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Good, now give the US more BBC and British programming.


I wish we could get some older shows like Dad's Army, Are You Being Served?, Benny Hill, Steptoe and Son and more! If not give it to the US at least get it on UK Neflix so I can connect with my VPN service!

Account Deleted

I would like to see Knowing Me, Knowing You / I'm Alan Partridge and Brass Eye


I would love to see Red Dwarf come back to the instant side of netflix and adding Are you Being Served? would be a nice addition as well.


I saw Always Sunny in Philadelphia is available in the UK and Ireland. I hope that is a show added to the US streaming at some point.


My British wishlist would include "The Two Ronnies", the original (1970's) Rise and Fall of Reginald Perrin", and the complete set of "The Minder". I will take them either on DVD or streaming; I'm not particular.


can we get statistics on what shows they are watching?


Just wanted to mention to others with access - Stargate SG-1 is available in Canada.

Nels Johnson

How many "short wait" or "long wait" or "very long wait" in my cue does it take for netflix to buy more dvd,s ? I had 150 at it's highest ,and I think this is absurd ! It shouldnt be right to own a single copy of a title just so they can post it in the catalog. does anyone out there have more delayed titles than 150 ?

Clean WP

Sooner than we think nobody will use a cable TV anymore. Everyone will be watching shows through streaming such as Netflix.


@Nels Johnson

I have about 30 short waits and 2 long waits in a queue of nearly 300. It might be that your local distribution center is busier than mine, or maybe just doesn't have as good an inventory. Post a half dozen of the titles you are waiting for, and I will add them to my queue and see if I also get a 'wait'. (My distribution center is Salem OR).

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