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a new "Curb Your Enthusiasm" too.

Season 8


Does this ebay listing for 80% off look like a scam to anyone else ?



It sounds like you would be "sharing accounts" with other users since it says you can't pick your user name and they "ask" you not to change the password. He is also in Belgium.



I was thinking it was more of using stolen credit cards to buy subscriptions which then work for a few weeks and then get shut down when the fraud gets uncovered.

Doesnt someones credit card info have to be onfile ?

Could I "SHARE" my streaming account with a dozen other people without getting caught ?

Seems like they would have protections against that kind of thing.


Anyone know if Breaking Bad Season 4 is out tomorrow? The DVDs are available tomorrow so I hope streaming is too!


Didnt know Breaking bad season 4 came out today. Thanks.

Didnt have it in my q. I had curb your enthusiasm but they skipped that and sent me something else.

My guess is streaming for the newest season is at least 3 months away. Maybe longer.

Hope I am wrong.

Tom in NY

New releases? Ho hum. For the fourth straight week I am not getting them. Last week it was True Blood. This week it's Curb Your Enthusiasm. Netflix is quickly becoming a disappointment.




I also believe I read somewhere that CBS was doing the same thing with Showtime content (But I cannot find a link).... so it sounds like a delay + more difficult means of acquiring them. Might be the culprit behind your delays/lack of access.


Finally some new releases worth watching.


I think I already saw breaking bad season 4.

Not sure how. I might have scrounged the net and watched them one at a time that way.

Seems like I recall doing that.

Which means I dont have a new season of BB.



As a Netflix member going back to their beginning, November 1999, I must say that I have never been less inspired by their offerings than I have the past few months. Pathetic releases by Netflix compared to what actually comes out (and yes, taking into account the lag time Netflix must go through) I am seriously thinking of dropping my level once again. What used to be an awesome service with a great web interface is no more. I no longer bother to check the new release updates on Sundays anymore because I now it will suck. Netflix is circling the drain, and they have nobody to blame but themselves.


We usually get AMC shows on streaming the day they are released on disc. I.E. The Killing. However, Hell of Wheels was released on disc but no streaming yet. I was hoping for Breaking Bad 4 to come on line tomorrow too. I am looking forward to Thor this weekend though.

tired of the haters

Sooo what is up with this site. I think he only puts 10 to 15 titles on that are added to instant streaming just to have people who hate nf bitch on here. Starting 6/1 nf released 150 titles based on instant watcher. Last month was a huge month for streaming what they added 0 mention of it here. I believe it was april 1st they added over 200 titles the showed they added 10 here. People bitch about new releases really why are you bitching at nf why don't you go to the studios and bitch. They are the issue here. NF will have rum diary and thor by the end of the week. They will have all movies nominated for acadamy awards by the end of the year. It's 8 bucks people. If you don't like nf there are alternatives. Go to block buster and sign a contract with dish. Or go to amazon who over inflate there numbers and pay for your content. Why are you on a nf site if you hate nf i don;t get it. The have a huge dvd selection and have tripled there streaming library with the money they have received from price increase. I say charge us 5 more bucks a month for streaming if it can get us more movies. They refused to play ball with starz bc starz wanted you to pay more to watch there crappy quality starz moves. The majority of the starz movies nf already has back. If starz got there way you would have to pay more just to click on a starz title. The same people that are bitching that nf didnt go with starz would be bitching that they have to pay more. Doesn't it get old people being miserable in life that you have this much venom towards a 8 dollar a month service? Here is a thought don't get that extra value meal once a month and you saved your 8 bucks. Thank goodness we get to listen to bob every time there is a post. what a pathetic life this guy has.


Whenever people complain about the posted new Netflix releases, I wonder if they even know how to use the site's search feature, or just wait to click on a suggestion posted on the homepage. Just one out of the last ten DVDs I got from Netflix was anything close to a new release. There is a LOT of stuff out there, and you can't blame your limited tastes on the service. I've noticed most people tend to watch something only if it gets buzz or if an overtrusted friend suggests it, and it makes me wonder if the real problem is that they should re-evaluate their choice in finding entertainment and discover they really don't care about stuff on a screen, and go play beer pong or toss a ball around instead.


I just wish all these people that complain would actually quit the service.

Then Netflix would notice and you know try and get there paying members back.


How many people here have been continuous members of Netflix some 1999 like myself and remember the truly good days? When every week there were 60 and 70 new DVD releases at a min not 30 at a max? Any body?


The Rum Diary should be on streaming tomorrow. I believe Thor is supposed to be out there on the 9th.



Man, that Redbox is getting crappier and crappier. First I have to drive to their location, get out of the car... possibly wait in line and now THIS?! Totally not worth it.

None of these services are going to be perfect. Weigh pros vs cons and when the cons outweigh the pros drop the service.

Up until recently I didn't think Prime was worth it. We order a lot from Amazon, but I never need it right away, I always just wait for the Free Super Saver shipping. Then the movies/interface were underwhelming. Well, now my wife is done with school and is back to recreational reading, she wanted to do all of the potter books again on her Kindle but it would cost $50 to own them. She doesn't really want to own them, just read them again. Here comes Prime. With her reading again and the new watchlist it's worth it for our family. I don't understand taking complaints to a fansite, talk with your wallet.



Man, that Redbox is getting crappier and crappier. First I have to drive to their location, get out of the car... possibly wait in line and now THIS?! Totally not worth it."

John Carter isn't a good movie so no great loss for me, in fact most of what's coming from Hollywood these days is garbage. I'm tired of the 3D-animated-comic book genre.


Count me among those frustrated with Netflix. As a DVD-only subscriber, the quality of the catalog and service is nowhere near what it used to be. They are adding far fewer foreign and independent films than they used to, and the studio and TV releases have absurd waits (I've had Game of Thrones and Treme at the top of my queue for months). As for the site's search features, they are getting worse too. Perhaps they do have more obscure films than I give them credit for; it's hard enough to find the ones they do have, since some of what they get never shows up on their new release lists and their genre lists are all incomplete. I know they are prioritizing instant viewing, but they could at least pay some attention to the DVD side. I'd prefer that they do something particularly well (either a catalog with wide appeal--more foreign and indie films; or accessible new releases) instead of a mediocre job at everything. I'd gladly pay more if they would go back to their heyday when they basically offered nearly everything that was available, the waits were always manageable, and the website itself was fun and well-maintained.

All of the Netflix apologists crack me up. Obviously, if the service gets bad enough I'll eventually quit (I've already downgraded). Why that simple market dynamic means they are immune from criticism is beyond me.


I love the "good ole days" comments. I wish NF was like it was 5+ years ago... you know when the studios didn't see them as a threat. You know, when they could buy discs wholesale directly from them and release them same day as retail. Those days are long gone people and it has nothing to do with Netflix. Actually, strike that, it does.. NF offered such an amazing service it cut into their bottom lines and the studios went on the offensive. Again, re-read my link above about Warner/HBO cock blocking NF. Might explain why Game of thrones is hard to get on NF. Apologist, please, more like realist.

Kale Barton

Netflix is not above criticism. It's just that far too many social media posters go over the pail with the most harshest, bitterest, spleen venting tirades, and refuse any attempt at reasoned discourse over why certain issues-particularly, the ones beyond it's control, are happening to the company and affecting it's ability to deliver as it had in previous years.
Studios are targeting the service in a way that cable based pay tv services never were. Studios are using declining discs sales as an excuse to demonize Netflix, and justify the harsher treatment. ''Game of Thrones'' and ''Treme'' are HBO titles, and in a direct slap to Netflix's customer base, decided to no longer sell the DVD service discs at a wholesale price. Netflix must now buy HBO titles at full retail, something other dvd services don't-putting them at a clear disadvantage.

Funny, HBO & Showtime and their sister channels had over 30 million subscribers combined throughout the decades, yet, people who DIDN'T subscribe to a pay service (over 100 million of them), didn't stop buying dvds. Yet, Netflix's success with Instant Watch is a constant bogeyman used as the reason for the sagging disc market. Netflix has 20 streaming customers now, not when the dvd market went bust, but now. What was the excuse for falling disc sales before NF hit the 20 mil mark? Why didn't 40 year old HBO & 30 yr old SHO stop people that were not HBO/SHO subscribers, stop spending $29.99 for the latest movie releases? Or $49 bucks for a season box set?

It does get tiring seeing people just go on whithering screeds...Yeah, I like what I like, and want it at a price I can handle-and yes, free streaming was better than having to pay for it, but they couldn't keep offering it without a charge forever. We got access to a service that cost millions to operate, free for 5 years. And the studios began raising prices for licensing content. Now, one could rightly say that the behind the scenes stuff is none of the customer's business. And they'd be right. But if you subscribe to HBO or any other pay channel,, and never once thought of screaming ''why isn't movie X. Y, Z on HBO'', then you can't treat Instant Watch any different than you treated the others. Captain America, Thor, The Immortals, The Hunger Games, The Avengers will never appear on HBO, Showtime of Starz. But you won't hear those subscribers throwing tantrums like spoiled, whiny, entitled brats. If one service has certain movies tied up under exclusive contracts, or the studios choose not to make them available for internet streaming, then there's nothing Netflix can do about it.

Art Artistry

^^That post was made by me by the way.

As far as the good ole days netflix used to release more dvds stuff. Think back to 5 or 10 years ago. More movies were being REMADE into DVD so there was more for NF to get because it was completing its catalog with movies that have just been released on dvd for the first time. Netflix isn't making movies, and if they can get DVD copies of it, and there is enough demand for it, they're going to get it. But those old movies that were released on DVD 5-10 years ago aren't available to them to reacquire now, so you see tons of movies in your saved queue because Netflix won't go on Amazon and pay $40 each for the last 3 copies in existence. So while it does seem like Netflix is getting less and less DVD releases. That atleast plays into the reason why there were so many more in past years.

As far as Netflix not being able to give you HBO shows as soon as they come out. How much does HBO cost? Just go join HBO...Why is it reasonable to believe that Netflix can get you HBO shows for way less then HBO can give them to you...


In other news...


How much longer till NF gets back in the game with movies? This story is barely a ripple in the tech-news world, if NF announced a movie by a well known Hollywood creator it would be big big news... the target on NF back is huge.


Match made in heaven if you ask me.


Breaking Bad Season 4 came out on dvd today. When will netflix get it?


"Breaking Bad Season 4 came out on dvd today. When will netflix get it?"

It's also on DVD for Netflix today... I don't think it shows up in the new dvd list on this site though, because they already had season 1-3.


For those inquiring about Breaking Bad Season 4, I was waiting for it as well. I called Netflix customer service about an hour ago. The man told me he had gotten quite a few calls, and that he believes there is a 30 day "after DVD release" hold on it, and told me it will be the same for Sons of Anarchy. He said they are definitely getting it soon, though.

As annoyed as I am with these companies doing the holds, I'm glad at least in this case, it's a show where it's impossible to watch just one episode at a time so it should be easy to get through before season 5 premieres.

Fred B Real

Every week that new releases come out on Netflix the whiny babies just crawl out of the wood works. You'd think we were talking about medical benefits, or insurance payments the way people get completely apoplectic about having (GOD FORBID) a wait time on a popular DVD. What, you think you're the ONLY one who wants to see "Game of Thrones?" Grow up people. If you want it so bad, go buy it. Stop whining like a 4 year old.

Art Artistry

Where were all of you in the new releases post last week? Oh wait...I hadn't created you yet. Just waiting for Brownhouse to chime in about how he'd kill all of you if he could, and BoB to threaten you for insulting his mother.


I love how all these folks who were still in grade school when Netflix first came out love telling those of us who have been Netflix customers since the beginning that we don't know what we are talking about when we are critical of how poor Netflix is today compared to "back in the day". Are we supposed to be happy that while Netflix is still a pretty good deal, we should enjoy that and shut up about it not being nearly as good a deal as it was?


Grade school when Netflix came out? Hah, I was in grade school when the video stores started popping up across the landscape. I still remember the smell of the first one I visited and when my parents rented a VCR from it for a week, along with the tapes of Disney's Robin Hood and Alice in Wonderland. I even drew pictures in school of VCRs with my favorite movies stacked next to them. This was before getting our first VCR, a Sony Betamax which my mother still owns, and I most recently used a few years ago. I remember the thrill of "Top Gun" being priced-to-buy for only $26.

ANYWAY, I started with Netflix in 2006 after half-a-year of Blockbuster Online, so while that wasn't in the first few years, it was long enough ago that I experienced some of the "good ol' days" of the service as you call it. There were lots of movies that are no longer available, probably because sketchy subscribers kept them before cancelling or just mishandled them, but in these "good ol' days", there was no instant viewing at all, there were fewer TV shows available on DVD, fewer distribution centers. Netflix isn't perfect and makes some annoying business decisions, but to date, it is still a good value for the amount of video entertainment and more convenient than the other methods.

Col. Potter

Speaking specifically about DVD's I think Netflix is as good a deal as it's ever been and the service is still the best available. For all you missing the "good old days", are you talking about 3-5 DVD delivery? Or how about that 3 discs out at a time used to be $20 a month? How much is it now, $16? How long for discs to arrive, 1 day? You can't hold Netflix responsible for the studios producing crappier movies and at the same time making it more and more difficult/expensive for Netflix to purchase and distribute the schlock.



Kenyatta Harris

It's worth it. I watched Flashpoint, Eureka, LIFE and Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within yesterday. And today Contagion comes in the mail! Who doesn't like getting stuff in the mail. It's like christmas.

Kenyatta Harris

Making sure I take full advantage of the many offerings of Netflix.
I must watch Lost In Translation, S.W.A.T and that Criminal Justice
looks intersting as well enjoy your week!

Herbert Kitchener

Netflix is really becoming a major disappointment. We have been members for some 5 years now and in the past 6 months or so have witnessed a marked increase in the number of "short wait, long wait, very long wait" etc. Right now, the first 28 on our queue are in mostly "long or very long, wait" status. We are not talking about new releases for kids, eg., true blood. We watch many English and foreign DVDs. I suspect, in an effort to save money, Netflix is not buying DVDs in the quantity they used to and as a result, we wait, and wait for DVDs. We do not stream. We just like to watch a movie from a DVD. We used to belong to Blockbuster 2-3 years ago but got out of it due to really irregular and erratic service. Netflix was, by far the better of the two. Thus, here we are with Netflix-----waiting, and waiting, and waiting for DVDs----much worse than Blockbuster ever was.
Something has to change at Netflix or their subscriber base will suffer. Lord help them if Blockbuster ever got their act together or a new, start-up company gave them some good old fashioned competition. Netflix with it's increasing "wait" times is becoming tiring and perhaps it is time to seriously consider getting the premium cable channels again like HBO, etc. Frustrating in the extreme.


"We are not talking about new releases for kids, eg., true blood."

Dear lord...


"For those inquiring about Breaking Bad Season 4, I was waiting for it as well. I called Netflix customer service about an hour ago. The man told me he had gotten quite a few calls, and that he believes there is a 30 day "after DVD release" hold on it"

Check the website again, according to my website, the DVDs are available now. Try it for yourself, go here:

Then, select Episodes on Disc, then select Season 4.

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Emma Torgrimson-Lee

Where is PSYCH season 6?!? Seriously Netflix, you're kinda starting to suck.

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