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Finally! Looks nice...

When I saw the video in the background I tought...Oh, yeah...there will be a second season soon :))))


Cute how they require Facebook accounts if you want to comment on their blog. Way to stifle your customers, Netflix!

The Netflix iOS app has been useless to me ever since they removed the ability to access your queue. I wish they'd re-enable that.


Is anyone else see big changes over the last few weeks in how the queue works between movies available for DVD and Instant? Or, am I one of the remaining 10 customers who have both?

I really think the separation between the two is happening. Movies saved in the DVD queue no longer have the option to Add to Streaming when they come available to stream. I have to look them up and then select Add to Instant queue. At one point they would automatically drop into the streaming queue.


Paul, the Instant Queue has never been removed from the app, just try looking a little harder. If you're talking about the DVD Q, that has never been there, just use Safari.


AuntKitten, accessing my queue via PC, when something in my DVD queue becomes available for streaming, it still shows the option to play it or add it to the streaming queue.


I used to be able to make the picture full screen now i can't make the picture larger on my iPod and I hate seeing the black sides


@Samantha: I complained about the same thing to Netflix about watching PC to TV with RCA cables with Logitech Wireless keyboard with the old system I could zoom the video really big or at least full screen. The new Player won't let me do it. Most TV shows OK but the movies are terrible with four inches or more black sides top and bottom and the video only about 4 inches in the middle. I'm 50 and my Mother is 73 the larger the better for videos because our eyes are not what they use to be.... Next year my Mother would like to get a Kindle Fire she won't like the black sides. I asked Netflix to include a zoom button to help make the video bigger hopefully they will make the addition for us - soon!!!


Thanks Galagtron...must be only my account. Have tried three browsers...safari, chrome and IE latest version. None give the option to add to my Instant Queue.

Would normally call to ask why, but both my queues have been doing strange things the last few weeks. Weird sorting...things appear that shouldn't be there...then disappear.

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@Franklin I've looked, I've searched, nothing. Where is it??


"I used to be able to make the picture full screen now i can't make the picture larger on my iPod and I hate seeing the black sides"

Double tap the screen.


AuntKitten, I've also noticed a lot of erratic queue behavior, but most of it rights itself in a few hours or overnight. As far as queue crossover for those who subscribe to both DVD and streaming, I use FireFox on my PC and am still able to play streaming titles from my DVD queue. (Though I cannot directly add them to my streaming queue, I have to visit each video's info page to do that.) I am actually glad that the titles in my DVD queue that are also available for streaming no longer automatically duplicate in my streaming queue. Both of my queues are usually close to capacity, and I use them very differently. The selections I queue for delivery are not necessarily the same things I like to watch online.

Looks like all the DVD related pages now redirect to the dvd.com subdomain. I had my original DVD queue location bookmarked to bypass the newer URLs because I use a queue-sorting script that doesn't work with the newer pages. Now, that bookmark redirects as well. I'm disappointed because - especially with a full queue - it was really handy to be able to sort by a wide variety of user-determined parameters. Hopefully, the script developer will be able to update the script soon, as I don't think NF will be adding built-in queue sorting features. (Not impossible, but takes a lot more back-end development to integrate something like that into an existing UI.)

One big plus, for me anyway, is that the dvd.com pages all use the older UI (no auto-scrolling; smaller box-art graphics; click-through to title info page; access to Top 100, Critic's Picks, Award Winners; etc.)

Also, DVD subscribers can still preview many titles by genre. Very useful:


Ugh. Sorry for the bad link. Just cut-n-paste:


iOS Development

Cannot go into the season viewer for any show. App closes. Tried restarting the app and my iPad. PLEASE FIX

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