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Supernatural Season 7 also went up for streaming.


Good weekend for NF streaming. The 2 movies that tied for #1 at the box office, End of Watch & House at the End of the Street, will both be exclusive to NF streaming in the pay-tv window. House from the Relativity Deal and Watch from the Open Road Deal.

That makes several titles that were No. 1 at the box office their first week exclusive to NF via pay-tv deals. I know The Grey & Act of Valor are included, but I want to say there was another movie or two as well.


Sherlock Season 2 and Damages Season 4 are now available on streaming!!


Machine Gun Preacher, on streaming.


i was so happy when i know they got sherlock season 2!


For the last month or so Feedfliks said that CSI:Miami was going to start on the 26th, but this morning it is off their list. I am greatly dissapointed in this. However, Alias is starting tomorrow.

Account Deleted

CSI: Miami is still listed as coming on the 26th according to NowhereMan http://thenowhereman.com/netflix/index.php?ss=comingSoon
guess we will see.

Brad Toy

Also added Persons Unknown.


Very happy to see that Klown was added. One of the funniest movies I have ever seen. Thank you, Netflix

Larry Dallas



When will we see Sons of Anarchy season 4?

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Can anyone tell me the time of Supernatural Season 7? I can't miss that show over Television.

Janina Abreu

When will Sons of Anarchy season 4 be out for streaming ?

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CSI Miami is now streaming, sans subtitles.

Account Deleted

Looks like there are subs now.

Evan Clements

Why do PLAY buttons appear on the Unknown List below the line on the DVD page? There are two on there right now - Ringer: Season 1 and A Gifted Man: Season 1. When I've trie to add them, several times, to my instant list, they don't show up.


How do you get to know when things are getting released? I am waiting for season 5 of Private Practice and season 2 of Raising Hope.

This is a great site! We need a community for posting ideas for how Netflix could improve. They have no substantial feedback for feature requests! How about being able to vote for things we want streaming? How about being able to subscribe to a series, so you get email notification when the next season will be/is available?


I also want to 2nd that West Wing needs to be on streaming. The comments for the "whats missing" post is closed. So want West Wing!


Cant wait for Oct & Nov bring new season on netflix


final season of Desperate Housewives and a new season of MythBusters has been added as well

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