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Brad Toy

They also added The Secret Circle and Rimger


Does anybody know of any sites similar to Instantwatcher/Feedfliks for Amazon Prime? Their interface is terrible. It was by blind luck that I stumbled across Sahara the other day when I was bored. If I know what's coming it would help and I could add it to my Watchlist.

Daniel L

The last time "An American Werewolf in London" was available on netflix streaming, it was in cropped fullscreen version. I sure hope they uploaded the proper widescreen version this time or I am going to bang my head against the computer screen.

Justin Blake

i watched scandal, exit humanity and the grey out of that instant watch list, all 3 where amazing


All the ABC shows have been on Netflix Stream since the second week of the month. Little late to they party.


Has anyone tried to stream In the land of Blood and Honey: Authentic-Language Theatrical Release? (announced availability Sep 3) The only version I've been able to find, IW and DVD, is the English language version. I have rented and streamed this title, no Bosnian option on either, as far as I can tell.

Daniel L

GeeEmm, I believe I saw two different versions of that movie were uploaded. I don't know if the second version is in the native language.


If you do a search for the movie, it brings up two for me. One theatrical, one not. Both available for streaming.


It brings up two in the search for me, as well, but both link to the same English language streaming version. Thanks for the help though, Daniel.


Johnny this was posted Monday the beginning of the 3rd week - it shows a sample of what was added during the previous week, which in this case was the 2nd week of the month. Lern to read and do the math before you try to call someone out on something. Notice before the streaming titles it says "Interesting streaming releases in the past week include". Reading is our friend


when's the new season of the office or how i met your mother coming ?


Donald, LEARN to spell LEARN, it's not LERN. Spelling is or friend. And funnily enough it does not show that in front of the streaming things. Doesn't show anything just blank space. This was my first time coming to this site so if it is supposed to show that then I dunno, don't care really. Most the news that is posted is old from what I have seen from other sites. Just happened upon this site by accident hoping there would be something better than the rest but there isn't. Hope we can be friends Donald even though you can't spell worth a damn.

George Steele

Johnny - that is uncalled for. Dont get mad at the guy for pointing something out that a non mentally challenged person could see written in black colored font. Im sure Donald wouldnt want to be a friend to someone as moronic as you.


Hey Johnny, I'm going to explain this as simply as possible. I still don't expect you to understand, but maybe you can get your special education teacher or the government employee paid to watch you to explain it to you.

Prior to the list of streaming titles, it says "Interesting streaming releases in the past week include", meanining the list includes a few titles released the week before September 17. It does not say "streamining titles released today" or "just now". Again, it says "Interesting streaming releases in the past week include". See the difference?

By the way, no one gives a damn why you came here, what you think of the news or site, and no one wants to be your friend. Now go play in the freeway or something, so the adults can talk without enduring your pointless interruptions.


It's always funny when people who bash others for spelling and grammar fail to properly use it themselves.


Its all good in the hood guys, VUDU is on Roku now! Set up a new account and latch your Roku to it and you get a $5.99 credit. Hope to use mine for the early digital release of Prometheus.


Awesome thanks for bringing this to my attention CordCutter, I've been waiting a long time for Vudu!

Justin F.

I noticed that cabin on bluray has no special features and uses Dolby 5.1 digital instead of DTS mA for rental only. Which is weird. I hated when before the movie started on a lionsgate movie that loud dts trailer appears.

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