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Elena is the one I would like to see. Thanks for sharing the new releases.

Dawn m

Any idea when Season 7 of How I Met Your Mother will be released???


Is it just me, or are their streaming options getting worse and worse? I've watched about all the movies worth watching. I wish they would beef up this area.


I would like to know about HIMYM season 7 too!! The wait is killing me. :(


I've been holding out hope that HIMYM ssn 7 will start streaming November 2nd, as that's exactly a month after is was released on DVD. I know that that's the rule with some shows, and seeing as how we don't have it yet, that seems most likely.


TV networks should put episodes on streaming before the new season starts (AMC saw big a ratings bump for Mad Man and Walking Dead and Netflix is a big reason why). Of course the networks won't learn though...


@slider, you are right, ABC did this with 3 shows, and about 2 out of the 3 have higher ratings. Which is good considering they get paid by Netflix either way.


Nov 2, still no HIMYM 7... *sad face*

Bloody Sky

They finally put season 6 of Psych on streaming too. Woo!


netflix has weeds and tudors two showtime shows what about getting dexter and homeland

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