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It doesn't look like The Road is a streaming release...


He posted the wrong "The Road" theres another movie called "The Road" that was added.

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Great list! Thanks to share.


Occupy unmasked is not available streaming.


Thanks, Joey.

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I am waiting of Dark Horse.


none of those films are available to watch on netflix? i cant find any of them?


I'm getting really sick of the streaming releases being a bunch of TV shows, reality shows, documentaries, foreign films, and crappy rip-off movies from The Asylum.

Please, don't make me regret sticking with Netflix while I still have an Amazon Prime account.


Amazon prime isn't any better (actually, I would say it is worse, but that's my personal opinion).


I tried out Amazon prime on the 30 day trial since they went month to month now at 7.99. Prime is definitely not better then Netflix in any way.


I think Amazon Prime will eventually get there but Netflix has a huge headstart. Anyways competition is always good for the consumer 9 times out of 10.


I have both Amazon Prime and Netflix. For the most part they have the same content. The only major content that I noticed that Amazon has that Netflix doesn't is The West Wing and Fringe. The major problem is the studios won't allow the "good" stuff on streaming.


What do you want ZzKxaa? They've added a lot of recent stuff lately. Lockout, Mirror Mirror, The Grey & Act of Valor being exclusive. Then you have all the EPIX flix. Hugo and The Adventures of Tin Tin are coming in the next couple of weeks. Even premium channels like HBO only debut 1 new movie a week. Honestly, I think the last 2-3 months of streaming have been the best yet. If you don't like it now you might as well fold up shop, I don't think it's gonna get much better.


theres not any new sarah silverman seasons theres only 2 and its always had em


shit my bad 3


There probably won't be more... unless Comedy Central starts making new episodes. The show only lasted 3 seasons.


The release of the House of Cards trailer was huge news. I wonder why Hacking Netflix has neglected to cover it.

Just this once...

@popcornandnetflix Unfortunately I believe in the newly created battleground of internet video streaming competition will be great for everyone BUT the consumer. With new challengers on the field content prices go through the roof and exclusivity contracts devastate the availability.

In the end you are left needing to subscribe to all of the businesses, effectively tripling your monthly costs.


Brave is not release yet or streaming

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