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I used a pay-as-you-go 3G data plan that's available over here. It's 1€ per hour. The speed is very limited though, so I was stuck with SD resolutions on the iPad, but Netflix streaming worked just great and I believe there were no buffering breaks in a 1-hour train trip.

Keith Thomas

Wi-Fi only? That's pointless. The app is near useless for browsing & queuing. I use Instantwatcher for that. How about a useful feature , LIKE A SCREEN LOCK, so my toddler can watch The Fresh Beat Band without closing the app every thirty seconds?


I stream netflix over my unlimited Verizon data plan all the time. Works great on 3g or 4G. I will be sad to let that unlimited plan go.

Take it Easy

This is an option for those who don't want to burn their limited data plan. If you want to use on 3g/4g, you don't have to select this option.


Streaming over Verizon 3G works great? I would have to see that one to believe it!


Netflix streams very well over a 1mbps connection.

My friend lives in an apt building that offers free wifi, but your connection is throttled at 1mbps and we watch stuff from my account all the time. Never stutters at all. It is a little slow to buffer but once it starts there is never a hiccup.

Verizons 3G is quite a few areas should be able to pull that off.. Of course in a heavily populated area probably not but who can tell..


AT&T + iPhone 4S always gives me a good Netflix user experience. I have however never seen a good Netflix experience in Verizon.


In the UK I use the 3 network, pay £15 a month payg for 300mins 3000texts and UNLIMITED data including tethering!! I watch netflix alot!


I stream sometimes on my Verizon 4G plan (4gig limit). Never come close to my limit.


What they really need to do is add an option to change the video quality/bitrate directly from the app. As of right now even if you bookmark their video quality page it doesn't work right as you have to load the bookmark, log in, get a "page not found" (because it redirects you to movies.netflix.com/HdToggle after logging in which does not exist) then you can reload the bookmark for account.netflix.com/HdToggle and finally you can change the video quality.


I wifi tether my rooted Sprint Evo 4G to my laptop to watch Netflix on my lunchbreak at work all the time.

It works fine on 3G or 4G

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