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Run! Bitch Run!


Crimes like those that occur at ATMs are one reason why I don't use Redbox. The only outdoor kiosks I want to use are mailboxes where I just have to drop an envelope.


@Galagatron Really, you don't use Redbox because your afraid of being kidnapped?


@JillianS - That is one of his reasons. @Galagatron: I kind of want to know the rest of your reasons if they are as good as being kidnapped


Skimming is very prolific nowadays, don't slam Galgatron because he doesn't want his account jacked. I avoid machines like Redbox as much as possible. I do cash back when buying something at the grocery store instead of using ATMS.


Man that kidnapper was stupid, first he forgets his bullets then he has the victim drive him to his deluxe accommodations.


Time like that is when a gun in your waist band would come in handy. I wouldn't feel bad at all if the kidnapper got his head blown off.


Never been kidnapped while streaming on Netflix.


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