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If Microsoft takes over Netflix, you will see an exodus of customers making the Quikster debacle look like a drop in the bucket. Microsoft will screw it up, just like everything else since Gates retired and handed the reigns over to Ballmer.


Ugh, god, all business considerations aside, I so hope this never happens.


Much like the Skype acquisition, they would most likely just leave it be. Best case scenario is that they do rattle the sabers a little and Amazon gets off it's butt and starts to support Android on their instant streaming service (which occasionally has stuff that Netflix doesn't). A Microsoft owned Neflix would just further fuel the fires of competition.

Stroker Ace

let them run back to DVDs were Netflix makes money


This would be like Dish buying Blockbuster...it wouldn't work.

Professor Chaos

That would be a nightmare. I see how MS nickel and dimes everything on Xbox Live. I mean hell, just to watch Netflix on an Xbox 360 you have to pay for an XBL Gold membership on top of your Netflix fees. Content would suffer after awhile and subscription prices would go up. I really hope this doesn't happen.


A move like that would destroy Netflix. Microsoft has the touch of "turd". Everything they touch turns to sh*t.


The only winner would be bitTorrent.

Schmye Bubbula

Everything MickeyShit™ touches turns to shit.


But with Microsoft buyout would likely come headaches, restrictions, preferrence to xbox platform, In my opinion would not benefit consumers and THEY are the ones who subscribe and keep it afloat. I'd much rather have Google buy it.


"I'd much rather have Google buy it."

Yeah so they can monitor what you watch and sell the info to third parties.


EXACTLY!! look what Microsoft did when they bought Danger (Maker of Sidekick Phones and their operating System) -- THEY KILLED IT and stripped it for parts!!


Mike:"The only winner would be bitTorrent"

You nailed it, Mike.


@Moviegeek65 Google doesn't monitor, and sell your stuff. They sell keywords, they will sell ads for comedies, dramas, or tv shows set in the 1980s with 2 male leads.

Facebook App Developers

I think that would be highly unlikely. The key to Netflix's success is it's universal availability. Suddenly restricting it to one set of devices would be a death wish on the owners part.

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