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mr.know it all

a takeover is next
then bye bye netflix

Robert Emmerich

nf stock has gone from $300 to about $80, the price hikes hurt subscriber numbers and the Qwister spin-off that never was made Reed a laughing stock. What exactly are people worried about from Icahn? That he'll tarnish the brand name?


I understand that people think Reed Hastings is killing Netflix, but I don't see it. He has been great to Netflix was chapinoning the ratings engine, one of the best on the entire Internet, he realized you need oringial content. and he realized Netflix need to be neame that, instead of "DVDs By Mail," he has done good for Netflix, besides Qwikster.

TV Addict

I agree that much of what Hastings has done has been good, but he's also made many changes that have gone against customer wishes.

The biggest problem right now, at least for the disc renters, is the dwindling new stock acquisition. Month-by-month, the new titles purchased have been whittled down closer to just the core popular titles. No longer is Netflix a repository of nearly everything. That trend appear to be continuing.

It's no secret that Reed wants out of the disc business ASAP. Meanwhile, streaming is great, but not a replacement for those who wish to see specific titles instead of just, "let's see what's available."

That said, Hastings does have a vision and actually cares about the service. Icahn is willing to bastardize anything for a quick return only to bail at the most opportune moment. If Icahn were to gain controlling interest of Netflix, he could demand the introduction of commercials to streaming, tiered and/or higher pricing, premium "channels" like cable, etc.

Hastings may very will "kill" Netflix (at least, what some people like about it), but so far it's been a slow death. Icahn would be more interested in a quick and painful death, that benefits him the most -- change it, sell it, profit, bail.


"Month-by-month, the new titles purchased have been whittled down closer to just the core popular titles."

It's worse than that: because Netflix is not replenishing its disc inventory, it's the popular titles that disappear first.

You are totally right about Icahn and you stated the problem very well. Icahn is 75 years old and no longer interested in the future.

But cheer up, guys: 90% of the stock doesn't belong to him!

I. P. Freely

Netflix hasn't been the same since Rendich departed. Just sayin'...


I don't understand praising Hastings in response to this article. Even if you think he's mostly done a good job, his mistakes are what led to NFX stock crashing in value, which is what made the company ripe for this sort of takeover.


I agree with that Paul, share holders might not right him right now, but give him 2013, and I think he will make Netflix greater than ever with the exclusive series, and Dreamworks deal that becomes active.

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