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Think of the elephants!!

William C Bonner

I have godaddy host my domain records and nothing more. They are the registrar I've been using for several years, and up till today I've not had any problems. Today my site was not able to be found, nor were MX records able to be retrieved. I think the people that I send mail with on a regular basis had cached copies of the records because I kept getting at least some mail during the outage.


It looks like GoDaddy wasn't hacked but went down on their own. This is the second case of Anonymous taking credit for something they didn't do.


Thanks I just stopped reading your blog! Let us know when you stop supporting the douchey go daddy. Thanks.


@Jeff, but how would he tell you if you don't read. I think it's advisable to continue to read as to be sure he stops using it


It is not advisable to only have two DNS servers on the same network (GoDaddy's). Adding one or more DNS servers on different networks would have mitigated any outage occurring on GoDaddy's network.

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