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Does anyone know when and if Glee's 3rd season will be available on Netflix streaming?


Has anyone else noticed that it appears Netflix's api is showing proper expiration dates again? I've checked several shows on Feedfliks that were saying 2025 and they are now showing realistic dates.

Edward R Murrow

Well, except for A&E network Emmy shows.


A&E would need an Emmy awarded/nominated show before they could have A&E network Emmy shows on Netflix.

Edward R Murrow

Groggie - LMFAO! That's pretty funny right there, I don't care you who are!

But wait, didn't Dog the Bounty Hunter, Hoarders and Storage Wars win Emmy's? Who watches that drivel and why was Netflix wasting money to stream it anyways?


Did they win something? I just searched through wikipedia before I posted that previous comment, and it said that they didn't win anything as far as I could tell:


I agree though, I can't see the amount of people watching those shows on Netflix (or on A&E for that matter) being very high.

Edward R Murrow

Yep, you're right. They didn't win anything, nor should they with their content. I was being facetious, lol.


It's amazin how the emmys nominate every show I don't watch.

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