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So an HD stream is 5.1 Mbits/s. I read somewhere that they require a 20% overhead to use a stream. That's still only 6.1 Mbits/s. As much as I want to, I still can't justify upgrading from my 10 Mbit/s connection.


We get a mere 8Mb/s and the picture quality on a Sony HD 46" screen is really, really good. I am not really sure upgrading to higher bandwidth would really be noticeable at all.

mr.know it all

nope never did wonder


I have had poor quality NF streaming since June/July 2011 - regardless of the quality settings I choose. Prior to that time, streaming for me was pretty crisp and clear overall, and re-buffering was almost nonexistent. For months now, the pixelation and/or blurriness has often been extreme. Re-buffering is less of an issue that it had been in the recent past, but on some days is still bad enough to prevent me from viewing. (If the title is something I have more than a mild interest in, I'll just wait for the disc to be delivered.) None of my equipment or connections have changed, by the way.

Interesting to note that the default for US is 'best' - there is no mention on the settings page. So, if you are having issues, there's little chance for improvement. (Also, no way to restore the default on the settings page, not that it's a complicated set of options.)


I wonder if they do different bit rates for mobile devices. I'd be interested in seeing the difference in say an iPad stream and a 3DS stream.


Actually I'm more concerned with why movies I delete from my streaming queue (because they're availability is about to expire in a few days) are still there the next day. If I push them all to the top of my queue for a day and then delete them, there they are. In my queue. And in the order they were in before I pushed them to the top.

Oh, never mind. I'll just get rid of streaming. There's nothing but crap there anyway.


Their is a good writeup here with more details on Netflix streaming requirements/bitrates. http://watchingnetflix.com/home/2012/08/streaming-bandwidth-requirement/


I don't see wh they would have different bitrates for an ipad as the ipad screen has a higher resolution than any TVs.



That sounds like a connection problem. Have you tried going to a site like speedtest.net and seeing what speeds you get?


nope. It works, that is all i care about.


Mee, I do periodic speed tests, using several sites for comparison, and the results are always pretty consistent. Also have my DNS resolvers optimized. And I never have trouble streaming elsewhere: Hulu, Amazon, YouTube, etc.


Pretty good chance your problems are not with Netflix, but with your ISP. Who is your ISP?


Steven, could be. I have ATT. But can't imagine why NF would be the only service I have streaming issues with, if that were the case. As an example, during the Olympics I was streaming live and replay coverage almost around the clock, and had terrific quality with rare re-buffering.

ron felder

geeemm ,perhaps you need to tweek your router? i know i was loosing hd and rebuffering on amazon until i started to use open dns settings. now all is well.


I can't believe these companies (including Netflix) are allowed to label their content as HD. 2.3 GB per hour means the bitrate as about half of standard DVD (which are around 8 GB per hour on the best discs). Blu-ray seems to be the only true HD content available and movies are often 30-40 GB! In otherwords, the bitrate on Blu-ray is close to 10 times that of Netflix "HD" content.


@ invenio

It's because Netflix uses more advanced codecs that use less space than a DVD or Blu-Ray that uses 1 standardized codec.

There is always better codecs that can use better compression in the works.

Just things like over the air TV, Cable, Satellite, DVD & Blu-Ray are forced to use 1 standardized format so the hardware can be the same.

Now currently Blu-Ray is the highest quality HD format for consumers but even the streaming service Vudu gets high praise for almost matching Blu-Ray at a much smaller file size. ;)

As the codecs improve we will get HD at less and less bitrate than previously needed.

Kayla Sonergoran

I changed my setting to good because I honestly can't tell the difference in quality and on my iPad, the retina display makes it look crisp and clear regardless.


i just started netflix and mine rebuffs every 11 secs. grrrrr we watch a 1hr and 30mins movie and it takes us over 2hours or longer to watch it ^&*&^*^ we have tried EVERYTHING to fix it nothing is helping GRRR. any suggesting????? VERY UPSET....

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