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I sure do. I have to keep a virtual machine just for it.


I use Linux but my internet connection is slow and limited (3g hotspot) and I don't see that changing anytime soon. So the answer is no.


Yes, I am a Netflix subscriber and I only use Linux as my operating system. I do NOT have any plans to support Microsoft, a company I consider corrupt.


Don't they technically already support streaming on linux with their android app?


Yes! I use Linux as my default OS and having to boot a VM just to watch Netflix is completely stupid. Why Netflix is the only streaming service that uses the long dead Microsoft Silverlight is beyond me. Them not using Adobe Flash like all their competitors is just plain stupidity. Obviously the Movie Industry is perfectly satisfied with Flash so that can't be the reason Netflix uses Silverlight.


This saddens me. Linux is my default OS and I'd love to stream on my laptop. I'll make due with my Roku, I guess.


Yes, Yes, Yes!


Well, at least they're not trotting out the "we want Netflix to work on as many devices as possible" BS they used to say.

Did I want Netflix on Linux? Yes. Did I used to run a troublesome WinXP virtual machine soley for Netflix? Yes. Then two things happened. 1) I bought a PS3, and 2) I switched to Hulu Plus because I was fed up with Netflix's lack of support, policy changes, and I didn't want to give them my money anymore. My mom has a Netflix account now and I mooch off of it sometimes, but the vast majority of my streaming occurs on Hulu now.


definitely. I don't see why this should be any different than a Roku or Android phone.

Kale Barton

No one ever states the reason why they won't support Linux. Why won't they????


Android is Linux.
They lie.


@BryChan: I think they mean "any arbitrary linux desktop/browser combination" when they say "no linux". I suspect that Android is different because it's a more constrained platform that provides sufficient control to make the studios happy with the DRM. It's always come down to the contracts for the content dictating what environments are supported.


NO. There are a dozen ways to stream Netflix. They should use their money for content and licenses.


The netflix CEO is on the board of directors at Microsoft. I believe that they purposely avoid Linux. oh well, guess I'll use VM, Roku or my wii. I'm still jumping ship soon as Amazon or Google get caught up.


Yes. Next year I intend to build an HTPC to replace my buggy WD TV HD Media Player (what a mouthful) and my ageing Roku player. It will run Linux. When that happens there's a good chance I'll drop Netflix.


Claiming that Netflix doesn't support the small amount of their user base that would stream on a Linux PC because Hastings is on the Microsoft board of directors seems kind of silly. There is so much Netflix support for popular devices that are Microsoft competitors that the Linux desktop market would be a very petty thing to nit-pick on.

The more likely reason is that all their video encodes and infrastructure on the website have been long-built upon Silverlight, for better or worse, and transitioning to or adding a separate web player and needing new encodes would be a huge content hosting cost.

Also consider studio concerns about desktop Linux security, which may or may not be unfounded, and you likely have a complete recipe.


I think the point is that Netflix support all Linux Operating Systems the FREE ones too such as Puppy Linux and Ubuntu Linux and others like them!!! I want Netflix on my Puppy Linux. Amazon and Hulu work on it but Netflix has not adopted it as of yet!!!


I just read a news article that says Reed Hastings is stepping down as director of Microsoft maybe they will now adopt all the Linux Platforms for Netflix. We FREE Linux OS users can hope....


I'm surprised some clever hacker hasn't yet figured out a way to get the netflix android app to run on linux.

Guess you could run android in a VM or something...


Yeah Android and Rokus OS is based off Linux.

Reed has stepped down from Microsoft so maybe we will see a Linux version......Who knows when?

Steam and some Valve games are being ported on Linux too.

For me I am sticking with Windows (Windows 8 will be $40 till January) for now.

I have tried various Linux distros in the past but for what I use a PC for (mainly gaming). It's just not quite there yet for me. I only use Linux on old PCs.


Reed Hasting stepped down from M$ and still no love for the Linux crowd? You sadden me, Netflix, you do. Guess I'm gonna have to keep firing up the XP virtual machine... sigh.


How about someone develop an android emulator so we can just run netflix's android app. Should be easier and cleaner than any other current solution.

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