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Mean Girls is also on streaming


'Abduction' is out there now too.


So... why no MI:2???


so basically this week all we got was stuff that has been on Amazon Prime for months... :-(


It looks like Netflix and Amazon are exchanging movies. If one has it, the other won't. I have both and it's working out good, but I wish they would announce expiration dates earlier so I know if I should start a tv show with multiple seasons.


@Brian - A cursory glance shows that in the land of blood and honey, Traffic, Citizen Gangster, The Conversation, Footloose, Haywire are not available on Amazon. I stopped checking before I got to the end of the list but I suspect even more are there. Please confirm your data before making disingenuous statements. It negatively effects your reputation and image.


@Gran - Brian's reputation is unharmed as the movies you mentioned are SHIT and not worth watching so yes if you are already an Amazon Prime subscriber there is nothing new on Netflix this week. Oh and Gran, GFYS.


ALIAS, Sept 25th

Kale Barton

Should we instead complain that both Amazon Prime and Instant Watch both get movies that have already appeared on older pay tv services?

Studios sell packages of movies to one pay tv service, and when that contract ends, they sell it to another. Or put windows in place where one gets it while they other must stop showing it. Not everyone who subscribes watches everything that runs on a service they subscribe to. This is how the industry has always worked, and shouldn't be considered a negative when it happens. After all, most everything that was offered on the then, newly created Amazon Prime, had already been available on Netflix for years.

There would be NO new services ever created if we insisted that their total offerings be material that has never aired elsewhere before...


NF is damned if they do, damned if they don't. People want new movies, they get them. Both Haywire and Abduction were in theaters less than a year ago. People still aren't happy. If you think this week's NFIW releases are bad you might as well take your 8 bucks elsewhere because it won't get much better. From the 2 new releases to the large chunk of good (but older) titles this week was pretty good. Looking forward to The Grey hitting in a little over a week!


Yes seriously if I wanted all new content here's what I would, ok I'm not currently subscribed to Hulu Plus but I do from time to time, so theoretically here goes. I would cancel Netflix and Hulu. I would find my older content through free sources: YouTube, Crackle, free Hulu, network sites and other possibly shady sites. Now for my new content I would take the $16 I'm saving and some of the other money I save on Cable and set aside $20-30/month to rent/buy new content from Amazon, iTunes and even the local Redbox/Blockbuster kiosks. Win/win situation. I personally am happy paying for Netflix and watching the free sources for the time being but if I ever do become dissatisfied, this is what I will most likely do - I suggest others who aren't happy with the selection try this. Remember you can also check-out movies free from most public libraries.


Everybody loves Raymond is also streaming.


Dinosaurs the show is out.


@Brian, changing your name to Scott and then continuing to complain only further tarnishes your already tarnished reputation.


Looks like everyone has forgotten NF was a DVD RENTAL company. I am a DVD sub, no streaming. It looks like I/we are being tossed to the curb so YOU can watch old sitcoms and such! GREAT!


It does seem for DVDs & Blu-Rays you have either Netflix or Blockbuster for the wide selection. Redbox for the limited and yes the public library for the really limited but free.

Which one being better depends on the area you live in and the amount of new or older releases you rent more of.

You have choices though. So choose the service or services you like most. You can use more than one too. ;)

Quit complaining. You have options both disc based and streaming.


I don't necessarily agree with the move but it's understandable Netflix wants nothing to do with discs, they've started streaming around the world and it's much easier for them, they don't have to bother with physical discs or having as many employees in other countries. It's just plain easier for them to drop discs. As I said I don't necessarily agree with them, while I don't subscribe discs at this time I still think the DVD's at times offer a greater value.


Also had to add to the list of things now streaming Doc Martin Series 5 and Melissa and Joey Season 2. Btw Netflix alerted me through e-mail to these two (I would suppose because I have them in my queue and have rated them both 5 stars). Has anyone else gotten notices on their favorite shows?


I don't understand how DVD users are getting thrown to the curb. Netflix has not stopped purchasing new DVD content. You people are smart enough to browse this webpage, but not smart enough to browse the Netflix website? What happens when you need to do something more complicated like pay your electricity bill? Public libraries also have Internet Explorer for Dummies available as well. Retards.


@DARSFoG I could be wrong, but MI2 made the most money at the box office, so the studio probably wants to keep that one to its self. IDK if that is the reason, but it is something I noticed.


MI2 doesn't really fit in with the series. It's a fun cheesy action movie on it's own but MI3 feels like it ignores MI2 anyways.

Why it's not streaming? I don't know. If you haven't seen the MI movies I'd suggest just watching 1,3 & 4 and then 2.




EPIX no longer exclusive to NF and it appears starting midway through next year EPIX can extend the contract in yearly increments or end the deal.

I REALLY REALLY hope the rumored 300 million a year # that was being thrown out is wrong or NF got screwed.


@CordCutter The deal ends in 2015 so they have time to negotiate


Finally some good movies! Time to load up my queue.


Tvaddic - According to the second link I provided, it doesn't. Starting midway through 2013 EPIX can decide to extend the deal in yearly increments or end it. I don't see it as likely, I'm sure they love NF money, but conceivably EPIX content could be pulled from Netflix in less than a year.


Even if EPIX did end their contract with Netflix (which I think is unlikely, as cord cutter said, they probably love the NF money they are making), I think Netflix would just turn around and sign a contract or 3 with other companies to get new content instead of going through EPIX, like they did with EPIX and Dreamworks, after they lost Starz due to starz wanting Netflix to add a special tier just for Starz content and charge extra for it.


Groggie: Yes that's one thing Netflix should be applauded for. We (the customers) are always ragging on them for the things they do wrong. Getting rid of Starz instead of basically becoming an online cable company was the right move.


One note on "Payback" - this is the little-seen directors cut - not the theatrical version. If you have ever seen the latter before and liked it, you must see the directors' version - so many things are different - Gibson and his company added and deleted huge chunks of content - that the two versions are distinctly different. And I think the original, uncut one is much better.


Stephen, I appreciate the heads up as I’m a fan of “Payback.” Are you sure the streaming version is the director’s cut? Netflix has a separate listing for a “Payback: Straight Up: The Director's Cut” that’s only available on disk. The streaming version is listed as rated R.

I didn’t know there was a different cut and now I’m interested in seeing it.

Also, “The Conversation” is one of the best movies of all time and I’m psyched that it’s available to stream.


Thanks for that heads-up on "Dinosaurs". I was just checking the rental status/availability of that about a week ago I think.


Yeah the streaming version of Payback is the directors cut, I also didn't think it was as good as the theatrical version. Oh well I have it on DVD.

Edward R Murrow

You mean "The Conversation" from 1974? I've seen that so many times that I can probably recite Gene Hackman's lines from memory. "Haywire" was rated 5.9 out of 10 by IMDB and "Abduction" was rated 4.7 out of 10 by IMDB.

Yet again, hardly compelling content for streaming.


This is agreat point to bring up. I offer the thoughts above as general inspiration but clearly there are questions like theone you bring up where the most important thing will be working in honest good faith.


This is agreat point to bring up.I offer the thoughts above as general inspiration but clearly there are questions like the oneyou bring up where the most important thing will beworking in honest good faith.


Edward, just stop. You're a complete waste of life.


Someone posted that Alias will be streaming Sept 25th, is that correct?


"Redbox for the limited and yes the public library for the really limited but free."

Ha, my libraries have way more of a selection than the Redboxes, and the DVDs are a dollar.

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