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This must be what is causing streaming to be down for a lot of us.


Are they seriously making this change on the weekend? I would expect that this is the busiest streaming time, no?


It was rolled out on Thursday.

Kale Barton

The streaming of video files from their servers going thru the Amazom Cloud Service (which NF uses), should have no bearing on accessing the website where account info is stored.



I called about it Friday. At first I got a less the combatant rep. They had a bit of a attitude an tried to tell me it was my internet provider. I rebuffed and she told me "Well if its not working out for you I can cancel your account for you."(I thought the point of business was keeping customers?) I asked what state she was in and she said "Colorado." I hung up, remembering a post I read about only talk to Oregon and California. It took me 2 more calls and I got Oregon and a young girl named Mariah or Mya not sure what she said.. It turns out it was a issue with Firefox and Silver Stream. I switched to Safari, problem solved.


Anybody else notice this?

"Only if you currently have a streaming-only plan or a DVD-only plan and later add the other service; you will then see separate charges for the two plans."

Separate charges? The spinoff is coming, GET IT OVER WITH.

Happy Employee

Hi there,
I work at the office in Oregon, I'm one of the people you speak to when you call. I promise Netflix is doing everything they can to make the changes to the site as painless as possible. The goal is the make the interface more user friendly. Please be patient and know that it will be worth it :)


I know a LOT of people will disagree with me but I'm sure quite a few will agree Netflix would be better off splitting the two services, at least as far as acquiring new streaming content. If you look at other countries they can get newer movies, tv shows, even older shows that they apparently can't get here. I think if they split the two services content providers would be more apt to allow Netflix more of the content we, as customers having been asking for, including all the episodes of many shows. I also think DVD customers would be happier as if Netflix split into two companies, the DVD money would not go for streaming content and Netflix should (would?) be spending more on acquiring DVD's. I think this would be good for ALL customers across the board.

I would like to know everyone's opinions on this, almost a year after the Qwikster fiasco. I personally think many people's opinions have changed.

Kale Barton

@Cordcutter-services are listed separately in the account section. A charge for your dvd plan, a charge for the streaming plan, with the total (and state taxes).
That was simply a badly worded sentence.


I don't really care about the user interface for a page I visit only once or twice a year. What I do care about is that I can't block R movies without also blocking the NR movies and TV shows. Functionality first...


"I think if they split the two services content providers would be more apt to allow Netflix more of the content we"

No. Broadcast licenses are country-specific, and in the USA Netflix is competing with Amazon, Hulu et al along with every television network for the rights to titles. Separating account management and billing for streaming and DVDs will have no effect on this.


Right now the web site IS confusing. If you want to view what episodes can be streamed, you have to first go to a Watch Instantly page and then search the title you are interested in. With some titles, if you want to see what discs are in a season, you have to go to a DVDs page and then search because the streaming title page for some shows don't have links to the DVD title page for the same show.

The genre pages from the Streaming titles are also very inefficient because you cannot see ratings without having to stop and hover the mouse over each picture long enough that it pops up the information. Fortunately, the search results are better. I still don't see why Netflix has decided that their streaming genre pages have to match the limitations of the streaming device GUIs instead of presenting basic information like title and predicted ratings like they used to.


Donald, I do not want them to split the services, and I am a DVD only customer. Heck, I think it's annoying that you get NO indication of what is available on streaming if you're DVD only. Yes, I would want the streaming info de-emphasised, or in a 'more info' link or something, but if I do a search, I'd like to be able to find out that it is on streaming. If more things I searched for were on streaming, I might turn it back on once in a while. (BTW, that is *NOT* meant as a "there's nothing to watch on streaming" complaint.. Personally, there are lots of things I would watch there, however I like DVDs better. I would use streaming _between_ getting DVDs however.)


Truck we have no proof either way. SO let's just agree to disagree. :)


They've created a NIGHTMARE OF PROBLEMS!!!

It's impossible to resubscribe after going on vacation. It won't let you select just DVDs and insists on streaming, like it or not. So you'll have to call them on the phone and see if they can walk you through it. It's not easy!?

It won't stay logged in for more than 10-20 minutes. It refuses to access your account, then refuses to login again, lost in an endless loop. The only fix is to clear your cookies.

Is there a new timer so logged in sessions are limited, like with banks? It acts that way.

These kinds of major changes should have been tested thoroughly and debugged before releasing them.

On a scale of 1 to 5 (1=worst, 5=best) I would rate the Netflix website as a 1 or 2 for ease of use and reliability. It's really pretty bad.


Yep Netflix at least should acknowledge this on the tech blog. I mean come on why are you STILL neglecting your customers like they are little mindless drones that go along with whatever you say or do???!!! Maybe they want everyone to cancel so they can drop the US (too much competition??). Note Sarcasm at the end.

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