one episode of a possible new startup series called L5. or really any good scifi. there is always a lack of those.


Star Trek! Also, please pick up Eureka!


I liked Jericho having just seen it for the 1st time on Netflix. Would enjoy a season 3.




Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman.


I just watched every episode of Jericho in the last 10 days...for the first time.

Now Im wishing there were a couple more seasons I could watch.

I guess I will try terriors next. Never watched it before either. (I dont watch TV because of commericals so lots of shows are new to me)


the best time to keep a show alive is to save it before it's canceled so the cast hasn't already found other roles or too much time has passed. from the contents many shows who's writers completed their story are being asked to be resurrected. makes no sense to me since there is no more sorry to tell. eg Babylon 5 a mini series written from beginning to end and was aired to completion. Other were canceled for good reason the story was going nowhere or was just plain bad writing. best thing to do is take the good ideas the short lived canceled shows had and get great writers to actually make the good idea into a great series or mini series that has a complete story contract so we see the story to its completion. tv networks don't care about that any more and it's all about the quick buck at the expense of pleasing it's viewers. As long as at the end of the day advertisers are paying that's all they care about. and all advertisers care about is people see the adds. they don't care if the same people are watching the channel ever again.


Stargate Universe. BattleStar Galactica.


Malcolm in the Middle
Raising Hope (if canceled)
Sara Conner Chronicles
the Flash
the Chris Isaac show
the Adventures of Brisco County
Space: Above and Beyond
First Wave

Patrick S

Netflix should pick up the just canceled "Awake." (I'm with Hope and FearNo1 here.) It's a great show with lots of potential and the budget can't be that high. Not like a lot of the sci-fi shows mentioned elsewhere in this thread.


Carnivale would be a ripe choice since it was all already written and had a plot line in place. They just need to finish it up.

Sally Wingles

These are the shows I would like to see resurrected. This is not in order of what I like most but *** are the ones I really hope for.

Flash Forward
Persons Unknown
Earth 2
Jericho ***
Survivors ***
The Event
Prison Break
Eureka ***(this is the last season)
Firefly ***
Jeremiah ***
Stargate ***
Battlestar Galactica ***
Life On Mars (US Version) ***

I would love to see someone take all the replies and add up the score to see what top 5 shows the people want back in action.




ive never used netflix but if they picked up firefly, SGU (or any SG new or old) or reaper i would join!

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