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Where are all the NEW streaming titles that were in theaters and/or released on home video less than a year ago? Oops...

FYI Transformers 3 is coming June 30th.


You mean like Thor, The Rum Diary, Tim and Eric's Billion Dollar Movie, and Jim Gaffigan? I have no idea where they are.


you really expect for $8 a month that they should have New release streaming movies??

not gonna happen, studios want way more than that for the rights to stream them...
vudu charges $4 a MOVIE for new releases.. studio probably gets $2.50 of it..

most streaming deals are fro 6 moths to a year from dvd release dates because the studios want it that way.. they can sell more dvd/bluray's if the movie isn't readily available for streaming

anyway to me it is utterly ridiculous fro people to complain it's $8 a month and nowhere on the net will you get 50,0000 movies to choose from for $8


Transformers 3 is coming on June 30? Is there any way to prevent that?



Apparently my point flew over your head. [/Sarcarm]

The post was aimed at those who complain about a so-called lack of new release streaming titles ad nauseum.

Hence the, "oops..." (look at all those new releases).



Either Hacking Netflix has gotten better at picking out releases to feature or Netflix has stepped up their game. I mean even the older titles are interesting. I'll be sure to watch Cider House Rules, Life Is Beautiful, and The Ten. Though I'm sure this probably happens more frequently then I realize. I for some reason just don't feel the need to go to instant watcher and look at every streaming release.

Toby Lane

I would recommend 54 which is the story of Studio 54 with Mike Myers playing Steve Rubell. The film also stars: Salma Hayek, Breckin Meyers, and a cameo by Ron Jeremy.


"Shakespeare in Love" is streaming. Maybe I'll finally see that in its entirety.



F-You big cable.

NX Gen

Thanks for the awesome post! Now I know what I am going to watch today on netflix :)


any chance if these movies coming across the water to UK so we can watch all these movies/tv programmes?

Richard Bermudez

Ncis and csi series would be great

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