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I am not stuck at a low number like 14 but I get titles dropped periodically and I have to re-add them. And my biggest complaint is that my queue gets reordered practically every other day.


Yup. I couldn't add the original Star Trek series to my instant queue for about a half hour - it said it took, but didn't give it a queue position or an option to move it to #1.

Additionally I reported two movies missing two days ago, and nothing has shipped to replace them. Not only that, I didn't get emails that said "Your Disc Problem Report Has Been Received" Something's definitely b0rk3d.


My top 14 or so tends to get sent down to #90 or so every few months.

Ive been reporting it forever. They have no fix apparently. Or just dont care.


Cliff Williams

i had about 7 titles dropped from my instant que not because they expired. If i try to manually add them back it does not take!


If your queue is getting scrambled it's most likely because you are using third party apps.


Michelle, I dont use any third party apps that I know of. I use the roku. Thats all.

My phone isnt even capable.

Daniel L

Michelle is wrong. Queue's will reorder themselves for no apparent reason. It has nothing to do with 3rd party apps.

Oh and RJM, they just don't care. It happens to a bunch of people, a lot, and they haven't bothered to fixed it.


The 3rd party app cause is not incorrect. My queue only reorders when using some 3rd party apps or web sites that access my account. And only tv shows that were once multiple title entries combined into one entry for the whole show instead of for each disc set. Netflix API support has claimed time and again they fixed the problem yet over a year later and tons still have the problem. I'm convinced they screwed up their code so bad it's unfixable since they get all sorts of reports of problems and have yet to solve any of them. Makes me wonder if they have a bunch of morons working for them trying to code stuff out of text books.

Daniel L

It's both then. Because I do not use third party apps, and it happens to me.

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The old "Working to correct the issue" jive. They do a lot of that, lately. I'll say it again, they are getting worse and worse. Been with NF since the start, and we never had these problems. Since the price increase and the split, problem after problem.


I was having the reorder problem long before the price increase.


Wait, now that I think about it, maybe I did sign up years ago with a site or two. Seems like one monitered usuage and/or cost per movie or something like that.

But that was from before I really even got a roku.


Yep same here some I add are not staying as soon as i log back in to device or re enter netflix!


I don't use a 3rd party app....its been an ongoing problem for 18 months at least....just did it now 2 days in a row....its always all TV related materials....cartoons....TV shows....PBS Documentaries....Mini-series, anything that ran on TV first.


I am stuck at 64.


I don't have problems with a limited number of titles, but I have had programs mysteriously added to my queue that I have never even heard of.


I wish they would specific what device they are using because we aren't a mind reader: PC, Roku, Blu-ray player, iPad, etc.

My Sony devices are working normally.


OP here. The phenomenon of added queue items disappearing from the queue approximately one minute after being added occurs regardless of web browser used. If the items are added from Apple TV or Roku, they just don't appear in the queue in the first place. In the iPad app, I get the same behavior as with a web browser. I do not use any their party Netflix apps.


D'oh -- I meant "third party Netflix apps" above.


What ISP are you using and where are you located? It sounds like an isolated incident.

I'm in California, my PC(using IE and Chrome) and set top boxes work normally.


I think it's unlikely to be anything related to location. When traveling, the same thing happens on my iPad and my laptop as it does on my desktop. It seems to be device, location, browser, and app independent. That just leaves Netflix as the source of the problem.

In trying further to track down the source of the issue, I've discovered that some items do stick when added to the queue while others don't. For example, "His Girl Friday" added just fine, but "Heathers" disappeared from the queue after about a minute.

I tried removing everything from my queue, then adding things back in randomly. (Good thing I don't have much in my instant queue at the moment!) The result was, the fifteen stable items that had been in the queue (including His Girl Friday) stuck around, while the items I've been having trouble with disappeared after a minute or two.

Ah, well, must be one of those Netflix things. If it becomes too much of a hassle, I'll just cancel my account. But hopefully they'll take care of their databases and figure out what's wrong with them.

Riverside Guy

About 3 months ago, I did try some 3rd party apps. All got deleted mostly because they could not seem to get proper data from Netflux. Yet I still experience the occasional scramble of my Instant watch queue. So it has nothing to do with third party and everything to do with Netflux. I only use 2 devices, my PS3 (where the NF app is just awful) and my iPad (much better than the PS3 app, not from a design standpoint, they are both seriously bad given it's the middle of 2012 already, but simply stability).


Mine adds them to the middle of queue instead of end


I suspect it has to do with ongoing backend changes and constant fine-tuning of the IW interface. All IW pages seem to be getting a re-design (to further prevent any crossover with DVD content) and that is bound to cause some unpredictable behavior until all bugs are identified and addressed.

Kale Barton

I first noticed this problem last spring-well before the Sept price hike and ensuing planned/cancelled changes. For me, it seems a position in the queue becomes like a black hole...whatever title occupies that position vanishes into it, throwing the following titles out of my intended numerical order. The vanished title can be moved to a new slot and show on the app, but whatever takes it's place goes bye-bye. And it happens mostly on my Insignia Blu ray player. On the (Sony) PS3 app, titles usually stay intact. But not always.
Reordering has also happened when a title in the cloaked ''Save'' list is returned to the queue. It's a pain, but I started saving my queue last year on a monthly basis so that whenever this happens, I have a record of where I have things and can reassemble the queue the way I prefer.


My XBox 360 had "Recently Watched" and "Top 10 for [User Name]" disappear from the queue display. I also have a Roku with no issues.


@riverside guy

Is Netflux supposed to be an insult? I'm confused...


I wish I could remove my one connected application (FeedFliks), but for months in multiple browsers all I get when I try is, "Sorry, we encountered a [sic] error error [sic] when we tried to update your authorized sites and applications. This is our fault, not yours; please try reloading this page. If you see the same error, please try again later."


que reordering is NOT related to 3rd party apps...
I dont' use any and I've had 1/2 my que swap with the other half before..
small changes are due to netflix re-adding a title that gets a new exp date(if say xxx title is expiring today and they get a new contract it will move from where it is to the end of the que as it expires then gets re-added)
to solve the issues they just need to add a sort function for the que, that way people can sort them by letter/number, date added, etc...

Disgruntled in St. Louis

I've been having re-ordering issues periodically over the years, but recently it seems to be getting worse. And, no, I don't use 3rd party apps.

Movies/shows moving down the queue while others drop off completed (and won't let me re-add it). I've been trying to add tv show Glade, but it won't "take." Finally, it gave me a message that it was placed in my saved list for streaming....which I'm not allowed to see/track any longer.

I hope that they solve this problem and, in general, do a better job with customer service/satisfaction.


The only issues I ever have with my Queue getting reordered happens when i use Instantwatcher.com. It will then separate the Movies from the Tv content.

I had an issue the other night when about 200 items disappered from my Queue. Called the support line and in about 3 minutes found out it was an outage. They were working on it. The operator was super nice. about 12 hours later it was fixed.

Otherwise in my 7 years as a Netflix user I've never had a problem and I love it.


I'm wondering if this is happening to only 2 or 3 million people or less and their thinking is that it's less than 1/6 of their subscribers so it's not a big deal. The problem is, yes it's small problem BUT to those members having the problem it's a huge problem and annoyance and if they don't know the cause then it could start happening to all members. This could end up being a very big problem for Netflix if they don't fix it. Unhappy customers tend to speak with their wallets. This has happened to me two or three times in the past, not a big deal as it has stopped, and I don't use third party apps.


I brought up this issue a few months ago and was told by comments on this blog that it must be my account. (I have 2 discs and instant. Now, I have discs disappearing from my DVD queue. I know the total number that should be there, but I can't figure out exactly the movies that fall off.

Looks like the UI is changing and that's what driving this issue. More important to me, the saved portion of my DVD's is about 75% of my total queue. New items are not being purchased - that's my opinion and looks like I will have to drop the DVD and keep Instant only.


I have had my IW queue reordered frequently. The only functionality I can think that I use that is not from the NF site or a NF app is adding things to my queue from Hacking Netflix's new release posts. Now I need to track whether the shuffles occur after I add new titles that way.

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