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Monthly is best for me, I'll sign up for a month. I know I can more than make up the $8 fee with holiday shopping. Will probably sign up just for December. Plus the kids will be home so its a nice time to sample their streaming.

Normally its not that hard to reach the $25 limit to get free shipping, so I don't really see a need for prime year round. Glad they are offering the option.

Professor Chaos

That's a good deal. I'd pay that if they ever fix their free one month trial system. Since, as it stands, you can sign up for an unlimited amount of free one month trials as long as you use a different email account each month there's really no reason to pay at this point. I would be more likely to pay though if it was monthly. I also order 2 or 3 items a week with Prime so it would be worth it.

Kale Barton

^^ Hmmm...wouldn't they notice the credit card number being the same and your name?

Keith Brown

Still showing $79 a year here. Sucks because I was going to join up as monthly. Easier to come up with $8 a month, than $79 at one time.

However, I cleared my cookies, and it then showed the $7.99. If I logged in, it changed back to $79 a year. So, cleared them once more, hit the link for $7.99 a month, it asked me to log in, and when I was logged in that time, it gave the options for $7.99 a month or $79 a year after the trial ended.

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The whole layout leaves a lot to be desired. Content wise it's not that great either. Everyone went nuts over the EPIX deal, but it's non-exclusive..

mr.know it all

sounds more evil than Geo.w. Bush to me


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