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Netflix needs a "Suggest Show or Movie" button. There are so many great 90's cartoons that are missing from Netflix.


I would if I could "lock down" a device to G rated stuff. But I don't want my kid clicking on softcore porns and Michael Moore crap.


Yes. We keep all of the kid shows together in the queue and they watch in the living room which we frequently pass through so @Josh's concern is negated.

It also means any kid shows we don't particularly like won't be coming into our house at all since we cut cable and then just don't put them in the queue.

Even though we do use it for some babysitting, it also helps us curb the amount of TV the kids watch overall because when an episode is over they have to ask permission to watch the next one unlike old TV where it just keeps rolling on.


Yes. but only for two episodes max.

Scott Howell

@Josh: Some devices have a new "Just for Kids" interface that prevents them from seeing junk. Well, sort of. It's easy to switch back. Maybe they can put a password protect feature in some day.


oh heck yes!

we don't have cable and I love how Netflix has so many good kid shows right at your fingertips!

El Don

OMG, when traveling with a child, Netlfix on the go is GOLD.

To answer the question yes, when I have to do something work-related or with a client on a phone/video call, I have used Netflix for the little one to sit down quietly and watch for up to an hour.

Brian Fratello

When it's time to make dinner, and it absolutely, positively has to be Diego?... yeah, netflix is a heck of a lot safer than youtube too...

Kenny Johnson

All the time. My son has a Roku in his room and we have it linked to a separate Netflix account that only allows kids content. Clicking on anything else won't play. Additionally, I set it up so the grid pretty much only shows kid-friendly stuff.

Even with that, my son asks us if a new show is a kid show.

I feel no guilt about it.

Kenny Johnson

Actually you can lock a whole Netflix account down to certain ratings. You don't need a "just for kids interface." But you would have to either have 2 Netflix accounts (like us) or constantly switch it back and forth for those times that you want to watch Breaking Bad. :)


nf is better than tv for children's - make that parent's - needs due to it's "on demand" nature as much as the lack of commercials. My kids usually prefer Cablevisions free "on demand" service to nf I think due in part to the limited selection giving them less to argue about. Though when we didn't have cable they would use nf over dvd's which actually require you to get off the couch. The horror.


OMG, Netflicks is great for kids. My 6 year old and 3 year old take turns picking out what they want to watch. You can never do that with cable, we cancelled that a long time ago, we were paying way too much for commercials. And wasting time! They are so used to Netfix, that if we go to someone else's house that has cable and the show finishes, he said, "Mom can you switch it to something else?" At the end of the movie (on cable), he has to watch all the credits on cable until the end which he didn't understand because we only use Netfilx. On Netflix, I just usually stop the movie once the credits start rolling at the end. So he thought we could pick a movie on cable much the same way and skip through the end. It makes me think, watching their favorite kids content is so much easier. They can also watch all Seasons and episodes, which on cable you often can't watch everything, or they stop running past seasons such as with Dora or Diego. Only the current season can be watched, NF gives more security, flexibility and selections. I just wish there was Disney, I guess soon that will come, after we have that, I can't imagine there will be much more we could want, Oh except Lego shows.


We have cut the cord in our house. Netflix, Hulu plus, MLB.tv, and DVDs take care of everything. My kids are 6 and 4 and they both know how to navigate around Netflix and find movies to watch. We try to keep the queue pretty clean, wish there was some more parental lock stuff either in Netflix or on the Device, I just wish I could create multiple logins that all displayed the same queue but have each account have it's own parental control and filter accordingly. Just that feature would allow me to put an Apple TV or Roku up in the kids playroom without worrying too much.

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