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never heard of this guy


Then you are totally out of it.

Abe Froman

Thanks for taking away half of my shows today, Netflix. Not to mention how you have not updated any of them anyway. Border Wars gone tomorrow...lol you are still behind on that by what? Four seasons?? I'll be saying goodbye to you soon, as well.


I read they are working to get the shows back, these are great shows, I don't know why they wont just agree to A and E terms, Netflix can be idiots some times,


@: bigqueue i got rid of satellite 5 years ago.
and local tv makes me puke because of the ads .
as far as this guy goes i don't give a fuck who he is


The more they put on old time tv has beens the more I look elsewhere....
If I want tv, I can get it free off the air..

Dont work4NF

@ thingydo: What a pathetic existence you must live if you feel the need to come into a discussion thread just to say you aren't aware of, and don't "give a fuck" about the topic. Either that, or you're a complete failure at being a troll.
\Moron aside... Ricky Gervais is brilliant and I'm really looking forward to seeing this show. Yet another upcoming original offering from NF. Best $8 I spend each month.


@ Dont work4NF
watch you mouth


"I don't know why they wont just agree to A and E terms, Netflix can be idiots some times"

From what I read online, it's because the cost to get the show vs the amount of people who watched it, didn't make it worth renewing most of their shows.

Makes sense to me. Why pay X amount for a show most people won't watch, when you could pay for a different show at the same price that people will watch.

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