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Kayla Sonergoran

I wish netflix would let Europe alone and not waste money on the whole thing and instead just use the money from the hike in prices from last year on new content for north america.


Meanwhile I'm still waiting for Amazon Prime (or anyone else) to become a legitimate competitor with Netflix here in America.


is that for gay people?

Edward R Murrow

Yeah, Stuie299 - I know what you mean. Nobody can compete with the top 5 Most Popular streaming titles that Netflix offers (from InstantWatcher.com) -

1) Nazis at the Center of the Earth 2012
2) Hostel: Part III 2011
3) I Spit on Your Grave 1978
4) Battle Royale 2000
5) Hellboy 2004

Ouch, talk about popcorn for the brain type content.


Gotta keep in mind Edward, that's 5 most popular streaming titles watched by the American populace that can afford 8 bucks a month. Not saying people with a cerebral bent don't subscribe to Netflix, but it certainly isn't the majority.

Also, the children of those people who have almost nothing but spare time on their hands to fill with hours of... quality... entertainment.

There ARE deep and intellectual films to be found on Netflix, if you look for them. Quoting what the most popular is simply shows what's being watched the most, not the best thing being watched (which is clearly a matter of opinion).



What you don't realize is that Netflix has a larger variety of films/tv shows than any other website. When coupled with their DVDs its no match for Hulu or Prime. Just fool yourself into thinking InstantWatcher's top streaming movies are a good judge of Netflix's quality. Must have not put any effort into actually assessing their quality.

Come on it costs $8.99 for streaming. Double if you have 1 DVD out at a time. Considering that I think they do a pretty good job. Just as long as they keep their focus on acquiring more/better content in America then everything is fine with me.

My original point though, was that having a decent competitor would keep them from getting lazy. It would give them more incentive to keep upgrading their streaming library and improving their Website. If the competitor turns out to actually be better than Netflix than that's fine by me as well.




Sarcasm alert....Thanks so much for calling the U.K just England. On behalf of the Welsh, the Scottish and the Northern Irish people, please do us all a favor and go buy a geography books so the rest of us aren't insulted when you mention a story about the United Kingdom and come away with a headline "streaming war in England intensifies" making it seem as if this situation with Lovefilm affects no one outside of England.

shakes head...


@LTM - Yeah, but England is the important part of the UK. Nobody except the Welsh, Scottish, or Northern Irish care about the Welsh, Scottish, or Northern Irish people.



Competition is needed, my concern is if they start signing exclusives. Will I need to buy a couple services, or miss a good block of shows? Now Netflix is producing its own sows, will I be able to watch them on Amazon?


@LTM - I know what you mean mate. It's ok though, those colonials can't help it. we fucked up their county so I guess we can't expect too much of them.

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