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not with the post office.

Having a problem with the top 6-7 in my que showing available but they continually go around them and ship stuff farther down on my list.

One showed available and stayed at the top of my queue for about 3 weeks and they finally sent it from a farther shipping senter as an "extra".


Just wait until everyone experiences doubled delivery times (both ways) and no saturday deliveries.


"move form"?

Darn, and my DVD (only) service JUST reactivated. (Mostly kidding about the 'darn', as I probably won't watch a DVD until after the Olympics.)


I don't see a problem with the mail, but I see Netflix DVD service sliding. They're unable to track their inventory. Some discs have "short wait" but are just never, ever sent after months and months, which to me says they just don't have them and they haven't removed them from their official inventory.

And a lot of damaged discs coming, and not being removed from circulation. I've had the same disc sent twice, and another replacement that was cracked. It's taking them days to send another replacement. I'm about to give up (on this disc, and with their DVD service altogether after 9 years).


I thought this was just me! My last two DVDs took an extra day to arrive. Stinks when you're on a "one at a time" plan - an extra day can potentially mean 4-8 fewer DVDs I could rent I'm a month.

Perkins Cobb

JC: Do you have an example of a permanently short-waited disc? I'm curious to see if I can repeat the same result.


I had a mailing/delivery problem about 3-4 months ago. This occurred about 6 months after the local post office eliminated sorting of local and out-of-town mail. Since last year, all mail sent from here gets sorted in a city about 1 hour away.

First, I noticed a DVD I mailed back took 2 days to get to Netflix. Then another took 3 days. I also had a delay on receiving discs. This lasted about a week until I called and complained. Miraculously, after that call, the problem disappeared and I haven't had a delay issue since.

Like others, I've noticed increasing delays and waits with new films in my queue. It's hard to say that things are worse in this regard as compared to a year or two ago.

Walt D in LV

I haven't had any shipping delays Post Office-wise, but like RJM35126, I've had the movie at the top of my Queue but they keep sending the next one down.
For Perkins Cobb, the movie is the Blu-ray for In Darkness. I just checked again, and they DO have it listed now as Short Wait, so that's good. It seems like they're catching up as to what JC said about their inventory.

Another thing, however, JC, is when I receive a damaged disc, I report it, of course, but I keep it in my possession until the next one arrives. This way I can insure not receiving the damaged one again. When I do finally mail back the damaged one, I do so with a yellow stickie (Post-It) note on the sleeve AND inside on the disc label itself so no one else experiences that disc.
I do the same procedure with Gamefly discs. Recently it worked incredibly well when I received a game that Disc One didn't work. The replacement arrived, but it's Disc Two didn't work. Since I still had the original, I put together a set of two working discs, mailed back the broken ones, complete with notes, and all was right with the world.


No delays for me, so far.


...But since everyone else is talking about short and long waits, I've had the same discs at long and short wait for a few months. It seems as if the disc obtaining spree Netflix did at the first of the year slacked off, or maybe there was just another round of crappy customers who kept those rare discs.


I think throttling with the better titles is certainly going on but at least they send SOMETHING. Years ago, they just pretended not to have gotten the returned disc back.

And another issue I have observed...when you call in....IF you are a DVD customer, they say "hold on" & switch you over to a different rep.

So it strongly suggests that they have separated their customer service reps for dvd & streaming.

Makes me feel like a 2nd class citizen for having both.

And it doesnt matter what the issue is. They COULD handle it but wont.

I think the divisions are separated for all practical purposes....all the way down to customer service.

They still want to junk the DVD by mail service. Just give them another 9-15 months. They will sell it to someone else. Thats my guess.

If I were to get an extra day delay as some are getting, I would almost certainly cancel the DVDs because the service is worth FAR less if you can get fewer DVDs. Thats for WHATEVER reason.

Ideally, Id like to see all new releases go to streaming maybe 2-4 weeks after DVDs. If that happened, I would go streaming only.

But I think that is years away. If ever.

netflix watercooler

@ RJM on THIS:
"So it strongly suggests that they have separated their customer service reps for dvd & streaming.

I think the divisions are separated for all practical purposes....all the way down to customer service."

That is not a strong suggestion, that is FACT and it was explained/discussed earlier here:

To recap - Netflix Inc's corporate call center in Hillsboro, Oregon is equipped to handle ALL calls (though you are typically only routed to them if your plan includes DVDs, i.e., DVD only and "Hybrid" accounts).

If you are a streaming only customer, you might get "lucky" enough to be routed to Netflix Inc.'s customer service center in Santa Clara, CA; more likely however, you will be routed to Netflix's ever-expanding network of outsourced call center locations (BPOs operated by a company called 24/7) in Denver, Detroit, or elsewhere. These BPO centers are staffed with newly-hired Temp. Reps making $9 per hour w/out benefits.

Netflix Inc.'s centers are staffed with full-time benefited employees earning living wages now that they've terminated all their remaining temporary CSRs.

Here's where you are incorrect:
"Makes me feel like a 2nd class citizen for having both.

And it doesnt matter what the issue is. They COULD handle it but wont."

Nope. Anyone with DVDs on their plan is first-class in terms of access to customer service expertise.

The Temp. Reps at 24/7 CANNOT handle DVD accounts as they've not received adequate training/development on anything but Watch Instantly accounts. Even then, they might not handle those streaming issues to your satisfaction as they tend to transfer anything they feel will result in a negative survey response over to Hillsboro, though saying whatever it takes including providing customers with completely duplicitous information to maintain their metrics is also par for the BPO course.

Customer service has been completely compartmentalized; the outsourced call centers are there to handle all Streaming Only customers. Any plans including DVDs are to be routed to Oregon by policy.


Interesting to see others mentioning available titles at the top of the queue being skipped.

I've had this happen recently, and it's not new blockbuster movies. I mostly have indie films and older TV shows near the top of the list.

I have a feeling those titles are available, just not locally, and they'd rather just send something else than sending from a more distant center.


wow, coolerwatcher, I hadnt read all those responses.

I dont think NF owes anyone a "working wage" and certainly not $13-19 an hour + benefits.

Would be interesting to know how much all this customer service costs....as a % of sales.

I mean, there service has almost always been great but if they are spending like druken sailors, its probably not worth it.

And Nialla, I think thats exactly it, they HAVE copies of the titles we want, they just dont have them locally and are hoping we forget about them and watch something else. But, like I said, after a few weeks of this with one title, they finally DID send it as an extra and it took 2 days to get here.

I think its clear they are carrying far fewer copies of titles in all centers.

I guess I get it, for $8 a month, what can we expect ?

But, Im far more likely to either go without DVDs or only go with them for part of the month at a pro-rated cost.

And of course, occasionally some of the ones do end up streaming so I can watch them there. (Wish they gave dates they are coming to streaming so we could manage accordingly)

Ive NEVER had a rep with any kind of foreign accent so they were all easy to communicate with.

But, NF is a business with shareholders. Thats where their loyalty should be, They dont "owe" unskilled workers a high wage.

And sorry, even a competent call center worker is not a highly skilled & educated non-replaceable employee.

Most seem very young but usually willing to help with good attitudes.


my mail, in general is taking an extra day or two. I think it's because they closed 2 processing centers, one two hours away and another 2 hours away in the other direction. USPS also closed 5 of the 8 area post offices in the last month and has made it to the point one entire community (town with 300 residences) get PO boxes because they won't deliver mail to them due to "budget cuts"


Remember when the Post Master General said that he wanted most of the changes (closings) to happen in the spring of 2012? Well it's summer 2012. The USPS has closed/consolidated some Post Offices and distribution centers but not as much as Donahoe (USPS Postal General) predicted.

The FACT is that NETFLIX will close some of their distbution centers about the same time that the USPS does. NF is loosing disc customers because this is what hasting wants. I didn't capitalize the H. He doesn't deserve it. They had 9.96 million disc customers as of their last investors meeting. They didn't loose as much as hastings predicted. They don't mentioned the hybrid customers, they don't care. This is just ONE reason why NFLX will fail. hastings you are a moron and you don't know it. You are clueless. Where are all you people that wanted to invest in stocks last year? One year later.... what is their stock worth?

Let me tell you about Netflix. It's a bargain for customers. It's joke for investors. I remember all the posts about people last year saying it's a good time to buy their stock. You morons. Netflix if only you listen to your customers you would be KING.
Netflix do you want to rule the world? Figure out a way of listening to your core customers. Act like a dictator and you will die.It's that simple.


Yes I have experienced delays as well.

aka Darrell

I am on a four disk plan and for several years usually had five disk out. This ended abruptly around labor day 2011.

Then in the spring of 2012 the check in acknowledgment email started arriving a half business day later than in previous years.

So, in summary, Netflix's handling my my disks has degenerated a little bit starting about a year ago.

I've had no reportable problems.


You can overcome this delay issue simply by adding a disc to your plan.

ex. Go from 1-disc to a 2-disc plan


I've been seeing more discs being shipped from a distribution center that is two days from me, without the usual extra disc shipped from my local center to compensate.

I've noticed that I no longer receive the email surveys from Netflix asking how long did the discs take to get to me, or when I shipped a disc back to them. I guess Netflix doesn't care anymore about shipping times.

I've noticed that more and more of the discs on my queue have wait times.

I am wondering if Netflix is trying to kill off the DVD business via poor customer service.

Perkins Cobb

I'm not necessarily getting longer waits on a regular basis (I'm in NYC, and so far, I hope, immune to any post office or shipping center closures).

What I have observed is greater unpredictability in terms of their availability reporting. Occasionally, as mentioned above, something with no listed wait will get skipped. Or, something with a "Very Long Wait" will ship anyway. Today they sent me GAME OF THRONES Disc 1 and THE RIVER Disc 2, which were listed as "very long wait" and "long wait," respectively.

On the whole I think their reporting is a little more conservative than the reality, although I'd prefer accuracy. For instance, if I'd known Disc 1 of GAME OF THRONES would ship today, I'd have pushed Disc 2 right behind it; but because I thought Disc 1 would get skipped, I had something else in that slot. Minor annoyance, though, compared to the fact that THEY'RE NOT ACQUIRING MOST OF THE DISCS I WANT.


I've been having problems with throttling. My queue would sit with nothing sent for two or three days, then they would ship something.

If I pick any older disk, such as "Lost and Delirious" no matter where it is on my queue, its is sent next. Happened with "Pulp Fiction" as well.

My current queue is fairly good. No long or short wait stuff left, but in the last few months, I've had things short wait until I emptied the queue down to only those short wait items before they shipped.

Walt D in LV

I've received Pulp Fiction, on Blu-ray, twice since it's come out, with no delay. The most recent time was in June, 2012.


Yep, I used to be able to get two a week, now I am at one.

I'm in Northern New Jersey.


I still get the shipping time emails. No change there.


My discs take one day to be received by Netflix, but three days to be sent from Netflix. It is very frustrating!


My delays started July 1. DVDs now take 2 days to arrive (but still just 1 day to get to Neflix). My local post office is still open, so its frustrating. I'm on 2-out plan. Live in Pasadena, CA.


Same here, my delays started around July 1st. It takes two day to arrive to me but, Netflix gets the return in one. Not happy here. Live in north new jersey here.


My delays in Los Angeles began at the beginning of July, two days instead of one. It's back to normal now.

More cracked/unplayable discs, too. They also sent the exact same DVD back to me after I reported as damaged. I GIVE UP.

Cygnis Media

Its a bad for those who ordered and get late.


Netflix disks now always arrive 1 day later than their e-mail says they will arrive, they used to always arrive the same day the e-mail says they will arrive. I think it's due to postal service cutbacks -- http://www.nytimes.com/2011/12/06/business/cuts-by-postal-service-will-slow-first-class-mail.html?pagewanted=all. The tardiness began recently, I think in July.


I've just experienced my first delay. And I'm not sure if it's Netflix's fault or the Post Office's fault. I'm leaning towards it being the Post Office's fault. I was sent a disc and was told that it would arrive on a Wednesday, but it ended up arriving on Thursday. But that's been it so far.


In the past few weeks, I've experienced a couple delivery delays where a DVD will take two days to reach me. One day still seems to be the norm, however. For the moment, anyway. The extra day wait bothered me at first, but I've relaxed about it and figured it's no big deal. It's not as if I don't have a lot of other options when it comes to evening entertainment.


Mailed back directly from drop box at PO before 11 am yesterday.It is now 11:47 am the next day and not returned.


I am I usually get two dvd's a week I would usually send my movie saturday netflix will receive it monday and I will get the new release for tuesday, now I send a movie in monday they usually get it tues but they just got it today


Off topic but...

Has anybody been having trouble with the Queues today? Movies seem to be "disappearing" and "reappearing" and are out of order. When deleting, the movies leave but after refreshing the page the movies are back. Netflix is acting strange once again.


I cancelled my account 7/31 as I am going out of town soon, and still have to figure out what plan I want.I mailed back dvds 7/31 at 10:45 am directly from a drop box at the post office.It is now 2 pm the next day, and none have been returned.

For those that are having delays in getting dvds, are you also having delays returing them? Just wondering if this is something i should take into account when planning what plan to get.

Also,how long before i can mark it lost? Since I mailed it back from the PO.What will I be charged if it does/doesnt come eventually?

just sayin'

All this talk about Netflix trying to kill off their DVD business. Clearly none of the savants making that kine of statement here have listened in to the earnings calls or read the quarterly investor letter. The DVD business is the lion's share of the company's income. Without it, there's no money to buy new streaming content. Without new content, customers leave. Without customers, no revenue.

In short, Netflix will have DVD for as long as it continues to be a revenue stream.


My area here in Charlotte, North Carolina seems to be one of the areas it takes now 2 days for me to receive my DVDs. Last week it took 2 days to receive 2 DVDs at a time and this week I was suppose to get it today next day and have not received them so I guess I will get them tomorrow the second mail day! :(


Yes, noticed a lapse in delivery times on both ends of spectrum (delivery/return) from Southern New England area. Noticed this in the past month, none too pleased as I am on streaming + 1 at a time plan. Still a very good service but if this is not a "glitch" in the system then they're slipping in quality. Maybe it's part of the phase-out of DVD shipping...but it seems too soon!

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