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Meanwhile, there's been a report that US cable companies are blocking the introduction of iPlayer over here.



If there was a version of that BBC app for use on the PC, I'd absolutely subscribe.


They need to sell subscriptions to their stations to cable companies around the world. We have BBC America. They could sell BBC1, 2, 3 AND 4 and generate income and get a larger audience. I would watch them. Would even pay a little extra for them. Anymore we have 30 shopping channels, 15 ad channels. Half the channels on TV are junk. BBC makes great shows and they should bring them all here


The BBC could just get Parliament to increase the TV license fees they already extract from people for just owning a set. Forget about actually watching, just owning a set requires an annual payment to the BBC.

This sounds more like complaints over loss of monopoly than loss of revenue.

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