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Excellent, another territory with additional content. It's a bit of work hopping around the globe with a VPN to see what each Netflix region has but it does give me more choice.


"I'm surprised Netflix didn't launch in Spain, France, Germany, or another European country. " The same with me. I'm curious about why it is lannched in these countries?

Brad Toy

I'm surprised too, i had read some analysts that that Germany or Poland would be next, two large countries with out any competition to go up against.


Siam, how do you access Netflix Finland ...whats the web address ? I think i can manage a VPN once i knew the different countries web addreses for netflix . Thanks .


I am from Germany and I don't get why they are not lauching their service here. We don't have any services here that can compete with Netflix right now. Despite the fact that Lovefilm launched earlier that year (or was that last year?) there is no competition - I don't get it! I really want Netflix.


I'm originally from Amsterdam, Netherlands (I live in Canada now) and the majority of my Dutch friends are dying to get Netflix, there is absolutely nothing like that there. I assume it has all to do with how easy it is to get content rights and that really differs per country.


Yeah same here Siam, VPN's are my new best friend when it comes to Netflix!


Cyaneed the address for Netflix is the same in every country just go to http://www.netflix.com. That's the way it is for now at least, it picks up on your ip address and offers you the content for that country.


the challenge with germany is acquiring rights to german show and doing subtitling in german for all the english speaking shows.

i imagine scandinavia will primarily get english speaking shows.

as for why they didn't go to spain (as they are subtitling for south america already), it could have been due to their economic problems.


Oh you are right. We in Germany hate movies and TV shows in English. The German networks dub everything there is. It wouldn't be enough for netflix to get German subtitles. They would have to offer content with German language. Most Germans hate watching stuff in foreign languages - I personally love it.


HBO Go has just announced their launch in the nordic countries and Blockbuster has also confirmed a flat-fee subscription service to their stores here in Denmark. There is going to be a fight!!

Pressrelease: http://www.timewarner.com/newsroom/press-releases/2012/08/HBO174_Announces_New_Nordic_Service_HBO_Nordic_08-15-2012.php


I just tried my VPN through London and was surprised at the different content that is offered by doing that. I didn't even give it a thought of accessing NF through there. Although I'm at my limit for VPN usage without having to purchase a 50GB block to use, I am seriously thinking of upgrading my VPN to access much more content that I've noticed isn't offered here in the US. I can access Canada and Sweden with my VPN so will have the check them out for some more goodies.


NorthernWolf you might want to try www.vpntraffic.com - not necessarily good for security reasons but as far as accessing Netflix it's excellent. There are several Latin American countries including Brazil (which has different content than the others), Canada, UK, and Ireland. It also has Denmark which I'll be looking forward to checking out at launch. It's only $35 for a year and best of all it's unlimited. Try checking out Netflix Canada they tend to have more recent movies than the US and the ones we do have they tend to get like 3 or 4 months earlier. They also have all the episodes of many of the older tv shows like Quantum Leap, A-Team, etc.


Thought i'd chime in and suggest UnblockUS. it's not a VPN service, it's a SmartDNS service. It's 5$ a month and at the moment it supports US, Canada, UK/Ireland and Mexico/Brazil. I believe those are the only locations of Netflix so far? Hopefully they'll support Scandinavia by the end of the year too.

I've been using it on my AppleTV2 and it really is great. When I want to change country I just need to go to their website (I've got it bookmarked on my phone) and pick the country from a dropdown menu. It's that easy, I don't even have to mess with the ATV2 every time I want to change countries.

Overplay.net is another alternative, but i've been happy with UnblockUS.

From my experience of maybe one month now using it:
- US Netflix has more content in general, specially more TV Shows and more up-to-date than the rest of locations.
- Canada has some movie blockbusters that Netflix doesn't, and it seems it also gets a few movies earlier than US Netflix. Weirdly, some shows get up-to-date weekly episodes: like Damages and 90210. However, no Closed Captions on CAN Netflix afaik.

- UK. I think it's the one where I haven't been able to find that much content to watch. There are more UK TV Shows of course... For example Torchwood, Robin Hood, Hotel Babylon, Downton Abbey, Skins, Misfits, they're all there. Not sure if there are subtitles in English or not.

- LatAm. This one has a really nice selection of Disney movies (most of them in HD I believe). They also have TV Shows that the US Netflix doesn't get from Showtime: The L Word, Californication, Dexter, Nurse Jackie. For some weird reason some shows are not available in HD here, such as Lost. Subtitles only in Spanish or Brazilian, no English.


I've said before that what we need is a site that has all the different territorial netflix catalogs combined, and then switches VPN server locations based on the selection. I would pay for such a service.


Dee, I'm right there with you!
It's a pain having to check different websites to see if a title is available on one of the Netflix locations.
Also, the most developed ones are only for the US, I guess there might be some blame on the Netflix API as well.

I mean, even a simple "html table that lists all the titles available on Netflix worldwide and then has flags referring which country has that title available to stream instantly" would do it.

But this is what I use:

For US: FeedFliks and InstantWatcher.
For Canada: can.whatsnewonnetflix.com
For LatAm: filmes-netflix.blogspot.pt OR blog.lancamentosnetflix.com.br . These are very simple but list new releases.
For UK I don't know any...


Donald, thanks for the tip about Canada NF. I found a free easy to connect to VPN for Canada and looked up some of the movies and was amazed how much newer they have of some. I think I found some more ways to be an internet junkie and go globe trotting too.


Hehe, glad you're enjoying it!


A bit off topic but has anyone else noticed their recently watched list not updating for the past 2 days?

Daniel L

My recently watched list has been functioning normally and updating, except for the old bug where titles get moved to the end of the queue for no reason at all, which seems to happen a couple times a week.


Yeah I hate that. I had about 100 items that just jumped to the end, what's weird is they're still sorted by genre.


Anybody know what I've been doing wrong? I hit my VPN through London and then bring up NF, login and am met with a message stating streaming won't work because my account is only valid in the continental U.S. and it's territories.


That's odd, maybe something with your VPN provider. Actually I had a VPN with a server that claimed it was one country (can't remember where) and when I went to speedtest.net it was actually still showing my location. It was only that one server that showed up that way and fortunately they had a couple servers for that country. It was either hide my ass or overplay.

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