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Daniel L

Sherlock is so damn good, I hate that there are only 3 episodes per season.

Eric B

It's unfortunate that there seems to be a lag in obtaining more recent seasons of Fox shows though.

Perkins Cobb

Impressive. Now where's their announcement about how many of this year's Oscar nominees they have available for streaming?


They've already done that Perkins.... When they announced the Weinstein deal. Rango is already out there and Undefeated, The Artist & Hugo will be coming soon.

Perkins Cobb

That's a deal with a single distributor. Not the same thing.


Hugo/Rango from EPIX Deal, Undefeated/Artist from Weinstein deal. Separate deals.


I don't watch TV shows. I want movies!

albin horowitz

You might try these movies:

Exam Greenfingers Between the folds
Man from earth Shegar:Discover the heart of a champion They came to play
Learning curve Red Violin Meet Joe Black
Daughter of keltoum The missing Bill Cunningham: New York
Loch Ness Swindle Love's kitchen
Diplomatic siege As far as my feet will carry me The water horse:legend of the deep
Heist The last enemy Guarding Tess
Forever strong Someone to watch over me Devil in the blue dress
Rising sun Life and times of Hank Greenberg Thick as thieves
Almost an angel Gunless Steal
Last lullaby The boy who could fly Ip man
Ip man 2 A soldier's story Chak Del:India
American Pickers The unusuals The treatment
Wild china Broken hill Recien Cazado
Zero effect Point Blank (A bout portent) Extreme engineering
Rough diamond Dutch Eye in the sky
To market to market to buy a fat pig Tracker (New Zealand film-great scenery)
Jump In Shaolin The Double
Blackthorn Ip Man

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This list is cut in half if you live in Canada.

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