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Account Deleted

"Pay a total incentive award of $30,000 to the Named Plaintiffs"

So that's divided by 20+ Million People?

That $9 Million could have gone to content acquisition and everyone could have benefited.


Again, the lawyers are the only ones who make out on this. There is not even an easy way to remove yourself form this lawsuit that, at least I, never asked to be part of. These types of lawsuits are ruining us all.

Fred Talmadge

I don't understand this lawsuit, did Netflix actually tell anyone what movies I watched? Where is the evidence?

Retro Hound

What a bunch of hooey! Everyone loses but the lawyers. I understand legit complaints and sometimes companies need to pay, but this is just trolls.

Dennis Pocket

You mean I don't get rewarded for doing absolutely nothing in this lawsuit I didn't even know about? What a scam!


This is BS for those who didn't wan to be a part of this lawsuit, now my subscription fees are being used to pay shyster lawyers!


"Proposals from potential donation recipients will be sought, and, after consideration, recommendations will be made to the Court. A list of the proposed donation recipients will be posted on the website."

Any bets on this never actually getting to any non-profits once the lawyers are done with it?

Several years ago, there was a price fixing lawsuit against the music industry. The lawyers got paid, but the settlement that went to "the people affected" was, at least in Texas, given to the state library. Not as a cash donation, but in the form of old overstock CDs that were then split up amongst member libraries.

So the settlement just allowed the industry to dump some old inventory and call it even. Feel the love. I'm getting the same vibe from this deal. Though at least older DVDs would get more interest than older music CDs, unless they sent stuff out of the $1 bin.


I don't know if I should contest the lawsuit or remove myself from it.


Wasn't it Shakespeare who said "First, let's kill all the lawyers"?


I think this stemms from a law that says companies cannot share movie rental histories and must destroy them after a period of time...this was enacted after a judicial nominee's rental history was made public years ago. But I agree the lawsuit is bogus.


why are there somany people out to destroy netflix its a good thing to have i really enjoy it so you guys want to destroy anything get a life first


And this coming from Netflix; the same company that wants to ammend the VPPA to more easily share your information. Just goes to show you who does not care about your privacy.

Daniel L

The only thing I care about is that I actually want Netflix to keep my info. If I unsub for a couple years, it would be awesome to be able to resub and still have all of my movie ratings intact, etc. I don't want to have to rate 3000 movies/shows all over again.

I am fine with them keeping my info. I hope there is an option I can select in my account that will give them permission to keep my stuff.

Some lawyers found some insignificant bs they knew they could make out big on and went for the throat. They are the problem here, not Netflix.



I really don't understand what the problem is? As long as Netflix isn't sharing my personal information I really don't care who knows what movies I've watched. In this lawsuit lawyers are gonna get paid big $$$ for no reason. The money in this lawsuit should be going to content acquisition.


I wonder if the charity part is tax deductible.


Tablet PC

Another excellent post, very well written and rather interesting. Excellent, seems like your taking over Hacking Netflix.com. Learnt something new about "Netflix Privacy Lawsuit Emails are Legit; Settlement Donated to Charity (and Lawyers)"

Edward R Murrow

If laws were broken, why are people upset with the lawyers? Perhaps I'm too tough on crime while others are soft on crime, but why aren't criminals doing the perp walk?


"And this coming from Netflix; the same company that wants to ammend the VPPA to more easily share your information. Just goes to show you who does not care about your privacy."

That's not totally accurate. They want to amend the VPPA so that you can more easily share your information. It would still be up to you if you want to share that information or not, and also what gets shared.

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