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So when I try to add this week's discs to my queue the button says "Unavailable." No more unreleased queue apparently? Is this the shittiest Netflix cave-in to studio pressure yet?


Yeah, everything is UNAVAILABLE when clicking through the links above.

But when I go to my q otherwise from my normal limk, I can manually add them.

Why is that ?


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Unkown User

Anyone having difficulty adding titles to queue do this:

1. Go to http://www.netflix.com/clearcookies
2. Sign back into your account by clicking on 'Member sign-in' in the top right corner. You should be able to add titles to the queue.

If you are still having issues with 'Unavailable' there is one more step to help:

Go to 'Your Account' with the link in the top right corner. Once there, attempt to update your email (Change it by a letter and change it back). Once this is done, your entire account should be back to normal. I think Netflix has been working on website updates. This should get you in.


Unkown User #4,

i did your stuff, but it didnt fix the problem.

All the titles are still unavilable when using the hacking netflix link.

(But not if I use my own link)


The website is currently under major constructions. External Links not working is to be expected.


One more major streaming addition to note... The Hunger Games is on streaming in South America.


Tried to change my plan but it says "web services are down" and I could not. Must be some issues or changes going on.

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