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HBO will never unbundle HBOGo unless there is a massive change in the industry. Dish TV is looking into rolling out an over the top web service with Scripps, Viacom and some other providers but that is strictly a rumor now.

HBO doesn't want to risk their relationship with the cable providers. Something ridiculous like 80% of folks who get an HBO free trial keep it once the trial is up. If you p-off the cable companies and encourage cutting the cord they will end those free trials. HBO would have to gain more subs via standalone HBOGO than they would lose via their free trials.


Great news but the stock is tanking today, I guess the loss of DVD subscribers has something to do with it.

El Don

"Netflix ended Q3 with 25.1 million domestic subscribers (23.8 paid), and 4.31 internatioal subscribers (3.69 paid)"

Who are the "unpaid"?


Netflix.... it is time to truly compete with Amazon, Itunes, vudu, and all the other Pay per View sites. What have you got to lose? go ahead and offer pay per view along with the streaming. I won't rent any, because I subscribe to both streaming and DVD rental, and think less than 20 bucks is the best deals out there considering I can get ANY movie or TV show long before HBO, Showtime or any other cable offering. These wall street guys just don't have a clue what it is you are trying to do, or how much your subcribers love the service.


El Don, that would be people in free trials.

Stroker Ace

Why do they not even try to sell subs to the DVDs anymore? It MAKES MONEY!?!?!?!?!


Indeed, Stroker Ace. Until NF is able to offer its entire catalog of available titles through streaming - and I can't ever see that happening as it would be astronomically expensive - then discs are not only viable, but vital to the success of NF, and to the satisfaction of its members.

I subscribe to both, but much prefer discs, as the selection is so much more diverse, and the video quality (for me thus far) is far superior. I am not interested in becoming a streaming-only customer.


They could offer the entire catalog if most of it was pay per view, which is exactly what Amazon does. They bait you in the Prime, but the vast majority of their offering is 3.99 or more per movie.

I too subscribe to the DVD service primarily for the newer movies that they can't get the streaming rights to.

In a few years when all of the contracts with likes of Starz, HBO, and Showtime run out Netflix will be able to bid on it. When that happens they will really be able to expand the streaming library.

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El Don

Thank you Ethan. Wow, that seems like a lot.

Walt D in LV

Love it!
Once again, Netflix shows that not only do DVDs bring in more money, but they have a profit margin THREE TIMES that of Streaming!

I am SO trying to understand why they are allowing this hugely profitable part of their business die a slow death.

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