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I honestly still don't see Amazon as a threat. Well, I guess people who already subscribed to Prime for its other features might ditch Netflix at some point, but not being interested in the Prime Shipping perks, I don't think the amazon catalog is that good.

- I would love to have Fringe on Netflix though, hopefully the exclusivity to Amazon will end soon and it will show up on Netflix. I've never watched that show.

- I think Amazon has a few WB shows that were on Netflix a year ago, but never came back. Pushing Daisies, Terminator The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Veronica Mars. I never read anything about exclusivity, those would be nice to have as well.


I had both and settled on Netflix, primarily because of the Android app, which Amazon STILL doesn't have. I'd guess they're banking on the new Kindles.

Michael M

Until Amazon adds a search and queue fuctions it is useless. So useless that I haven't looked at my Amazon Prime in months.


Epix's selection on Netflix was a joke anyway.


so what this mean guys, will hunger games the avengers will still be on netflix. also what about those titles iron man thor and more of them.

will they still be on netflix or gone


Amazon does have a Queue function as you add titles to your watch list. I originally bought my Roku player for NF instant and it was good while it lasted till they split the plans. Once they started charging for both, I thought the Roku's days were numbered. Then picked up a Kindle Fire, and the Amazon Prime membership, and all is right again. New titles from NF (when eventually released - and pleanty of instant content from AZ). Plus unlimited 2-day shipping, books, apps, etc all for less than NF's basic combined plan.

While Amazon has been making great strides in this area, NF seems to simply sit on its arse. Point out one thing NF has done in the last two years to indicate that it is going to stay competitive. Other than not raising the price of its plans, I haven't seen anything except for defections from the instant streaming library.


From an investor's standpoint, this kind of thing is why Netflix streaming is a bad investment. Netflix's only non-reproducible asset is its presence in people homes. As it gradually faces competition there, that advantage dissipates.

The real winners are the owners of the content. Any significant profit Netflix ever produces will be dissipated through contractual demands by content owners - especially if there are notable competitors to Netflix. This just wasn't a problem in the DVD-delivery world.


I don't think the stock analysts have looked at the Amazon Prime UI. It is not user friendly. The contract will not affect Netflix deal with Epix. Just no longer alone.


"I'm still wondering if Amazon will ever break out Prime Instant Video as a monthly subscription instead of a perk for $79 per year Amazon Prime Customers."

I think about this all the time, and keep waiting for it to happen. They could even charge more - $6.99 vs. $6.58 - and still cost less than nf. Their biggest hurdle is probably separating it out from the shipping, can't have people sign up for 1 month for $7 in Dec. and do all of their Christmas shopping, that would be a big money drain. They can't call it "Prime" though, maybe "Amazon Instant Video" instead. nf would feel it then, especially after all the new Kindle Fire's get sold. I'm sure they could easily automate monthly billing on there.
They have the "Watch' list, but they still need aphabetizing. The PS3 app is usable.


Does this mean netflix is lossing everything, Are we able to watch hunger games this fall and avengers in 2013.

i hate amazon i just need to know that are going to loose some great movies


I agree with Jay, who has the real power here? The people in control of the content. If NF isn't willing to pay an arm and leg to get the content and Amazon is, Amazon will win the contract.

The thing that Amazon has going for them is they could take the hit at the beginning because they have more than just the movies. In the end, I don't see Amazon being too big of an issue for NF if NF keeps getting more content, which seems to be lacking at the moment....


I don't think that their content is lacking... I mean, they have twice the catalog as Amazon at the moment. Hulu although newer content, has a very small catalog and has commercials. Netflix also has big deals that don't start until 2013 like the Dreamworks deal, so for 8 bucks a month, I can't complain.

Personally, I don't view Amazon, Netflix, and Hulu as competitors. I view their services as complementary to each other, and the real competition is cable/satellite. Personally, when I dropped cable, I signed up for all 3 and it saved me a ton of money and I get the best of all 3. Now if only someone would make an app to search through all of them, and then tell me who has a certain title on streaming, that would make it a perfect combination.


Everyone says NF is lacking content. No one gives specifics. I have seen a large number of new and classic movies added in the last few months. Amazon has like five shows I would watch that ND currently dosnt; Fringe, Veronica Mars, L Word, Pushing Daisies and Terminator. That's about it. Honestly, you could sign up for the free prime trial watch those shows and be done with Amazon.


I have both and Amazon has definitely been improving, especially since they added the Watch List function. They don't have the quantity of Netflix but they're catching up in terms of quality, which is more important.

Kayla Sonergoran

Well, apparently, my cable company gave me Epix Online as part of some deal that came with increasing my internet speed to their new plan.

I already have Amazon Prime too. So as of right now, the edging out of Netflix by premium network companies isn't going to affect me too much..yet.

But lets hope for our sakes that Amazon doesn't switch to month to month because $80 is a sweet deal. Its one thing to increase the price, but I thoroughly enjoy both the movies and shows as well as the shipping benefits.


what does it mean for netflix movies titles


Heck, I *don't* have Prime, and am a DVD only Netflix customer.. but *still* have thought about getting Prime so I don't have to make more than $25 purchase for free shipping PLUS the streamed content (I think PS3 is the only one I'd use it on that I have.. unless they add the _free_ streaming to Tivo)


Crackle 300 titles they had like 10 new titles every week.
Netflix has best popular titles from 80s , 90s little of now.
Apple Airplay youtube free full movies i can airplay it on apple tv.
popcorn flick has all amazon and netflix titles that are so old no one watch them.

Amazon Prime is 100 bucks a year that has popular show that netflix does not have.

Movies is Movies or rather pay 19.99 for old movie


@Chris, nobody will sell to Netflix, everyone either has a deal or says no. Which is one of the main reasons they are creating their own shows. Amazon has being getting content Netflix has, so that is why they haven't announced any deals.


@rjejr I don't think Amazon would spin off the videos, if they do, I doubt it will cost 6.99, Amazon is losing money on the video side, but they make up for it with selling stuff, with the 2 day shipping.


@noor, Crackle is owned by Sony, so they don't pay for their content, and I haven't seen much difference between Amazon, and Netflix, could you elaborate more?

Kale Barton

For those confused by the deal. Epix content remains available on Instant Watch. Netflix simply had it exclusive for the first 2 years. After the 2 yrs ended, Epix would be able to offer the package to other streaming services. This isn't-shouldn't be considered, earth shattering news as IIRC, that bit of info was always known upfront.

From the outside looking in, exactly where does the investment community get it's information? The hysterical behavior towards Netflix during the past year really does feel over the top. If I, a non investor can read about what NF is actually doing, why does it always seem like Wall Streeters can't be bothered with knowing accurate facts or details of the companies they invest, buy/sell, stock in?


The only reason why I don't rah rah Amazon is because Amazon doesn't have captioning. Other than that, they have mostly the same thing Netflix has, as far as stuff I want to see.



Crackle has really good movies each week. thats kinda cool to get free movies from them.

i am just wonder are we users netflix getting good titles like hungers games and hugo or not.


"so what this mean guys, will hunger games the avengers will still be on netflix. also what about those titles iron man thor and more of them.

will they still be on netflix or gone"

Netflix is still going to have all those titles in the timeframe they were expecting. It just means that EPIX can now license the content to anyone they want ON TOP of Netflix. So they could also license to Hulu, Amazon, whoever the heck will pay them the money for it. But Netflix paid for a window of exclusivity AND BEYOND. Netflix will still have them, you can just find them elsewhere too.


Kale Barton, I salute you.



thank you Ethan at least you understand me, thanks so muh. So that means hunger games, hugo , avengers, one for the money, good deeds, mission impossible and plus will be instant watch every 90 days,

why dos this hurt netflix because i saw amazon library movies is the same movies i can watch on netflix, crackle, popcorn fliks, youtube free movies.

plus netflix always add new titles every week either if its so old.

WHy does everyone hates netflix these days.


Prime video is coupled with 2-day shipping and the lenders library for a reason... to drive sales in other areas that generate a profit. Prime movies/TV shows are geared to get you to purchase movies/tv shows from Amazon's extensive VOD selection. The lenders library is very restrictive (you only get 1 book a month), this is geared to get you to buy books from Amazon. Once you finish a potter/hunger games/fifty shades you aren't gonna want to wait until your next free book comes up, you'll purchase the next one. The 2-day shipping pushes product sales. NF business model is completely different. Because of this the two shouldn't be compared. Anybody with both services will tell you Prime doesn't hold a candle to NF's library, ease-of-use or platform selection. It stinks for NF that exclusivity ends but at the end of the day the titles are still on NF... they are just also on Prime. I am more concerned about midway through 2013 when EPIX has the ability to end the deal outright or extend it in yearly increments. NF is doing just fine guys. Be worried if NF goes 6 months without announcing a new content deal. As it stands... Film District, Relativity Media, Open Road, Dreamworks Animation, TWC Documentaries/Foreign Language & RADiUS-TWC all have exclusive deals with NF. Then you have a slew of non-exclusive deals like EPIX & Magnet Releasing.

I won't believe Amazon is ever serious about challenging NF until NF ends their relationship with Amazon for cloud hosting.


@CordCutter, I agree, I wonder if Amazon, would stop being so aggressive, if they don't make a dent in Netflix, Prime outright, doesn't make a profit, but it is successful in getting you to buy on Amazon. It was nice of Amazon, to think of a way, for people to pay, to use Amazon, but after a while, you would want money on both ends. Also, Amazon, is so scattered, they have Kindles, Books, their actual retail service, Netflix, doesn't have anything to worry about as of now.


@ Ethan

thank you so much, to make it clear that netflix is not lossing these titles


I have no interest in prime. And with their limited content, they would have to price the streaming at $3-5 a month. IF they did that, I might swap bewteen them & netflix every other month.


hulu is the one is hurting cable tv, netflix , amazon, red box because one thing hulu has free access to shows and movies without you paying them. hulu should like netflix you pay to watch not watch for free.


Given that Amazon has ramped up it's efforts into marketing Lovefilm over here in the UK and seems to be sorting out some of the fundamental issues (e.g.massively improved content), I would have thought that it wouldn't be long before they turn their attentions back to the US market and split out Prime Video as a monthly subscription service (a la Lovefilm).

To be honest, the UK content on Netflix has improved drastically since Amazon stepped up their game, and I for one (as a subscriber to both) am not complaining.

John Carter

I'm not complaining either. I also don't see Netflix, Amazon Prime or Hulu Plus as competitors. For me, they're complimentary services I subscribe to that provide more than enough content to keep me from missing cable or satellite, their real competition. They overlap and each provide a service and/or content that the other two don't. As far as the newest movies go, that's what Redbox and Vudu are for.


Vudu sucks until they get on the Roku! I have two beautiful 1080p HDTV's - one 28" in the bedroom (hooked up to my computer) and a 40" in the living room that I hook the Roku to when I feel like watching on a bigger screen. When will I be able to watch on my big screen without lugging computer in there (no I don't have a laptop). It seems that Wal-Mart now carrying the Roku would mean we'd have Vudu on there, come on Wal-Mart, what's the hold up? Show some love for all the Roku users out here! For that fact Netflix should too, many of us were early to adopt devices (the Roku being the first) and help Netflix move beyond the computer, now they treat us as second class citizens, we don't have post play, we can't search by actor, no just for kids, etc.I'm sure there are other features I'm forgetting, but you get the picture. The video game consoles are getting better treatment than we do, I understand many people use them but many use the Roku and have been doing so since 2008, I was one of the first to purchase one and now I have the latest Roku XS that I purchased back in April. Please get with it Wal-Mart and Netflix. I love coming here for the latest news and for being able to rant, about things that don't really matter, but still I love to rant! Thank you for the blog Mike!


I'm just glad Amazon added a queue (called the Watchlist), and my TV upgraded its Amazon app.


I just worry about Amazon raising the price of Prime just to make up for more streaming, but I primarily see it as a shipping perk.


Looks like all those Epix titles have been yanked--I was midway through Transformers: Dark of the Moon last night and now it's gone. Bogus!


Why is Amazon a Netflix competitor when Netflix uses a few Amazon servers...?

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