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thats means new episode every next day, What they did with heroes.

Walter White

Wish these shows offered subtitles....

Kale Barton

@noor--quote from link ''Netflix Sept. 10 said complete first seasons of ABC series “Revenge,” “Once Upon a Time” and “Scandal” now are available for U.S. members to stream on Netflix.''

No current season, new episodes. Only their first season.


If it is exclusive how come I am watching the first season on Hulu Plus.


@allseeing, I noticed that too, it is probably because Hulu Plus, has ads, that may have been a clause in the contract.


@allseeing, these 3 shows been successful on abc, so they gave netflix those 3 shows to make netflix more better in the future just like lost , greys , house wives plus more. if modern Family was on netflix it will be big hit for netflix next move.


Uh, Noor, I don't think the networks care if Netflix is better or not, they just want the money they get from Netflix.


At least ABC wants the money... unlike Starz, who, even though they were offered an amount equal to all their other incomes combined, turned Netflix down.


Donald, I don't know about that. Apparently there is good proof that Mad Men's ratings went up (I believe it wasn't last season, but the season before) because previous seasons were on NF. It got people into the show. So AMC made money by selling the SVOD rights to NF and then got more viewers for current seasons. That's why Reed is always harping on about not being a competitor to Cable/Sat but a compliment.

Macy Renee

These shows are great, ice noticed they put up the newest season of Greys on streaming, the same day as DVD release, but not private practice, any idea when it will be available for streaming?


Hmm that's very true cordcutter. Disney/ABC really seem to love Netflix ABC Family tends to put a few of their shows up like a few days or a week after the season finishes airing, they did this with Melissa and Joey - it keeps me from downloading from newsgroups. I don't know why all networks don't take advantage of this, it keeps their stuff from being pirated. As I've stated before I only have limited basic cable so I have no other choice but to download if it's not on Hulu, Netflix or YouTube, I truly can't afford to buy everything. I'm on a limited income right now.


I've honestly never heard of these shows.


My daughter was watching OUAT and was like 3-4 episodes in and was raving about it (she's 8). So we watched an episode as a family and got hooked. It's nice to find something to watch as a family that we all enjoy.

Yasmine, that's surprising it's the highest rated network show on Sunday nights. ABC apparently needs to give it more pub.



I have no idea if I'm representative statistically, but I was interested in watching Revenge. However, I wasn't about to get invested in a show like that only to have it cancelled after a handful of episodes. Of course, by the time it was clear the show was going to get renewed, I had no way to legally catch up without paying a high per-episode fee for a series I wasn't even sure I liked or getting Hulu Plus (I refuse to pay for commercials), and I didn't want to jump in late for something so serialized.

So, this Netflix deal is very welcome for me. I'm marathoning it over the next couple of weeks to be ready for the next season. ABC added at least one live 18-49 viewer here.


Im glad these shows are on streaming. Almost finished with Revenge and I like it. 4-4.5 Stars.

I watch ZERO television on television.

Ive never done "hulu". I like watching stuff via streaming. Even network stuff.

Now, the NF DVD business is in the crapper.

VERY LONG WAITS for pretty much everything I want to watch. They are pretty much FORCING me to cancel DVDs.

Oh and last week they sent me disc 2 of something when it was like 17th in my queue and they hadnt send #1 which was at #5 or something.

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