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Armin Tamzarian

Wonder how old Bobby feels now? (see bottom comments @ link)



The DVD site is still running. Is that now owned by a different entity?

There are more and more streaming options out there but it would be awful to lose the one DVD competitor


Ergen is scum .
i had dish for years and got rid of it 5 years ago just because of him


Come on, we all know how to make Blockbuster profitable. Blockbuster should focus all and I mean all of their efforts onto content acquisition. As long as their website has a queue and similar basic features it can easily compete with Netflix. Who knows it might actually beat out Netflix if it can amass more content.


Why do you think that Bobby cares? He was nothing but one of the scumbags trying to manipulate the stock prices.


So is BB going to give-up DVD by mail too?

Edward R Murrow

Netflix is the Netflix killer. They tripped the NASDAQ circuit breaker all on their own today. Netflix falls 100%

Edward R Murrow

Oops, that URL should read 10%, darn sticky '0' key!


Amazon is the NF killer.


About a year ago, I tried Blockbuster Online a second time and it was still bad compared to Netflix.
Somewhat related...am I the only person not nostalgic for Blockbuster Video's reign as the dominant video store? I much preferred the smaller stores, when they existed.

Perkins Cobb

Good question about the Blockbuster rent-by-mail service. Will it just vanish any day now? It sucks on a number of levels, but I still have a Blockbuster queue full of discs that Netflix no longer carries, or never carried. Guess I need to hurry up on those.


Can't wait for BB to stop mail order but to keep billing for it. Ya know its going to happen.

Perkins Cobb

Yobagoya: Well, I can barely prod loose any discs from them now, so it's sort of a phased transition....


Here's what I read about the discs from the Chicago Tribune 10/5/12 article:

"Dish no longer has plans to use Blockbuster as a nationwide video streaming or DVD-by-mail service, Ergen said."

Here's the URL link:


Alternatively, go to Google.com and search for "DISH blockbuster chicago tribune" (no quotes) and it should be the first link.

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Wow this sucks big time.


I seriously don't understand why they're getting rid of the disc by mail service, I thought it was still profitable for them. Perhaps they're going to extend their streaming purchase and rental side to compete with Amazon, Vudu, etc.

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