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Thank you for all you do...I hope you had a nice and well deserved break..



Thanks!!!! Your blog is great.


really missed you but you do have to get away from it all from time to time.


I remember you posting while camping!


Thanks for all you do Mike.


All you had to say was Qwikster ;-)


Mike, you were greatly missed, Your's is the only blog I read daily. Thank you for all you do! Glad you are rested and re-charged. Dan

Erik Gruenwedel

Mike, your posts from the bathroom are always the best ;-) Welcome back. Erik


Congrats on your much-earned break.

Thanks for your blog!


Good stuff Mike and good for you, given this: "This site is an independent Web site (I don't work for Netflix)." I'd likely just delete technical support questions or fire off NF 800 #, that's cool you take the time to help people.


Thanks for everything, Mike!


Glad to see you back !!
If there are any french speaking readers here, they also can go on http://netflixinfrench.wordpress.com - a blog about Netflix written in French.
I only promote this website to maybe give you less work on replying to emails, and that may be a better for the french readers :)


I only found this site a little over a year ago, but it's a great resource for those of us who are interested. I read every update. And I'm sure you've already thought of this, but for the support emails I'd compose a friendly boilerplate response that points out who you are (and who you aren't) and how you're not able to reply to every request for tech help due to the volume you get. People would understand. And a lot of people probably don't know any better.

And thanks a lot for Hacking NetFlix!

Riverside Guy

Welcome back, I sure do appreciate all that you do for the NF community.


Glad you are back. Thanks for all you do.


Thanks for everything Mike


Good for you. Breaks are much needed. Glad you enjoyed the time away. Your work is appreciated.


Thanks, Mike! After the way Netflix has been mistreating its loyal fanbase these past months I can't blame you for wanting to take a break.


Adding my voice to Thank You . Your work is very much appreciated...take care ~ sage


Thanks for all you do, I read every update. It's clear a ton of work goes into this site!


This is my go-to site for all things Netflix. Thanks Mike for keeping it alive.


I pop by here daily and really appreciate all the great info. Please take a break any time you feel like it - we'll survive.


I have much respect for your blog and really appreciate your hard work. I'm glad to hear you took a break!


Dear sir,

My iPad won't play movies. Can you fix it?

Just kidding. Mike, thanks for all of your work that you do for the lay-folk like me. I was reading your blog before I became a NF subscriber. They owe you my business! I'm glad you had a chance to take a break from it all. We are all happy you're back!


Thank you for doing this! This is my favourite blog, thanks to your hard work.


Glad that you are back at it, you are one of our favorite sites to read. Thanks for all of your hard work!

-Ryan, OtherWaysToWatch.TV


"Since Netflix doesn't have a public email address I get a lot of questions and technical support issues by email"

I think that is changing. I e-mailed [email protected] and got an answer.


Does anybody have links to the posts from unusual places?


Thanks for all you do! This is the only Netflix blog I follow and I appreciate your hard work.


I was starting to get worried, but I am really glad you were able to take a vacation, a real vacation where you can wind down instead of working with just a different view from the window!

(And, no, I wouldn't have announced a vacation over the Internet, either, until I got back. "Hey, criminals, my place will be vacant from ___ to ___ so come right on in!")


You run an awesome blog and the break was well-deserved. Glad to have you back!


Thanks for this blog. Not sure when I started following but it has to be not too long after you started it. I get great info about the industry from here. Thanks!!


Been reading you for a long time. Best wishes!

The Littlest Winslow

Appreciate the dedication, man! Great site.

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