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LOL - Netflix/Mozilla good, Disney/Comcast/ATT&T not so much.


Mozilla is on the board? Why not Microsoft or Apple?



I agree. What's the point of having a net neutrality law if only Comcast and At&T are on the board. It seems like Verizon, and other internet providers/phone companies should be as well. BTW I really don't understand why Disney would have an interest in something like this.


Stuie - I think all content providers probably have interest in how their content is delivered. In Disney's case, I'm not sure if they have an official stance on the subject of caps for example, but I know a lot of my bandwidth usage comes from ESPN3. You also have ABC with an ownership stake in Hulu(+).

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I think it's actually a good panel. You can't just cherry pick people from one side of the argument or the other, you need fair representation. AT&T and Comcast represent the corporate side, Netflix and Mozilla the opposition, and Disney represents content owners and the perspective of a newbie internet wise. Don't forget that Disney is not only part owner of Hulu but is also experimenting directly with their own online services.

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