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Headhunters is very good, by the way. wasnt dissapointed by that norweigan thriller.


Anyone else having problems getting to the page NetFlix used to have (though hidden) showing all the current week's new DVD releases? It was working for me before this weekend:


Try http://dvd.netflix.com/NewReleasesRSS


I had problems, too. I accessed my streaming queue and all my titles were gone on my laptop, the funny thing is my list was still on Roku and through the app on my TV. I DO NOT like the infinite scroll they have now to go through the titles. Also, didn't they say that they were going to tell us about any changes they make before implementing them?

Timur Tabi

http://www.netflix.com/AllNewReleases is broken for me, too. I did not know about the RSS feed -- thanks. I like the web page better, through.


A poster pointed us to http://dvd.netflix.com/NewReleasesGallery?vt=tg&groupid=RECENTLY_RELEASED_LAST_WEEK
it's pretty much the new releasing this week page(despite saying last week), just without the movies being split into genres and with the "new" ugly netflix layout.


The League Season 3



working for me.

iPhone Applications

Great and huge list but now a don't access any link because some problem in my system.



Is working for me


is anyone having trouble viewing their queue on Roku? It shows for about 10 seconds...then disappears....


My Queue keeps disappearing on PS3. Anyone else having this issue


If anyone can tell me how I can find out when How I Met Your Mother Season 7 will be available for streaming, I would appreciate it.


My streaming queue on my pc keeps disappearing, too. Has anyone contacted netflix support?


Headhunters is great - Equilibrium is great - good new DVD releases as well - Alias is now streaming - all in all nice releases recently.


The streaming queue disappeared from view last night, but it was restored. I just figured it was some kind of glitch; the queue didn't actual get affected.


Seems at every turn they are hiding the fact that less titles are in the catalog. Sad they feel trickery is necessary to keep members guessing although everyone knows it already.
They continue to be a sinking ship until they are honest with their consumers who are the life blood of their company. So you reduced pages in page view, be honest about it.

New release instant streaming would be useful, several titles were already on netflix and are NOT new additions.

SM in SF

Streaming queue disappearing is more than just a glitch. I have one account with 3 (DVD) profiles. The streaming queues for profiles #2 & #3 have been gone/deleted for more than 2 days now.


I agree with Nooseman01. The instant stream is really not worth my time and money right now. "Teen wolf" came out when I was 5 years old, that's A WHILE BACK.
If Netflix doesn't add some NEW movies to the line up, I'll be gone soon. I'll keep my ten bucks!


Netflix is having many problems and they seem to not fix anything promptly. I phoned Customer Service and they leveled with me, saying they have been having many issues with their website. In addition, member reviews are not being published. September 17, 2012 was the last review they published and none since. Netflix has no time frame when they will fix their problems including the link that showed all NEW weekly releases by category on every Sunday. If you still want to write movie reviews, I suggest you save them on a Word document and resubmit them when Netflix gets their act together. Just copy and paste them later on to the Netflix review section, at least that is what I plan to keep doing.


I seldom look at the new releases anymore. They are such bottom of the barrel videos!!

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