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Netflix has made impressive progress over the past two years, but as of this morning, only 30% of my (hybrid) queue is available for InstantWatch; even worse, only one or two of my 'top 50' have 'Play' icons. So, I don't think I'll be dropping dvd rentals any time soon. For me, with access to the dvd rental catalog, the best part is the improvement in streaming picture quality and availability that has taken place rather than the addition of new titles.

On another positive note, Netflix added two of the 'older' rental titles from my Saved queue this morning, so I'm not giving up on them yet.

Perkins Cobb

"Anytime, day or night, you can watch anything, almost." But, everything in the two preceding paragraphs contradicts that conclusion. It's emblematic of the magical thinking behind the popularity of Netflix streaming -- more often than not the actual experience disappoints, but it just SOUNDS like such a good idea.

68 year old crabass

Howard Stern ?
that's a dirty word at my home
even stopped watching AGT because of that potty mouth


Thus proving how ridiculous E! is.


People really should relax about not being able to find everything they want to see on Netflix. I don't know why anyone would expect that to happen, if they had anywhere near every film produced in the past 20 years I would expect to pay a higher price for their service, as they would be paying more to get the rights to all of those films.


Well, if they're going to misspell it Downtown Abbey then I'll just assume the rest of the list is paid product placement as well.


Has anyone here recently cancelled and subsequently attempted to restart their Netflix membership only to discover really strong pressure to use streaming? I did this in lieu of the now defunct vacation hold feature and was surprised to discover that the system would not allow me, online at least, to restart under the same membership plan (2 discs at at a time with blu-ray, no streaming). The only options available were a $7.99 streaming membership, or for twice that, streaming + 1 disc out at a time. There was no option for returning to my earlier plan at all! I had to call Netflix customer service in order to get it back, and their solution involved charging me for a membership including streaming and then refunding that portion of the charge. Definitely looks like they're trying to add some serious friction to people looking to avoid streaming.



Really? It would have been much easier to just start on streaming and then upgrade to the 2 DVD plan with Blu-ray. Streaming and 1 DVD at a time are the same price so you would only be paying the additional 4 dollars to get 2 DVDs and another 3 for the Blu-ray.


Do I smell Bacon?


But I don't want any spam.. err.. streaming..

Bummer, I guess I'm going to have to deal with this too.. My acct has been on hold for a while now.. and I even extended it close to the end of the 'on hold' feature, so mine's coming back near the end of July.. I'll probably keep it a month or two, watch some DVDs.. then cancel it again, intending to bring it back again (maybe next summer), to retain my queue, etc..


It's obvious that Netflix is definitely going forward with its plan to separate the DVD biz from streaming, though in a more circuitous fashion than originally planned. Discs are still in high demand, and are still profitable, so the big push to discourage physical disc subscribers is nonsensical.


If you use the URL dvd.com or dvd.netflix.com (pre or post sign in) it will enable you to sign up for 1, 2, or 3 dvd's at a time no streaming. You can then add bluray in your account and help.

The problem is that they don't HAVE a signup that is for returning members, it simply routes to the free trial signup options based on which address you go to, which is rather dumb.

That being said, if you know that, it's pretty easy. They will not remove a service that's been paid for until the next billing cycle. So if you start 7.99 streaming* you can switch between the two 7.99 plans** and from 7.99 dvd, upgrade to any larger dvd plan.

Is it a dumb website set up that they should probably fix? Yes. Does it mean you're going to have a nightmare restarting an account? No. If you don't want streaming, just navigate to dvd.com or dvd.netflix.com for signing back up...

Hopefully they'll make it more accessible and obvious going forward, but if they don't, this will save you from making things gross.

*or 7.99 dvd through dvd.com
**within reason, don't try to game the system for both, they freeze you from changing


How do you like the new netflix's interface? They changed the front page and the tv series pages.


Returning NF customers may very well be willing to go to the extra lengths now necessary to get the type of subscription they want. They will know that NF has split the two types - disc and streaming - between two distinct domains. But new subscribers who, logically, go to netflix.com to sign on will not find any indication that NF still offers its once-signature disc delivery service. NF really is trying to limit its new customer base to streaming. A bad business move, since NF still currently has the upper hand in both markets. Making disc users jump through hoops is really only going to hurt itself in the long run. Competition may be slow in getting on a par with Netflix, but once it gains a foothold, the momentum could roll right over NF if it doesn't respect the needs of both subscriber groups.


I don't like that new look of the site at all. It's yet another tablet- and touchscreen-catering design.



Thanks for the dvd.netflix.com reference - I didn't even know about it. I'll be re-starting my disc-only plan in a couple weeks, and it sounds like that will save me some hassle!

Stephan Neidenbach

Frankly, I don't know how people had babies before Netflix. I can't imagine getting up for a 2am feeding without something decent to watch.

Dave Giles

Wow people lose to much sleep over things that don't matter!

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