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This is a really good feature and is implemented nicely, however a couple of minutes into the 'auto played' episode it pauses forcing you to hit play in order to continue.

I understand Netflix doesn't want to waste bandwidth on someone hitting play and walking away for 10 hours, but it would nice if we could have 2 or 3 episodes without interruption.


That's odd Siam, I think it's a bug in the system, it hasn't happened to me yet.


If you happen to have a cap and are stupid enough to leave it running for 10 hours. That's your fault.

Don't penalize those who want to relax and watch episode after episode. Or let the kids enjoy a few hours.

We should have had this option a long time ago.


"Post Play" has been in place for the PS3 streaming app, for maybe a month or two. It's a good feature. However, I'd like the option to be able to pause or stop playback during the time the episode is minimized. As it is, you can only exit out back a screen. It is nice however how the new episode will start playing *after* the opening credits have already played, so you don't have to fast forward through those.

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@Donald, I should mention I am On a PC (hooked to a TV) Different devices may act differently. But the Menu that comes up after a few minutes that gives me an option to continue is definitely new and designed for this.

@Crow550, I am not assuming Netflix is concerned about the end users bandwidth. Netflix has their own costs associated with streaming.


One of the things that we like watching Netflix on the Roku over episodes on DVR is the fact that after the episode finishes it does not go any further until we do something. It lets us put on a kids show and know when it's over the kids will get up and do something else with out prodding.

Brad Toy

i haven't used netflix streaming since this was announced so i don't know if the xbox ap has it, but if it does I am not happy about it one bit and hope it is a feature that can be disabled. Is it really so hard for someone to hit play again when the episode ends?

I watch netflix as I go to sleep at night, I usually fall asleep with it going then when episode ends if I don't do anything for like 5 min. xbox shuts off and then 5 more min with out signal to TV from xbox TV shuts off. Now I have to worry about it playing all night while I am sleeping and then have to figure out what episode I was watching when I fell asleep. Totally useless and stupid addition IMO.


We actually had this feature for a long time last year on the PS3. (Perhaps we were part of some kind of silent beta test or something?) At any rate, we found it terribly annoying. We usually debate after watching an episode of something what we should watch next, and now we only had 15 seconds to do so before the next episode started playing. (Of course you can hit "stop," but then it shows up on your list as one you've already watched, and it just generally makes things more complicated.) Also, my kids would chain-watch things on Netflix all day if I let them, and it's a lot harder to make them stop at the end of a certain episode when the next one starts autoplaying after a few seconds. So I was extremely relieved when this feature eventually went away, and now we're getting it back again? Oh, joy!


This is not a good idea. Part of what I love about streaming (and why I cut the cable) is when the show finishes, it's over. I have to decide if I want to keep sitting or if I'm doing something else. Also exactly the same reason for my kids - easy TV portion control.

The suggestions (without autoplay) sound like a good idea.


Hulu has the same feature, and I hate it. I used to be able to turn it off, but that doesn't seem possible any more. I hope Netflix will allow its customers to turn off this irritating misfeature.


I like the autoplay feature - it's easy enough to stop if you do not want to keep watching. Cool idea - hulu has been doing it for years.


They ripped this off from Hulu.


I find it annoying when watching a movie that sticks something meaningful after the credits. Sure, I can override it, but at that point, I'm usually a little bit zoned out watching the movie, and it's irritating to have to fumble for the remote to make sure I don't miss whatever little tidbit is at the end.

Riverside Guy

I also do NOT like this "feature." When I first saw it a few months ago PS3), I did call... had to laugh because the rep agreed with me that it can be annoying!

Yes I can understand why some may like and and want to use it, but the solution is so dad simple... provide customers a CHOICE.

I tell ya, NF damn well better start giving us some choices in how we interact with their app, else the may hemorrhage even more "customers." Between this and not telling us until the very last second that a series is going away they are looking more and more VERY customer unfriendly.


Hulu suffered a major blowback on their forums when they made auto-play mandatory last month and they had to re-implement the option to turn it off. This is a good option for those who like it, but for the rest of us, please give us the option to turn it off as a preference!


HATE this feature.
It makes it virtually impossible to watch a single episode. Not every Netflix watching session is meant to be a marathon.
It ruins the endings of some shows that don't have ending credits (it throws the plot description of the next episode up on the screen before the one you're watching has finished!).
It disables the play, stop, fast forward, etc. buttons.
As soon as the credits start, it minimizes the screen you're watching into a small window in the corner. This can be very annoying when the show or movie has scenes over the credits or, like a lot of recent movies, has a post-credits scene.
Netflix needs to make this feature optional, or better yet, just offer a 'play all' feature for people who really do want to watch a marathon.


I don't know about this feature. While I suppose it would be somewhat nice most of the time to skip the end credits, I know my dad occasionally likes to read the credits for a movie or episode, and he's always been annoyed when they shrink it down on tv to show commercials. Also, like some have said, sometimes movies have scenes during or after the credits. Heck check many jackie chan movies and they have bloopers during the credits. I know he likes to check the credits of xena episodes because they put a little joke disclaimer near the end.

Also, like some other people have said, my parents sometimes like to discuss between episodes whether they want to switch to a different show for a while. I suppose it'd be alright if you could turn it on and off. I'm not sure how many people actually sit down to watch a whole marathon of episodes of a tv show, unless it's like their favorite series, and even then it wouldn't be every time they use netflix.

So yeah, make it optional, maybe call it marathon mode. I wouldn't be opposed to if you had a version where /after/ the credits when it's completely over you showed links to the next episode or similar movies/shows. Like youtube does at the end of a video.

Jared K

Like others, I've noticed this for a couple months on my PS3. It's not a bad idea altogether, but I agree with some of the other commenters who would like to see a way to either turn it off or make stopping it more responsive. It seems like whenever I back out to the menu, there is some annoying lag. I like that Netflix always looks to evolve the service, but it annoys me that some of the features they make available are not configurable.

In the past, my wife and I often watched multiple episodes of series in a row. After we gobbled up several series however, we resolved to try to watch only one episode of any series at a time.


This is a great idea...as long as you can toggle the feature on and off. I too sometimes play netflix (via Roku) at night and do not want it running all night if I fall asleep without stopping the Roku.


I agree with most posters here. It would be nice to have the option to choose "Play this episode" or "Play all." I'm one of those who hates it when credits are minimized automatically, too.

Unfortunately, Netflix usually implements things in an "all-or-nothing" fashion and commentors on other sites are saying there is no way to opt-out of this. If it hits Roku as a forced "feature" I will be ticked.


LOL it's so hard to win with Netflix customers sometimes. So many complaints of not having the auto play feature. Then once it comes out so many people hate it. I 've found that if you let your computer running at some point during the next 2 episodes it will automatically stop and give you the option to continue playing. In the end whats the difference? you had to get up to play the next episode. Now you have to get up to stop the next episode.


I don't understand why Netflix techs wouldn't realize they needed to make this an optional feature ... oh wait yes I do ... job security... the more you break things the more you have to fix. I think we should start blaming the techs for technical problems no one can screw up this bad without it being deliberate. It should be simple enough for them to have fixed though... but I'm betting they'll wait until they finish rolling out on all the planned devices which, yes, includes Roku.


Sounds great. I hope this gets implemented in the Boxee Box and Roku Netflix apps.


I had the same problem as SiamTrader Exports: autoplay went into the next episode of the series, bug a minute or so in, it paused and I had to respond to a dialog box to continue. This completely defeats the point of autoplay, since it means I have to get up and mouse to a button etc.

Autoplay is a nice feature I think, but I also think it should be possible to turn it off if one doesn't like it. There's not reason for it to be forced on anyone.

I also wish it wouldn't minimize the credits to a tiny portion of the screen after the episode plays. Sometimes there'll be a song I like used in an episode of a show, so I have to walk over to the computer and click on the minimized credits window in order to see it.

So, autoplay is a good idea but it's implemented very badly.


It's been having issues on my Dell Zino HTPC. We're currently watching That 70's Show and I've noticed it doesn't keep my HTPC (or TV I'm not completely sure) from going to sleep. Now, if I watch a movie (Piranha on Sunday for example) the movie will run from start to finish and never kick into my sleep mode. Its really odd. Again, I'm not sure if it's actually the HTPC or my TV that is going to sleep, I hit my HTPC remote and it brings it outa of it and the episode is running. I haven't had enough time to really play/research it. Movies definitely DO NOT do this, they run without issue. Also, I have to hit "continue watching" every 3rd episode or so.


I am not a huge fan of this feature. if it gets out of sync, it is nearly impossible to watch the very end of an episode. I was assured that they were working on a toggle switch to turn it off, if the customer desired to do that.


This is great as an option but horrible if it's mandatory.

Daniel L

I fucking hate this feature. Here's why...

As some movies end, the roll to credits and then during the credits are a good time to just sit there in awe of what you just witnessed. To watch a movie with particularly striking cinematography, or a movie that really made you think deeply about something, the perfect time to just sit in amazement is right when the credits start to roll. I don't want that period interrupted or distracted by a commercial for other netflix movies. I know those movies are there. I can find them 10 other ways on the website when I want to go look for them. Why do they want to force weird features like this on their consumers.

There should be an option to turn this feature off. To my knowledge, there isn't, and that is very agitating for viewers like me.

Daniel L

To be clear, I fully support any feature like this so long as it's optional. I want more features, more options, more choices. I love having "too many options". The more, the better. But ONLY if I have the option to turn any or all of them off as well. What do they have to lose by giving me the choice? Nothing. Not giving me the choice just pisses me off and makes me want to drink diarrhea dump.


Daniel L, exactly, Netflix needs to give the option of turning it off. Also speaking of more options I think Netflix should give us the option to choose between 720p and 1080p for movies/shows that have both, not just HD or SD.

Also SiamTrader and Paul, I don't know what web browsers you guys are using, but I'm using Chrome and I've watched two episodes in a row that never stopped, if you're not already you may want to try Chrome. Also can you let me know what browsers you guys are using. I'm curious to see if I can emulate this. Thanks


Like others, I think this could be a handy feature IF it were optional. But it isn't, and I am not fond of having the control of a service I pay for further preempted by the service provider. I am one who likes to experience every film to the very end, down to the last credit and final note of the musical score. I don't care for the abrupt interruption in order to advertise other titles. It's bad enough that NF truncates every single streaming title in its library - sometimes to the effect of cutting off a final surprise scene.

Postplay can be convenient for those watching a series, but it makes no sense to deploy this feature following a movie. And it most definitely should be optional. I don't care for NF all-or-nothing approach. Giving a range of options would make subscribers happy, which is always good for business.


I HATE HATE HATE this new feature. I guess I was a part of a test trial or something because I had it months ago, and I HATED it.

It just popped up and I had no idea what it was either. I LIKE credits at the end of a film, it completes the experience, and I loathe them being minimised to advertise something else. It feels really cheap, like the stupid cable channels do now with credits, I can't stand it.

It's like, when credits are rolling you're still in that calm dreamlike state of mind when watching a movie, so you come out of it at your own pace, but when this thing pops up all the sudden you unpleasantly snap out of it and have to rush to action, if for nothing else to prevent the next thing from starting to playing which is really annoying.

And the first time it happened to me, I was actually trying to see who played a certain part in the credits and I couldn't because I was so confused I couldn't even figure out how what was going on and accidentally pressed to start a new movie from that screen (which then showed up on my played list which was annoying to see).

I called to complain and they didn't tell me what it was, just that they sometimes test new things with random customers or something. Anyway, they wouldn't tell me they'd take it off but soon after it was gone for me luckily.

Now that I've read this I know what it is and I HATE that it's coming back. I wouldn't mind if it had an opt-out option or something, I can see some people liking it. But I hate it and never want to see it again.

Perkins Cobb

The credits are part of the show. They're how knowledgeable and engaged viewers learn whose work they're watching and which actors, directors, writers, cinematographers, etc., are worth seeking out elsewhere. They reveal where shows were filmed and what songs are excerpted in them. In some cases, the credits are also an extension of the visuals and the instrumental music.

One of the reasons I was relieved to be able to switch almost entirely from "live" TV viewing to DVD over the last decade was being able to avoid the intrusion of promos and ads during the credits.

If they're getting us used to skipped credits and navigation prompts during the shows, who's to say that's not the first step to introducing ad content in the same places?

And you're saying this feature isn't optional? If that's the case, it's yet another reason why streaming is inferior to disc playback.

Brandon Garletts

There is a program that will keep it from pausing after a few episodes like it now does. It's called Next-Flik and it works great.


A little late but I complained about this months ago and actually cancelled my streaming account. My 5-yr old son plays an episode, and when it's over, leaves. The shows continue and continue and it forced me over my bandwidth limit causing me to pay overages which are higher than the netflix streaming subscription itself. Give me an option to turn it off and I'll sign up again.


@Donald - I use FireFox for Mac, whatever the latest version is. The problem does not happen every time; I've seen it once out of 3 or 4 episodes worth of viewing.


@paul Guess it's their way of saving costs but why not do like hulu about every 3 hours they'll pause and ask you, that would be more customer friendly.

When it comes to missing the credits on most shows it doesn't bother me but on others it does, if they can't get auto on/off then they should just go back to the way it was. For $5 I bought autoflix and it worked great for continuous play and no pausing during episodes.


For anyone who said that we all love to whine about features we want and then whine more when we finally get them, there is some truth to that. However, the real issue is how Netflix goes about implementing it's changes. I've never seen a website that implements such major changes on a whim. "If it's not broken, don't fix it" is an oldie, but a goodie and Netflix could use a little of that.

Autoplay is obviously something that should be optional and it couldn't possibly take that much effort to make it optional. They didn't have it before and now they do. Therefore they already have the workflow in place to have it disabled. Why not keep that in place and just give us a setting to toggle? There is absolutely no excuse.

To make matters worse, Netflix is terrible at informing their support staff about changes like this. The representative I talked to had NO idea about this change. She was very polite and understanding, one of the good things I constantly find with Netflix support, but she was clearly unprepared for my questions. So there are basically developers making constant changes behind the scenes without consulting support staff. Don't they think the support staff might have a decent idea what the customers want? They are the ones taking the enhancement request calls.

Just a completely mismanaged process and par for the course with this company.


Also, have none of these developers ever seen "The Office," "Workaholics," or some other comedy with the VERY COMMON "during the credits" scene? It's shocking that nobody would have thought of this. It's incredibly stupid oversights like this that make us feel like we deserve to bitch and moan.


Jeez what a dumb feature. Netflix thinks it's like a TV network now. Shrinking the credits for ads was one of the worst things to happen to TV in the past twenty years. If I fall asleep, or even if I don't fall asleep, I like being able to go back and find which episode I saw last. I might not watch the next episode of a series for weeks; I'm not going to remember if it was number 13 or number 15 of "SeaQuest DSV".

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