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Wow, that's a great batch of titles. It'd be nice to know how long they'll have them available, but still.


Wow, 6 DVD releases. How will they hold the masses back?!


This is the most pathetic week of new releases in my 14 years of being a netflix customer.



How so? It might be a bad week for DVD releases but that list of streaming titles is top notch. They're also a bunch of interesting titles they didn't mention. This seems more like a pretty good work for releases than one of the worst.


Its a bad week for DVD releases, period. Not Netflix's fault the studios are holding onto titles to squeeze the last couple of pennies out of the consumers.

Socal Steve

New streaming releases??....LAST WEEK I put Memento and 12 Monkeys in my streaming queue. Some titles shown as being new to streaming have been available to stream for several months....and why can't this site list ALL streaming choices like you do for DVD releases?


GREAT week for streaming releases! #NotSoMuch for DVD releases but I haven't a DVD subscriber since the separation lol.


I remember watching Syriana months ago on Netflix

Kayla Sonergoran

a league of their own looks to be the only interesting thing on the streaming list.


Yeah, some streaming titles are definitely 'recycled'. But that doesn't bother me. I'd rather that than all streaming be a one-shot watch-it-now-or-never deal.

I still much prefer DVDs over instant, though. Much larger and more diverse catalog.

That said, not too happy about the ongoing changes to the NF interface. Almost impossible to determine which titles are available for both streaming and delivery, as the search function completely separates the two, depending on which page you initiate a search from. Looks like NF is succeeding in dividing the two services after all. They may be accessible through the same member log-on right now, but I don't think it will be that way for much longer.

That really seems like an illogical move, as it cuts off a cost-effective way to internally cross promote to single-service subscribers. Unless the aim is to off-load the DVD biz altogether.

Jared K

Nice, "Bad Lieutentant", "Ronin", and "Syriana" are three films I don't own that I've been thinking of rewatching of late.

Some of the streaming titles were available on Netflix in the past, but expired for one reason or another. All I know is that I've maintained over 200 titles in my streaming queue since the early days. Whenever it looks like I might be in danger of dropping beneath the Mendoza line, I find a basket full of new stuff that looks interesting.

It amazes me that so many people still complain about something that delivers so much yet costs so little. Then again, how many of these people have terabytes of torrented music and films while whining about how creators aren't putting out anything worth buying.


For all the complainers about DVD, what new movies, besides American Reunion and Margaret, are coming out this week that Netflix should be carrying?


@Socal Steve Please remember the guy who runs this site does this, for FREE, in his spare time. It would be way too much to ask him to keep up with all the new streaming releases, it would take a ridiculous amount of time some weeks. He already spends enough time doing an excellent job keeping up with all the latest Netflix news!
Also, a big THANK YOU! to the owner of this site.


Anyone know why it says they update the RSS top 25 feeds every two weeks and it has not been updated in well over a month? Have they discontinued publishing the top 25 and top 100 lists?


@Steve. On the Ice, Being Flynn, and Freak Dance, just to name a few.

Web Applications Development

Great! I will get all of them.


@Social Steve--if you want the complete list of streaming just go to instantwatcher or feedflicks. Not enough time or space to list them all here every week, esp for someone who is running this site for free on his own time. BTW--thanks to the owner from me as well.


Guys, notice they wrote "Interesting streaming releases in the past week", not "this week" or "today".
The reviews for "Bad Lieutenant" mostly stated the streaming edition was heavily edited, and because of that I recently rented the disc.

Jared K

@Donald: Double thumbs up, totally agree.

I wish people would be more thoughtful and less demanding when they whine about sites like Hacking Netflix, that offer solid, useful information for free. If people don't like what they see and can't be constructive, they should leave and build their own sites. Then again, people with little initiative usually have nothing to offer but complaints.

@Galagatron: Thanks for the "Bad Lieutenant" tip.


FYI... The DVD release schedule is NOT complete for this week.

I've already noticed two tv series NOT listed, The Glades and Warehouse 13.

Both seasons of The Glades are on DVD and Streaming, added this week, while all three seasons of Warehouse 13, season 3 added this week, are available on DVD and the third season comes to streaming on August 1st.

The way the DVD portion is worded, makes it sound like it's a complete list.

These are two examples of some pretty good shows and Warehouse 13 is one of SyFy's most popular series.

The Glades is also a really good show, kind of like Dexter minus the serial killer vigalante.


I watched the documentary about Qaddaffi's Female Bodyguards. It was quite interesting, kind of funny, and a rare look at life in Libya. It was also strange in light of the civil war there last year considering it was filmed in 2003 and the fates of those shown in the film are unknown.


Before the devil knows you're dead has been on their for a while.

Tim Brownhouse

Whatever the case may have once been, the version of 'Bad Lieutenant' that is currently streaming on Netflix is the unedited NC-17-rated version.

The R-rated version is 91 minutes; the NC-17-rated version is 96 minutes. The version streaming on Netflix is 96 minutes, and all the sequences excised from the bowdlerized version are intact.


I watched Bad Lieutenant on Netflix streaming once this year, and once in 2007. Both times it was the unedited, uncut, uncensored version. I don't know why some people see it as the censored version. It has to be a regional thing.

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