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It's useful and all, but nobody will receive a disc until February.


Forget renting, run out and BUY Jersey Shore Shark Attack!


Getting Monsieur Lazhar and The Pirates tomorrow, contrary to the poster above's blithering. Will wait for 4321 and Headhunters to come out on Streaming next month. Looking forward to watching Jiro with my wife.


Once Upon a Time in Anatolia was added to Instant as well.


uu fukinngg lied those movies are not fuckliing on there BITCHHHH !


GHYT - They definitely are.


Joe remember, do not feed the troll. :)


The TV series Homeland is new on DVD this week, and unlisted above






I want that giant gummy bear!


I'm getting annoyed with the long disc waits and or unavailability of some things being included in streaming (and Amazon Prime). I wouldn't mind a streaming price hike if it meant adding hundreds of more titles available through it.


I am also getting very frustrated with DVD service. Lately, no matter what titles I bump to the top of my queue, within hours a red-letter wait warning appears. Every. Single. Title. They can be from any genre, any year, any former position in my queue. Once I move something up to replace a long or very long wait time, it, too, gets branded. It's beyond ridiculous. NF skips over dozens of titles and the discs I receive are very random, giving me no control over my viewing order. I have a full queue - surely there can't be a long wait on every single item?! Not unless NF really is neglecting to replace the majority of damaged discs.


GeeEmm I know it's more trouble but.... about a month or so ago I read this somewhere, possibly on this site.
First: Make a screen cap or what not of your queue.
Second delete all but about three or four titles that you want now. Rinse and repeat.

This works for some, hopefully it will work for you.


New frustration to add to my growing DVD queue issues. In a major metro area - Atlanta - am now waiting 3-4 days for movies to show as received after I drop them in the PO box. Out of 40 items in the queue - FIVE are Very Long Wait (new releases) - the rest have dropped to Saved. Only two have a release date and it's October.

Had a movie in on Saturday for the Tuesday release of Monsieur Lazhar (at the top of the queue) and #6 from the bottom shipped.

I have no option now but to drop DVD and go streaming only. It's a real shame. I guess that's what NF wants.


Donald, thanks for the tip. It'll be a pain, as I literally keep my queue at capacity, but I'll definitely give it a try.

Auntkitten, if I can get my disc issues sorted out, or at least to a manageable level of frustration, I'll continue to use NF by mail. The catalog is larger - many times over - than the streaming catalog. And my streaming queue keeps getting whittled down by expirations. If I ever feel compelled to choose between the two, I think my money will be better spent on discs. Especially with the mandatory addition of Post Play. (Someone in the Post Play topic said a NF rep told him an option to disable/turn off PP was coming - but I'll believe it when I see it.)

Streaming may be convenient but, for me, that convenience is trumped by down time, slimmer selection, unpredictable quality, PP, etc.


GeeEmm, You're welcome and please let me know if this works, as I said other people claim it does. I plan on resubscribing to DVD's next month but this would make it a definite resubscription. Thanks!


Very helpful listing DVDs releasing this week (next week would be even better!) and streaming too. Thank you.

Jerry Russell

Dear Netflix.

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