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The fact that they don't do online support chat is severely irritating. I had an issue with NHL GCL via the Roku, I started a chat with a rep... I had a wait, I turned the sound on my laptop, went about chores when the rep got to me it chimed. I didn't have to hold a phone or sit a phone on speakerphone. Also, and this isn't so much a knock to NF, but if it's online you don't have to worry about whether or not they speak clear English. I also enjoy the fact that I can cut and paste exactly what was said into a WORD doc, if the service is worth mentioning to a supervisor (I've done this for good and bad), I like to be able to reference things directly. If its over the phone they have a recording, I do not.

Walt D in LV

Netflix support staff is always top-notch. I've never-EVER had a problem with them. They were even patient and listened to me vent every time I called them to complain when they were getting rid of the Netflix Friends features (I called often :)

My only concern is as CordCutter says: no online support. Ever since that 60 Minutes article about Netflix back in 2006, where Reed Hastings himself couldn't find the Netflix telephone number on the Netflix website, they did a complete OVER-correction and reduced customer service to ONLY being by telephone. Previously, everything was by e-mail (as one might expect with an ONLINE company).

The perfect scenario would be like all of the big players, such as Amazon, where you have both online and telephone support.


I've only called once when I was unable to mark a disc as damaged online. There was no wait and they marked the disc as damaged and sent a replacement and an additional disc.


I was working at Netflix during the transition from email to phone only, and it was in response to a very specific problem (which I think it corrected brilliantly). The great benefit of email is the asynchronous nature of the communication (you send it in at your convenience, and CS reps can respond to everything in the queue, in order). That same benefit also brings its major difficulty: it's hard to quickly and easily clarify in an iterative fashion. If more information is required, then an entire cycle of reply and response is needed (which could take a day or more).

The key goal that I remember from phone only was: "single contact to solution" -- get on the phone and stay on the phone until the customer's concern is resolved. You call up and present the issue, the CSR can ask questions, clarify and get a much better intuitive sense of just how steamed you are. Voice communication is much higher bandwidth and much lower latency than email. Emotions get lost in email and it's easy to misconstrue meaning.

Every choice in life entails trade-offs. I happen to agree with the premise that it's better to get it all done in one shot and get it done right the first time (both as a customer and as a customer service rep).


I always get good, professional responses whenever I call with a question or suggestion. I just don't like having to make a call to get in touch with NF. For a high tech company they should have a better way of communicating, either e-mail or online chat. Many times I just have concerns about their design failures. They just don't make the web experience either pleasing or intuitive.

Jules Patterson

That is to bad. If you ever have to call Netflix you should pray you get the Oregon call center. I have had to talk to a couple people in Denver and they are rude,uninformed and a waste of time. I think they are hiring 3rd party call centers. Big mistake. Big Mistake.


Sweet! Another bunch of jobs headed to the growing Philippine call center industry!

Col. Potter

I would venture to guess that less than half of Netflix membership uses it on their computer more than every few months, they are pushing hard to be a part of your living room now. So online chat and such is for the minority, the majority would call just like they do for cable issues. Also, what good is an online chat if your AppleTV or Roku is downstairs and your computer isn't? I can't believe people complain about a tech company wanting to provide single contact, single solution service AND keeping the jobs in the US.


"The fact that they don't do online support chat is severely irritating."

My account does have chat support live in the "contact us" section of the website. Since so many people have mentioned that being an issue, I assumed they couldn't all be wrong so I called Netflix and asked about it. They said it IS something they're testing out on a number of accounts and seeing how it goes. To be honest, I very very rarely have a problem I actually need support with, but it is an awesome option! I hope they make it available to everyone instead of doing away with it.

J williams

3rd party or 3rd world call center!!!


Sad that people are losing their jobs.
I live near Hillsboro, and tonight I have no service on my Wii.
It seems that the website is down at the same time.


I too would like an email support funtion.

It'd be cheaper for them in many cases.

When I do call, they work hard to satisfy me.

But they cant stop my queue from getting mixed up every few months and my top 15 or so getting stuck down at #80 or so.

Id prefer to be able to drop them an email every time it happens.


Sure is great that they're laying off the good employees in favor of cheap, poorly trained and straight out shady outsources. Netflix, you are a disappointment. Quantity over quality.


Yep. The Denver call center is a BPO company called 24/7. When I was working at the Hillsboro call center up until last year, we hated the "24/7" center (They aren't actually open 24/7, unlike the Hillsboro center, that's just the name of the company.) From what I understand from friends that still work in Hillsboro, they actually have a specific call driver in the CRM system for customers who have been given incorrect info by Denver reps. I got at least 5 calls a day from customers who had either been misled or directly lied to by Denver reps. I'm sure the BPO's are way cheaper than the $13-$14/hr they pay Hillsboro reps and the $19/hr they pay Santa Clara reps (at least the ones who transferred there from Hillsboro) but they have already done irreparable harm to the brand and it's just going to get worse as Netflix realizes how much money they can save by going the BPO route.


If Netflix wants to "dispute" a number then they should give a real number rather than just say "a fraction". 99/100 is a fraction too. Plus, letting people go at one location while hiring at another is still letting people go. And outsourcing barely even counts.

Rachael Collins

Netflix personnel must have caught wind of the fact that many customers specifically prefer the Oregon center. Netflix apparently has a bone to pick with its customers, and every decision this company makes is like yet another "Fuck you!" to its member base.

I would like to savagely sodomize Reed Hastings with a morning star mace, and force-feed the resulting bloody soup to his wife, Patty, and their two children as Reed looks on and slowly fades from blood loss.


"Sweet! Another bunch of jobs headed to the growing Philippine call center industry!"

Am I missing something here? Santa Clara and Denver isn't in the Philippines. They are both in the US.

I agree that they shouldn't outsource even to Denver though, and instead grow the number in Santa Clara to support their customers. Customer service is always better when it's a part of the company.

Banana Thief

I was one of those people fired by Netflix this week. I wish they would just refer to it as laying off employees instead of firing them. It makes it so we can't get severance, or receive unemployment. They have not hired since September of last year, and as a method to attempt to make mass amounts of employees quit, they did a schedule change for all employees that included more emphasis on graveyard, swing, and weekend shifts to meet "business need". In working there with the change in schedule I saw no impact made, and many tired people fed up with how they were being treated by the company. There is no form of direct communication around there even though they pride themselves on "transparency". I would not be surprised if a lawsuit came at Netflix in the future as they have little regard for their employees no matter how tenured or hard working.

unemployed by netflix

I was let go from there as well on Thursday after working there for a full year (still a temp in Netflix eyes) I was extremely upset that there wasn't even a warning I had a meeting with my sup the night before and he said my job was safe. I know who made the call and he is just another corporate talking head and a total Slimeball. But why pay me when you can pay someone in Denver or Detroit 9 bucks an hour so they can make customers upset and not even do there jobs half the time.

Tom Harris

I like how I call about a movies not loading on my Samsung and while I am explaining the issue I get another person giving the Netflix greeting. I asked what happened and the poor guy said I was transferred to him. I asked why and he said he wasn't sure it was a rep from another call center in Denver. Turns out Samsung has been having issues and I called them and got it fixed. So basically the jackass in Denver didn't want to break the bad news to me so sent me on to some poor sap in Oregon. I now ask where I am calling. If they say Denver or Colorado I just hag up.

unemployed by netflix

@tom I got that exact call Probably 5-6 times a day.it's depressing that,that is What I'm being replaced for.


Maybe they can use the savings to buy more non gay documentaries
Pathetic releases the past few months

netflix watercooler

Hey all you kids with "streaming only" plans... get ready for some FUN.
Word around town is the Oregon Call center is only going to handle "DVD only" and "Hybrid" plans from here on out.
Rumor has it Netflix has implemented a new routing system, in which customers will be automatically asked if their plans include DVDs; if not - be ready to be connected to the notorious temp reps in Denver, Detroit, or any of the other 3rd-party call centers across the country :-D
Any bets on how long will it take subscribers to learn the "correct" button to push in order to route themselves to Hillsboro, where Reps actually know their asses from holes in the ground???



They have been routing the calls in this manner automatically for about 3 months now, based on the type of plan you are on when you enter that Service Code. Hybrid/DVD plans get routed to Oregon. Streaming Only Plans (SOP) get routed to Santa Clara and the outsourcers. Sadly it is a major problem they have been 'tracking' for months where the @denver reps transfer calls that they should be handling.

Also, along the lines of Netflix's response to the original email, still being employed at the Hillsboro call center, I take offense to corporate saying only temp positions were laid off, since my sup, and at least 2 other's that I know of were laid off as well. Supervisors by definition are not 'temporary' employees. If corporate is going to straight up lie, I have major issues with the company I work for.

Tom Harris

I think what water cooler was saying is Netflix will ask you what kind of plan you have before you talk to anyone. What they do now is give you anyone (Unless you use the service code) then they transfer you to Oregon if you have DVD's


I too, was an employee w/ the Hillsboro, OR Call center from Apr 2011, till March this year - just under a year. Read below for a trip into my world there (SPOILER: LONG READ):

Within that time,I had to ride the "wave" of the whole debacle of price changes, Quikster, Gift subs being ONLY purchasable now in $7.99 price points, etc, etc... (tough to handle these with customers!), I can tell you it was a roller coaster.
In the first half of my tenure - from about Apr 2011 thru July 15 2011, it was a fairly calm, peaceful, really-not-that-bad place to work.
July happened - Price Hike/splitting of the services-- and it was leaked a day early somehow to the press. ZERO prep for the Reps. - and by that I mean that Management obviously planned a split-up - but the reps only knew of it by stumbling on news of it the day it happened. I and other fellow reps literally walked into work that day; put our headsets on; and had to be the proverbial punching bag for the course of the next 1-2 months, with no prior knowledge of how to handle the scenario . There was no formal training with the price hike and other various structure changes. Only hastily-prepared statements from management sent typically the "day-of".

They also started really pushing call-time towards the end of last year. While I understand the basic nature of being efficient with calls - I made a case to choose to stay on the line with the majority of my callers *beyond* the 3.5 minute or so "average Handle time" metric - Many of the companies' issues - streaming problems, or hearing a customer vent, -- in my book at least; really warrants you to be a good, listing ear; with a determination to help the customer no matter what- not get them off the phone.

Mysteriously; they start outsourcing some calls to a Denver call center called "24/7"- and the Oregon center gets a HUGE amount of "cleanup calls" - ie. customers who were lied to or generally pissed off at the lack of competency found at this Denver outsourcer. The Oregon reps were never officially told of a presence of an outsourcer in Denver - we just find out one day as the complaints come in.

Around the end of last year they opened a new, smaller call center in Santa Clara - well performing reps in OR got an opportunity to transfer - no problems here - I didn't choose to go - but they did offer to compensate pretty fairly in the pay scale and moving costs.

Right after this, they then move most reps schedule up (manditorily) about 2 hours. (i.e.. start and end 2 hours later than your used to).. Okay.. whatever, its a call center and we didn't like it but we adjusted.

Then 2012 happens and they do another mandatory shift change -- across the entire call center - with a metric-driven ranking system they used, I got placed in graveyard. Now, my metrics were one of the best in the call center for customer satisfaction you see, but.. it came at the expense of my Average Handle time (I stuck with my customers to ensure that their problems got resolved, vs recommending calling back ) - this was weighed in my metric score as "bad".. so i got bumped to a wacky weird graveyard shift.

I tried it for a week this way and turned in my resignation.

I had a few really awesome Supervisors that genuinely tried to help - but their abilities were barricaded by the structure Management gave them - too sad.

Now I see that they are firing more people in Oregon and 'hiring' more in the Outsourced channels.. sad :( This company still has its good parts - but its like the almighty dollar kind of won out over the original permise of "great customer service".


So Reed is pulling a Romney-ize at Netflix and getting out from under obligations to its long-term employees. For shame!

US Jobs for US Citizens

If you believe that you've been connected to an offshore CSR, request that you speak with someone in the United States. It's not just a good idea, it's the law!


Who said anything about off-shore representatives? Did you actually read the post or just feel it's your right to be high and mighty?

Jose Cuervo

More and more get fired from here daily. I currently work here and its horrible. Someone needs to check into this company.


For the record "US jobs" if you did any research into the subject you would realize that all the "outsourced" people you speak to while in the US, ARE in the US. Just places like Denver, and other states. You people should really check your facts before you become all high an mighty.

The only time you will get a rep out of the US, is if your IP address thinks you are outside the US and gives you the number for that region.


I was let go from the company in May. Just under a year of working there, so I enjoyed facing the price hike/qwikster debacle last summer, as well as many other negative changes in that time.
That being said, this particular set of lay offs of the temps (who were intentionally way laid from permanent positions) was only a larger blip in the overall lay offs theyve been doing in Hillsboro. It's clear from the amount of low, mid, and high level employees let go since April that the Hillsboro center is being phased out. All lay offs are unfortunately under the guise of firings based on stats, when its clear that theyre cutting down.
Its been stressed for months that csr's in hillsboro need to demonstrate their excellence to "outshine" the outsourcers. seems like a moot point.

Edward R Murrow

@Correct and others -

It appears that Netflix customers are firing a preemptive shot across the bow that they care deeply that CSR's stay onshore. That's all.


I as well was some one who got laid off. It sad they went from 800 or so reps to 300 reps. They affected a ton of people lifes.
As for me I never even got a warning but I knew things were getting bad because I still had a temp status it was easier for them to get rid of me. for those who have been lucky enough to speck with the Denver reps that is going to be the experience you are now more likely to get. Sad day for netflix


US Jobs, Netflix has no call centers currently that operate outside of the US that handle US calls. I imagine that when Netflix started hiring BPO's in other countries to handle Latin American and European calls, they started to realize just how cheap it was to hire a BPO and not pay a premium hourly rate and a $10,000/year insurance allowance for Hillsboro rep.

Not only that, but your claim that it's "the law" to be transferred to a US rep on request is wrong, misguided and hateful.

Edward R Murrow

Yeah, that's one of those urban myths. Urban myth withstanding, it does work if you simply request to speak to a CSR based in the U.S.

@ChiminyCheroo - what's misguided and hateful about a US customer wishing to speak with someone based in the US? I don't get it, or maybe it's just me being too patriotic?

Tom Harris

@Chiminy Cheroo I understand the Misguided part but , I have no idea how you got hateful out of any of that. You don't have to throw hate in a conversation to make a point. When someone disagrees with a policy, you or a standard etc etc.... its not hate.
I called last night to try something and it worked. I called Netflix and said I had a question about a dvd.(I only have steaming) They transferred me to a young lady named Austin in Hillsboro. She told me yes indeed they do have that movie on DVD only. I switched to DVD's for the summer.

Katrin Tibidor

It doesn't matter to me where the call centers are, as long as the rep is able to solve my problem or answer my questions as well as speaking the 'English' I could understand.


I've known six people in the last three years that have worked at the Hillsboro call center. Two quit long before the recent eff you from management, a third got the axe a couple months ago in their first rush of lay offs, another put his two weeks notice in recently, and the final two are seriously looking at other options as their team leaders have been fired and the work environment has seriously degraded over the last year. Believe me, they are getting rid of more than just temps at the Hillsboro call center and word is it's all going to Santa Clara and third parties eventually.

netflix watercooler

Pretty difficult to "outshine" the BPO reps when those rent-a-reps inappropriately transfer their "difficult" customers to avoid the "No."
Hillsboro DSATS get hit and those Ns count against the reps trying to clean-up Denver's messes, despite any supposed "tracking" of these transfers by the Oregon call center management.

To the poster who suggests they don't care where they get their help, so long as it's the help you need, along with understandable English - that's the point. These rent-a-reps are relatively under-trained and DON'T have all the answers and say whatever is necessary to placate you to avoid poor stats. In other words, they LIE to you in plain English.

Now, when you phone back flaming pissed at their misinformation, you get transferred to Oregon and give the living-wage earners a "No" on the survey.
Maybe your problem is now solved, but there goes another Netflix employee in favor of the BPO cheapos.
Glad to know you put your personal account issues above corporations doing right by their employees.

Living wages, health benefits and employee development will be things of legend in this country soon enough, but thanks for your help in speeding-up that process!
Have fun when you get Detroit on the line; may you soon understand precisely why "It's So Cold in the D" :-D

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