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The problem is with streaming. Streaming doesnt show up. Like I dont have it.

Both online and on the roku.

Been like that for about 15 hours now.

DVD shipped today as it was supposed to.


Looks like streaming is back for me.
At least on the pc.

About 19 hours without.

Tim Brownhouse

"Netflix is making changes to the website"

Oh, no. Foreboding words. How else does Netflix plan to fuck up its service?


I've been streaming all night without trouble.


Yes, I also had some trouble streaming the office on my iPad.

Tom in NY

I had a problem cleaned out the cookie on my own and everything was fine.

Tom in NY

P.S. - I do not have streaming, my problem logging in was with the DVD-only side

Riverside Guy

FWIW, 9:30 Am EDT, no problem logging into my account page (mine is identical to what it has always been) and no issues logging in on my iPad.


No issues


Website and streaming work fine for me out here in Cali using AT&T.

john nicholson

I don't know what they have done, but after all these years, I have to clear out my cookies when I try to sign in after I sign out. This is really stupid. Something along the way got messed up. "If it ain't broke, don't fix it."

nancy ziembo

As a follow-up: I can get in to Netflix but when I try to access my queue I get the sign in page and then when I try to sign in, I get the error saying the string is invalid, or something like that. In other words, Netflix has made some changes which now preclude some people from signing in and actually using the site. Hopefully they will find and fix whatever it is they so stupidly changed before some of us get tired of messing around with something that HAD worked well for years. I can't believe they went and messed it up. Wow. Netflix was always rather a pleasure to look at and use. Now, I can't even sign in half the time.


The problem started earlier in the week and involved accessing my account, adding films to the queue, and so on.

It first failed with Firefox, but was okay in Internet Explorer (both XP and Windows 7). The next day, I.E. also failed. Discs shipped normally, but I could not view my queue.

It started clearing up yesterday on I.E. on XP and Firefox in Windows 7, but the alternate OS and browser did not work.

Thanks to the clear cookies link, the problem is fixed on the XP machine for both I.E. and Firefox. I'll have to clear the cookies on my Windows 7, but I'm sure it will work after I do that.

Once again, inadequate testing bit us, but not to any tragic degree. No shipments were missed (I have DVD only.)

nancy ziembo

Still a pain in the butt. I cannot believe Netflix did such a bad job. Everytime I want to look at my queue I have to go to the clear cookies link provided on this site. I am using Windows XP. Perhaps Netflix needs to find and bring in some new, competent personnel to fix the problems(s)???


I can't seem to stay logged in. Cleaned out cookies, was able to login ok. Then, 10 minutes later - can't get back in. If I clean out cookies again, everything is fine.


Lately I have been unable to view my current DVD plan. When I navigate to "Your Account" and click on "Change plan" under "You have a DVD plan", the top of the screen displays "Our web services are currently unavailable. You will not be able to change your plan at this time." and there is no indication of which of the options is my current plan, unlike before. I first noticed this several days ago.

Also, from the credit card history there is a link to see membership details, but those details correctly show my DVD plan but claim I have 0 hours for streaming, even though I am on the unlimited streaming plan, too.

Fortunately my Roku is still able to stream Netflix content.


I have had the same problem as described above when trying to log in-will not accept my user/password and gives a link to suggested settings for I.E. cookies...those settings do not help and I cannot log in on two different computers (where somehow I got logged out). They really did goof something up. I will try the clear cookie link you gave-thanks.


I'm another who has to keep clearing my cookies to stay logged in. Getting tired of it.

Tom Edelson

I'm a DVD-only user, and I discovered this morning that I couldn't log in to Netflix. I fixed the problem by clearing Netflix cookies, using the method built-in to my browser (Firefox).

I'm glad to hear that Netflix now has a page to help you clear your cookies, but I can't reach that page ... whether I'm logged in to Netflix or not. So it seems that for some people, that link won't help.

For people who are having trouble logging in, and are using Firefox, I posted step-by-step instructions for clearing cookies in that browser. You can find them in my LiveJournal, at http://edelsont.livejournal.com/21791.html.

Joseph Finn

Streaming is completely down on Roku and the website keeps loading and reloading automatically.

The Dog

Primary account works fine for Streaming and managing DVD queue, secondary accounts aren't accessible. I've called customer service 2 days ago, yesterday, and tonight. Its well and truly broken.

Amy K

Does anyone know if Netflix is working on this? Clearing cookies is such a hassle and wipes out saved logins for other sites. I can't find anything about this issue on sites other than this. I assume a fix is in the works?

Tom in NY

Login problem happening again for me. I really hope Netflix doesn't expect me to clear out my cookies (Netflix's only or all of them) every time I try to use their site.


These links don't wipe out saved info for other sites:
[http://dvd.netflix.com/clearcookies ]


I was locked out of the website for hours with no idea of what to do until I found your site. Many thanks for the "clear cookies" information!


Update on my previously posted comments -- The XP computer continues to give me fits with the Netflix site, regardless of whether I use Firefox or IE (both latest versions). I can log in by clearing the cookies, but it doesn't stick and I am in trouble if I try to move around much while successfully logged in. The Windows 7 computer isn't quite as bad, but still misbehaves from time to time. It has now been close to a week since this all began. Time for Netflix to get their act together and get this thing fixed, or roll back to the previous software version of their site.


This has been going on for days with my account [DVD only]. I also had trouble with cookies at www.discogs.com - had to clear them to get to the home page there. If I recall, there was a recent update to server side php [these sites are both hosted on unix/linux systems] - I really wonder if this is the root cause of the issue.

Regardless, it's really quite annoying and frankly inexcusable in this day and age.

Amy K

I tweeted @NetflixHelps about this for an update. They reportedly answer in 1-2 days. I will update here if I receive anything.

nancy ziembo

Still the same problem---need to clear Netflix cookies in order to access my queue, etc. Perhaps Netflix needs to roll back it's update or whatever it did last week to cause all of this confusion and hassle. I suspect there are many Netflix subscribers out there who have no idea what is wrong or how to work around this. Netflix now has a link to clear the cookies, but as far as fixing the problem(s), as Admiral Nimitz asked of Admiral Halsey "the world wonders."


Besides clearing my cookies, I also had to reset my passwords. I one of the "old-timers" with DVD only plan and two queues. Once I was finally able to get into my "main" account again, I still wasn't able to login into my other queue. So I reset the password and finally it worked. Boy, Netflix is really doing all it can to make the DVD only people quit, aren't they?


Having trouble signing in and staying signed in. Then I can't access my queue. Does anyone know how long this latest "improvement" will last?


I have the same question as eviltimes - I just can't access my queue anymore. The problem seems to have become worse.


I have not been able to log into any of the sub profiles for a week now.

I can log into the main (primary account) profile.

It sometimes will even get past the log in page on the sub profiles by clearing the cookies...

But then as soon as I click on anything (such as the queue) it boots me back out to the login page.



I've tried four different browsers on three different machines.

Clearing cookies does not help.

Two calls to Netflix customer support still has not solved the issue.


OK, I'm posting again because on Wednesday evening, I'm am unable to access my Netflix queues again. What are they doing. It's been a week since the so called account management upgrade and things still don't work. They want to expand to Ireland, UK, Russia, Borneo for all I know. But they break their website for US customers and 6 days later its still broken??? Its not even worth it to call Customer Service because this isn't something they can do anything about. And the "Official Netflix Blog" - not one word about these problems. What is wrong with this company?


Ditto. Many many problems...

I was on vacation for a couple of months, then tried to resubscribe to rent DVDs by mail a couple of days ago (no streaming) but it was impossible. I had to call them on the phone and even then it was very difficult. I'm an experienced computer user and knowledgable technically.

Now I've got my account and DVD rental queue setup again but there are perpetual problems with staying logged in. It works for awhile then it's necessary to clear cookies. Then the same thing happens again. I've called them several times and they apparently don't know how to fix it. They put me through some technical exercises to change some browser settings but nothing was fixed permanently. The problem is on their end, not mine.

I use Windows XP and Firefox, same problem with versions 14.0.1 and 15.0 of Firefox. The fatal Firefox error message is:

"The page isn't redirecting properly. Firefox has detected that the server is redirecting the request for this address in a way that will never complete. This problem can sometimes be caused by disabling or refusing to accept cookies. Try Again."

That is a fatal error because nothing will work thereafter until cookies are cleared.

Have they put a timeout on account access??? I'm starting to suspect that, but nobody has mentioned it. It looks like it might be timing out after 10-15 minutes but I haven't tried to time it exactly.


Could not get into queue from netflix homepage, but found a temporary solution. go to netflix and log into your account, then click on dvd activity and from that screen, click on queue which allows me then to see my queue.

John Mainelli

I just got on with IE instead of Firefox and actually got beyond the sign-up page to my queue. Once. Now I can't even get back to "netflix.com" via either Firefox or IE. I get the message "The page isn't redirecting properly". I'm curious if anyone tried to call up and cancel because of this abortion and what they said to you.


I'm having some good luck operating the Netflix website with the portable Chrome browser from portableapps.com

No problems so far.

But it won't work right with Firefox. They say Firefox somehow restores the old cookies after awhile and there's no known fix. Of course the real problem is they didn't test the new Netflix website before putting it online, inexcusable...


Chrome returned a similar error, so that is not the solution:

This webpage has a redirect loop
The webpage at https://dvd.netflix.com/ has resulted in too many redirects. Clearing your cookies for this site or allowing third-party cookies may fix the problem. If not, it is possibly a server configuration issue and not a problem with your computer.
Here are some suggestions:
Reload this webpage later.
Learn more about this problem.
Error 310 (net::ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS): There were too many redirects.

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