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yay! i've been waiting... :)


I wonder how many seasons will pass before I bother to even start watching it.


watch them here http://www.cokeandpopcorn.com/


@ Galagatron. My advice - Wait until they are all available and then marathon them. That's how I did Seasons 1 thru 4 (purely awesome) and now I'm freaking out over the possible year it might take AMC to make and release Season 5 !!!


Isn't the show slated to end at 5 seasons?


With the big AMC deal, does anybody know when the recently completed Mad Men Season 5 will be up on streaming (same thing for The Walking Dead Season 2)? The original press releases made it sounds like it would shortly after the season completed on TV.


Breaking Bad is AMC, and since season 5 is premiering July 15th, the same day season 4 hits Neflix, I would have to guess that season 5 of Mad Men would be on Netflix about when season 6 hits live TV.

Mike R. 2

@Cordcutter, yes it will end after season 5, but season 5 will be split into two parts, like the Sopranos' last season.


All that insures is that I will not watch season 5 live on amc. If they are going to release it to streaming anyway, why wait until the day the new season starts to release the previous season? I thought it was about tv viewership anyway. I will have to marathon season 4 and hope I can catch the reruns in order on amc. If not, this process starts over in a year and I never watch one first showing of the episode.

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I have been waiting this season.


I figured the show was over with the way the story lines were wrapped up in Season 4. What else is there to do?

Edward Miller

Great. Breaking Bad will finally make it to members, maybe. The disks have been sitting at the top of my cue for weeks, this after months on the wait list. And still waiting. Not the best record of fast fulfillment. Small consolation in being informed " Extremely long wait". looking for a new service.


Got tired of waiting. Bought season 4 at Wal-mart. How about some more seasons of Law & Order?

Hugh Varden

Seems like everywhere else has already been showing season 4.e.g cable on demand etc.Pretty poor service when Netflix seems to be the last to have it!


AMC makes most of Season 4 available free via on demand, at least on Verizon FIOS. Some episodes (like episode 10) are missing, and the stream isn't HD, but if you want a fix (no pun intended), before Season 5 starts, there is that option. It sucks that Season 4 couldn't have come out on streaming or at least DVD before the new season began this year, unlike previous years.


So will it be available @ 12:00 am?

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