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Account Deleted

A bunch of titles started streaming today.
I am planning to checkout The Innkeepers, Indie Game: The Movie and Get the Gringo. I will also watch The Scorpion King 3: Battle for Redemption, but only because my wife worked on it.

Tim Brownhouse

This month's batch of new offerings is the best in about a year and a half.


Couldn't agree more Brownhouse. This month alone will take to the end of the year for me to watch.


Season 9 of One Tree Hill became available on streaming today and last week, all seasons of CSI Miami.


Alias is now available for streaming. Surprised Hacking Netflix and Instant Watcher missed this.


Coliolanus is an incredibly fantastic movie, though I have to admit a partiality for Shakespeare works placed in a modern context (Titus, Romeo + Juliet, Richard III, Hamlet). I spent $6.99 watching it on iTunes, and I'll watch it again for free on Netflix.


Does anyone know what happened to the 60 Fortissimo titles that were to be added to streaming in September? Netflix has added several as DVD rentals, but no streaming yet. Come on, Netflix, you promised!


Are "Undeclared" and "Freaks and Geeks" listed as new since they're apparently on BluRay now???


Any word on when the last two seasons of In Plain Sight will come to streaming? They've been out on DVD for a while.


Freaks and Geeks should also be in the streaming! They have now, and is certainly interesting, especially if you're going to tout it in the DVD release. :D

Roger Benson

New instant offerings include new seasons of The Office and 30 Rock, plus Freaks & Geeks.


This is a little off-topic, but I haven't seen it mentioned elsewhere... Netflix seems to have stopped posting Member Reviews (at least for movies currently in theaters). I submitted reviews for Bill W. and The Master more than a week ago, but they haven't appeared. And there are no reviews at all for Hotel Transylvania, even though that's been out for a while and should have at least a few. And the stars seems to be disappearing from user reviews. Is NF gradually doing away with this feature?



The stars still appear on Instant Watch movies, but only appear on a few DVD reviews, and nearly always at the top of a page. I am hoping software bug rather than policy change, and bugs get fixed.

As far as reviews for new movies not being published goes, I personally hadn't noticed, but I hope you're wrong; that would be Netflix killing the golden goose again, and I would really hate to see that.

mouth breather

More loss of features?
This past weekend episodes of series were not being marked as watched.
Last couple of weeks movies were not being marked as "You watched this before on ..."
PS: I think the review mess is due to the transition to Facebook integration. Goodbye unattributed reviews.


Advanced reviews of movies that haven't been released yet have been a hot topic.



I've noticed some of the movies I watched in the past stopped indicating that I'd watched them one whatever date.

Steven Craig

They've removed the sorted list option again, forcing the end user to browse by picture menus only, with infinite scroll, poor sorting options, and inability to reverse-sort by year. Motherfuckers! I hope they get their throats slit.

El Don

Any idea when the Season 4 of Sons of Anarchy or Season 9+ of the original Law & Order may be available for streaming?

Stacey Foreman

I am looking for season 6 of Burn Notice! It aired over the summer on regular TV. Also I really wish Netflix would automatically play the next show. I love this feature on another streaming site I use that I will not mention the name but they also get tv shows much more quickly, I can typically watch a show a day or 2 after it has aired on regular TV!


...that OTHER streaming site is OWNED by the Studios that own and distribute those shows. That's why they are available a day or two after the original tv run.

Facebook Developers

In this month netflix release complete list


Dish just threw in the towel on Blockbuster. Congrats NF.


Why hasn't Mike posted about the loss of all the A&E streaming items...?

Ms Snark

They appear to have also killed the old "new release" list page, forcing us to browse by picture menus and no actual way to know what's newly available this week.


Can't leave a review for Damsels in Distress (an almost great movie that cops out in the end with a Bollywood ending).

Seems like no one can. Stopped at 11 reviews weeks ago.


A lot of complaints about availability are not the fault of Netflix...well, except for Netflix having separated the streaming and DVD plans. I would like to know if customers were less likely to complain and more likely to just get discs if something wasn't streamable before the split.


I also am upset about the removal of the all new release list.
Netflix does not care about its customer base. In addition, the streaming movies are getting worse every week.
I have not seen a great movie in months other than the misfortunats which is foreign.


TM, if you want New Releases, take a look at this page: http://dvd.netflix.com/NewReleasesGallery?groupid=RECENTLY_RELEASED_LAST_WEEK (Look at the release dates, not the page title that suggests last week instead of this coming Tuesday.)


Ah, so they've officially killed the releasing this week page? Damn, when I went to do my weekly check Earlier I was just hoping it just went down like it has done in the past and it would be back in a day or two.
So with the page Mark posted we no longer have any idea what genre the movies fall under and, most likely, it isn't even the complete list of everything that's coming out.
Why doesn't netflix want our buisiness again?


Umm...has this site been abandoned or is the owner just taking a break?


I see new releases in the DVD tab, and a sortable list available too if I want it. New arrivals are in the Watch Instantly tab.

What I am getting irritated by is the disappearance of other people's stars on their reviews. Why should I star anything for Netflix if I'm not seeing stars? I don't understand the logic. Please return star ratings to all movies, DVDs & instant streams.

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