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Really looking forward to when they introduce multiple user profiles under one Netflix login. Been waiting for this for a long time since I first heard it mentioned, and for our house it's an essential feature.


I could see them using this as a way to make some more money. Rather than having each person in the housesign up for a separate account at $7.99 - which people would have already done if they wanted to - they could charge $1 for each extra account. Couples may not feel the need to pay the extra $1 but parents with teenage kids might.


I hope I don't have to switch between profiles or something. I'm hoping for multiple queues and multiple ratings or something similar. I just don't want to have to switch between profiles when we're looking for something to watch.


It probably is going to be one account and off that multiple "profiles" which you can allocate how many discs they can get. Nothing new. I would like to see a sign in page for Roku, if my parents get an account and I have mine we can only choose one to watch.


Someone commenting on the Post Play topic some weeks back mentioned that a NF customer service rep assured him an option was coming to disable, or turn off, PP. I really think that the rep was just trying to placate with unrealistic promises - but sure would be nice to have that option. NF is pretty much a one-size-fits-all setup. There are some nifty scripts based off of the NF API, which helps, but not everything can be tweaked that way. Real options are always good.

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