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Is Louie Season 2 a surprise? I've been checking FeedFliks regularly over the past couple of weeks to find out when Breaking Bad Season 4 would be added, and don't remember seeing Louie Season 2 as coming soon.


when is breaking bad season 4 being added also
a new season of mad men how about hell on wheels more walking dead


If Instantwatcher/Feedfliks are right there is a pretty good amount of new/older titles coming in the next 2 weeks to streaming.


Meanwhile, 13 of my 234 titles are expiring on 7 days notice.


5 of the 30 movies in my Amazon Prime Watchlist expire on the 30th.


@williamd...I heard somewhere that there was a 30 day delay to stream BB season 4 which would make it the first week or two of July but I have not seen anything for certain. I was hoping to get that season in before season 5 starts. It would be smart for AMC to allow that.

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I'm with you, Tim. Eight of my 233 titles expiring with seven days notice. Sure would be nice to have two weeks notice.

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